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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Wachob Mark, laborer, r h Chandler st, Morrellville, 5-5
Wachob Robert H, carpenter r h Elm ave, Morrellville, 2-2
Wachs George, heater's helper, r h 360 Gautier st, Con. 4-4
Wadsworth Daniel, laborer, bds Edwards Sisters, Morr.
Wadsworth John, laborer, bds 130 Branch st, Camb.
Wadsworth Lemon H, laborer, bds Edwards Sisters, Morr.
Wagner Allen, water tender, bds Eliz. Wagner's, Cdale
Wagner Alex. Laborer, r h 225 Iron st, Minersville, 6-6
+Wagner Amos M. laborer, o h 227 Beech st, Wv. 6
Wagner Elizabeth, widow, o h Main st, Coopersdale, 3-3
Wagner George, laborer, o h 418 Broad st, Camb. 9-9
Wagner Gustav, steel worker,o h 706 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
+Wagner, Henry, laborer, r h 308 Walnut st, Camb. 4
Wagner Joseph, miner, bds 418 Broad st, Camb.
+Wagner, Paul, laborer, r h 185 Front st, Camb. 6
Wagner Samuel N. mill hand, bds Elizabeth Wagner's
Wagner Sarah, widow, o h Third st. E. Con. 1-1
+Wagner Tillie Miss, domestic C. McAteer's
+Wagner Wm. H. mill hand, r h 475 Hammer st, 4
Wagner Wm. H. roller, r h h 31 Haynes st, 9-7
Wagoner Constantine, widow, o h 188 Somerset st, 1-1
+WAGONER GEOERGE, dentist, 147 Market st, o h do, 5
WAGONER GEO. W. physician 31 Morris st, o h do, 3
Wagoner Samuel J. works steel mill, o h 137 Morris st, 6
Wagoner Samuel W. laborer, r h Hill st. Frank. 8-8
Wahl Conrad, millhand, o h 174 Sherman st, 6
WAKEFIELD ALFRED N. physician 43 Morris st, o h do, ? 6
+Wakefield Charles C. fireman, bds Delila Steel's, E. Con.
Wakefield Cyrus, blind man, o h Garfield st, Morr. 7-7
Wakefield Lawrence F. millhand, bds Cyrus Wakefield's
Wakefield Thomas, carpenter, bds Elizabeth Wolf, Morr.
+Walcher Karl J. saloon 92 Portage st, Con. o h 94 do, 12
+Wales Nancy Mrs. domestic 14 Morris st
Walker Abner L. painter, r h 582 Bedford st, 5-5
+Walker Ada Miss, domestic 69 Walnut st
Walker Anna, widow George, o h 133 Walnut st, 4-4
Walker Catharine, widow, o h near Bedford pike, 6-6
Walker Conrad, laborer, r h 192 Clinton st, Con. 3
Walker Curtis M. clerk, r h 88 Front st, Pv. 6-6
Walker Elizabeth, o h 118 Somerset st, 6-6
+Walker James M. clerk, home 133 Walnut st
Walker Jane E. widow Wm. r h 30 Peter st, Con. 5-5
Walker John F. student, home rear 192 Morris st
Walker John M. drug clerk Griffith's, home 118 Somerset st
+Walker Joseph W. engineer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3
Walker Wm. mill hand, r h rear 192 Morris st, 5-5
Walker Wm. D. painter, bds 582 Bedford st
+Walker Wm. G. engineer, home 133 Walnut st
Walkinshaw John C. day dispatcher, o h First st, E. Con. 6-6
Walkinshaw Vincent V. clerk, bds J. C. Walkinshaw's
Walkinshaw Wm. J. brakeman, bds John C. Walkinshaw's
Wallace Charles N. butcher, bds Lewis Berkebile's
Wallace John, watchman, o h Rosedale, 8-8
Wallace Richard, steel worker, bds John Wallace's
Wallheim Mathias, no occupation, o h 94 Haynes st, Con. 2-2
Walls Amon L. ladle liner, o h 172 Somerset st, 3-3
Walls Ralph C. millhand, o h Locust st, Morr. 3-3
Walter Ella C. teacher, home 72 Morris st
Walter Jacob H. frt handler P. R. R. o h 148 Napoleon st, 3-3
Walter Mary V. teacher, home 72 Morris st
Walter Robert P. fireman, r h rear 58 Singer st, Con.
Walter Wm. H. baggage master P. R. R. station, o h 72 Morris st, 4-4
+Walters Anderson H. clerk Water Co. r h 75 Lincoln st, 2
Walters Charles F. laborer, bds 447 Third st, Mill.
+Walters Cromwell, plumber apprentice, home 142 Vine st
+Walters David, stone mason, r h 70 Vine st, 8
Walters Ellen, widow, r h 87 Main st, 6-3
+Walters Gomer, draughtsman, r h 62 Walnut st, 2
Walters Harvey T. engineer, r h 447 Third st, Mill. 6-4
+Walters Howell, clerk, bds 123 Locust st
Walters James A. laborer, r h 39 Main st, Con. 2-2
WALTERS JAS. M. att'y-at-law, Alma hall, r h 135 Wal. st, 3-2,
WALTERS, JNO. W. (Thomas & Walters), r h 120 Line'n st, 2-2
Walters Mamie Miss, school teacher, home 142 Vine st
Walters Thomas, laborer, o h Main st, Coopersdale, 4-4
Walters Thomas, engineer, r h 81 Iron st, Mill. 4-4
Walters Walter W. physician, 142 Vine st, o h do, 8-8
+Walters Walter W. switchman, r h 528 Portage st, Con. 2
Walther Fred. Laborer, o h rear 84 Sherman st, 5-5
+Waltz Andrew, laborer, r h 676 Portage st, Con. 4
Waltz Edward, laborer, bds Lewis Krone's, Morrellville
+Waltz Joseph, laborer, home 676 Portage st.
