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DEMETRIUS A. LUTHER, SR., ex-sheriff of Cambria county, and a successful, enterprising and benevolent gentleman, of near Carrolltown, this county, is a son of John Luther, Sr., and Mary Ann Platt and was born in Carroll township, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, October 31, 1827.
    His grandfather, Conrad Luther, was a native of Hesse, Germany, and was among that body of Hessian soldiers who were brought to America by the government of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War, but tiring of this service he deserted the English army in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. In his flight he met Elizabeth Smith, who was engaged in the bleaching of linen; she carefully concealed him until his pursuers went by, and thus enabled him to make his escape. He afterwards married the young lady, and remained in that section some time working for the farmers, but about 1796, shortly after the issues of the war had been decided, he removed to what is now Carroll township, this county, where he became one of the pioneer farmers, and spent the remainder of his days. He was the father of six children, five sons and one daughter.
    John Luther, father, was born in that township in 1800, and lived all his life in the township of his birth, dying April 22, 1862. He took up the avocation of an agriculturist, and became one of the most successful farmers and business men of that section of the county, owning four hundred acres of land on the Carrolltown and Ebensburg road, one mile from Carrolltown, and at the time of death was estimated to be worth $20,000.
    He married Mary Ann Platt, a daughter of John Platt, then a resident of Susquehana township, but a native of Germany, and to them were born four sons and six daughters:
Henry, of Gallitzin, Pennsylvania; Demetrius A., subject; Sarah A. wife of Henry Bender, a farmer of this township; Elizabeth, deceased, was the wife of James Weakland; Lucinda, wife of Michael Snyder, of Houtzdale, Clearfield county, this State; Matilda, wife of Anselum Weakland, whose sketch appears in another part of this work; Mary Ellen, wife of John Latternes, a farmer and butcher in Munster township, this county; Victoria, who married Joseph Lied of Barr township, John W., deceased; and Chrysoslom, a farmer, of Carrolltown.
    Demetrius A. Luther was reared upon his father's farm, receiving the advantages of such educational training as were afforded by the subscription schools as they existed in this county prior to the adoption of the common-school system. At the age of twenty-one he apprenticed himself to learn the trade of a carpenter, and after mastering that trade, followed it for twenty years as a contractor and builder throughout Cambria and adjoining counties. In 1872 he purchased a farm of one hundred and seventy acres near Carrolltown, and has since lived upon it and devoted himself to the arts of husbandry. This farm is well improved, and underlaid with coal, and is considered one of the best in the county.
    Politically, Mr. Luther is a strong believer in the party of Jefferson, and has frequently represented his party in political conventions, and been honored by it in being elected to positions of honor and trust. In 1875 he was elected mercantile appraiser, in 1866 county auditor, and in 1882 to the responsible position of sheriff of this county.
    Religiously, Mr. Luther is a devout member of the Roman Catholic church, and is active in all matters pertaining to the work of the same, and for the promotion of the cause of

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