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township, and Stephen, the subject of this sketch.
    Stephen Stutzman was born on the old homestead, now known as Osborn, December 20, 1825. His advantages for securing an education were not to be compared with the advantages held out to the youth of that vicinity at the present day, with its brick building, carefully graded course of study and skilled teachers. On the other hand, the young Stutzman of three-quarters of a century ago secured his limited mental training in old log school-houses, and was taught usually by an incompetent set of teachers, who "boarded around." Being reared upon the farm, he naturally took to agricultural pursuits as a means of securing a livelihood.
    He farmed for his father a number of years. The latter, after considerable importuning on the part of Dr. Henry Yeagley, consented to sell the farm to the latter for $6000, whereupon young Stephen, seeing the old homestead about to pass from the family, made the proposition to buy it himself.
    The old gentleman was very much surprised at this manifestation of so great an amount of pluck on the part of his son, remarking that he did not see how he, the son, could pay for it; but Stephen persisted, and his father consented. This amount of money, in those days, was comparatively a much larger amount than it would be considered at the present day, and the undertaking foreshadowed that enterprising and thoroughgoing spirit in the young man which contributed so largely, in after years, to his success. He soon, however, sold the farm to George W. Osborn for $7000. With the surplus $1000 he made a down payment on a farm of one hundred and seventy-five acres in Upper Yoder township, for which he paid $3600.
Upon that farm he lived, successfully pursuing the arts of husbandry until 1888, when he removed to Westmont, where he has since lived, enjoying the fruits of an industrious and honorable career.
    Mr. Stutzman is a republican, and served three years as tax collector of his township. He has always manifested a deep interest in the cause of popular education, and for eighteen years served as a member of the school board of his township.
    Religiously he is a devout and consistent member of the German Baptist Church.
    Mr. Stutzman has been twice married. His first marriage was in March, 1849, with Rachel Berkey, a daughter of Peter Berkey, of Somerset county, and resulted in the birth of the following children: Peter, an agriculturist of Taylor township; Sarah, wife of Aaron Strayer, of Morrellville; Franklin, a farmer of Upper Yoder township; Jacob S., also a farmer of the same township; Mary Jane, wife of Slater Allen, of Johnstown; Lovina and Lizzie, twins (Lovina is the wife of Dr. L. S. Livingston, of Johnstown; Lizzie, wife of Joseph D. Finley, of Glenford, Ohio); and William, a farmer of Upper Yoder township.
    Mr. Stutzman married as his second wife Mary Fyock, widow of the late Samuel Fyock, of Paint township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania.

WILLIAM W. PORCH, the leading musical instrument dealer of Johnstown, and an active and successful business man of that place, was born, January 22, 1858, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and is a son of Jacob and Susanna (Harmon) Porch. He is of German-English ancestry. His great-great-grandfather, on the paternal side of the family, was G. F. Porch, who emigrated at an early

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