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him as a mechanic of more than ordinary skill and genius. In addition to his work as carpenter and builder, he was a pumpmaker, and many of the large pumps that were once numerous in the town were the product of his shop.
    Allen Rose was a man of earnest piety, and was a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which his wife was also a devout member. His opportunity for education, so far as schools and text-books are concerned, was limited to such as the schools of Bedford county furnished at the beginning of this century, and was meagre. But in the knowledge of the Bible he was deeply learned and could quote texts with an aptness possessed by few.
    In 1823, Mr. Rose was united in marriage to Elizabeth Freame, who was born December 21, 1803. To this union the following children were born: Eliza, born February 9, 1824; Wesley J., born April 17, 1826; Marshall, born July 4, 1828; John S., born June 19, 1831; Lewis S., born October 5, 1834; W. Horace, born November 17, 1838; George W., born November 28, 1840; and Agnes F., born April 4, 1844.

WESLEY J. ROSE, the well-known contractor and builder of Johnstown, is the son of Allen and Elizabeth (Freame) Rose. He was born April 17, 1826, on a farm near Jenner X Roads, Somerset county, Pennsylvania.
    In 1828 his father moved to what is now the city of Johnstown (then called Conemaugh), and there our subject has made his home continuously to the present time.
    He was educated in the common schools of the town, and taught one term in Somerset county in the winter of 1848. He learned the trade of carpentry with his father.

    In 1854, he went into a partnership under the firm name of Pringle, Rose & Edson. The firm purchased the foundry and machine shops of S. H. Smith, on the site of the present Gautier mills. These they operated until 1864, when a corporation, known as the Johnstown Mechanical Works, was formed to operate the works. Mr. Rose became manager for the company, and continued in that position until 1869, when he resigned his position, and went to California, where he remained several months sight-seeing and visiting friends.
    He came back to Johnstown, and went into business as a contractor and builder; and from that time to the present, has been a leading contractor in his line of business, which includes all kinds of manufactured lumber and builders' supplies.
    In 1884, his son, Walter E., was taken into partnership under the firm name of W. J. Rose & Son. The "Great Flood" washed their planing mill away and destroyed their entire plant; but as soon as possible after that great disaster, they, with characteristic energy and pluck, began to rebuild on a larger scale than before. Another son, Mr. R. G. Rose, was taken into the firm, and W. J. Rose & Sons were soon doing a larger business than ever before.
    Mr. Rose was united in marriage to Martha Given, March 14, 1850, at New Florence, by Rev. J. J. Covert. Mrs. Rose was born September 16, 1825; and died, January 28, 1886.
    The following children were born to this couple:  Elizabeth F., born May 18, 1851, now the wife of Sam. E. Young, of Johnstown; Emma J., born August 20, 1852, now the wife of James S. Gallagher; Maggie T., born March 21, 1854, now the wife of A. P. Ellis; Hon. John M., whose sketch appears in another place; Walter Edson, born March 19, 1858,

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