Waner August, laborer, bds 351 Gautier st, Con.
Ward John, miner, o h 205 Railroad st, Camb. 11-11
Ward John, Trav. Salesman, o h 14 Smith alley, Con. 3-3
Ward John W. laborer, r h 512 Chestnut st, Camb. 3-3
Ward Michael, roll hand, bds 205 Railroad st, Camb.
+Ward Rosa Miss, domestic 66 Main st
Wardel Catharine, widow, o h Brownstown, 5-5
Warden Albert J. druggist clerk, home 74 Napoleon st
Warden Emory F. engineer, r h 71 Napoleon st, 3-3
Warden George J. tinner C. I. Co. bds 74 Napoleon st
Warden Wm. H. engineer (stationary), bds 74 Napoleon st
Warden Wm. blacksmith C. I. Co. o h 74 Napoleon st, 9-9
+Wareham John L. laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 7
+Warfel David F. laborer, r h First st, E. Con. 2
Warfel John W. laborer, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 6-6
Warfel Robert, laborer, r h Second st, E. Con. 2-2
Warner Henry, teamster, o h 20 Bedford st, 4-4
Warner John, laborer, r h 12 Quarry st, Pros. 2-2
Warner John, laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 6-6
+Warner Peter, laborer, bds Joseph Frick's, Camb.
*Warren Edward, laborer, bds 41 Iron st, Mill.
Warren John, heater, r h 62 Dibert st, 8-8
Warren John H. mill hand, bds 96 Third st, Mill.
Warren Samuel, laborer, r h 96 Third st, Mill. 9-5
Warsing George, laborer, r h Main st, Coopersdale, 2-2
+Warsing Jennie Miss, domestic 140 Locust st
Warsing John, laborer r h Bridge st, Coopersdale, 5-5
Warsing Samuel, laborer, bds Rebecca Merritt's, Coopersdale
Warsing Samuel, furnace hand, o h Rosedale, 6-6
Warsing Thomas, laborer, bds Geo. Jenkins', Morr.
+Wasco Paul, laborer, r h 169 Front st, Camb. 5
Washburn James E. boss at furnace, r h 52 Coal st, pros. 2-2
Washington George A. (col'd), barber, r h 90 Frankstown rd, Con. 3-3
Washington Jacob, laborer, o h Main st, Morr. 2-2
+Washington Oscar (col'd), laborer, bds Ed. Hedgman's
+Wasinski Cobaugh, laborer, r h 2 Kelley al, Wv. 4
+Wass Joh, laborer, r h 405 Walnut st, Camb. 8
Waterman Noble V. engineer C. I. Co. r h 44 Market st, 4-4
Waters Ann, widow Thomas, bds 183 Church ave, Con.
Waters Bertram H. machinist, bds 85 Front st, Pv.
Waters Charles M. mill hand, bds 2 Front st, Pv.
Waters Daniel, machinist, r h 85 Front st, Pv. 11-11
Waters George A. plumber, r h 77 Cherry st, 6-6
Waters John, laborer, o h 134 Branch st, Camb. 9
+Waters John, laborer, bds 179 Front st, Camb.
WATERS JOHN H. & BRO. (Sam. B. Waters), plumbers, mill and machinery supplies, 190 Main st.
WATERS JOHN H. (J. H. Waters & Bro.), bds 36 Cherry st
Waters John W. machinist, bds 85 Front st. Pv.
Waters Josiah, constable, o h 36 Cherry st, 7-8
Waters Maggie D. Miss, teacher, bds 134 Branch st. Camb.
WATERS SAM'L B. (J. H. Waters & Bro.), bds 36 Cherry st
+Waters Susan Miss, housekeeper 52 Vine st
Waters Thos. boss in shop, o h 183 Church ave, Con. 10-10
Waters Wm. B. clerk, bds 36 Cherry st
Waters Wm. H. blacksmith, bds 85 Front st, Pv.
Watkins Catharine, widow, o h 413 Bedford st, 5-4
Watkins John H. barkeeper, r h Wal. G. 5-5
Watkins Lee W. clerk, home 413 Bedford st
*Watkins Mary J. Miss, teleg opr, bds 110 Washington st
Watkins Thos. machinist C. I. Co. 88 Johns st, r h do, 5-5
+Watson David, barb wire maker, r h 529 Portage st, Con. 6
Watson, Sadie J. teacher, bds 27 Water st
Watt Thos. H. ticket agt P. R. R. r h 73 Lincoln st, 2-2
Waugh Clinton, (col'd), driver, r h 73 Sherman st, 7-7
Waugh James R. laborer, C. I. Co. o h 26 Morris st, 4-4
+Wayne Lena Miss, domestic 19 Morris st
*WEAKLAND JOHN W. att'y at law, (also Marshall Weakland Co.), office 380 Main st, o h 39 Napoleon st, 2-1
*Wearn Priscilla, widow, home 31 Walnut st
*Wearn Richard, laborer, r h 28 King st, 4-0
Wearn Thomas, mill hand, r h r 28 King st, 3-2
Weaver Adam H. laborer, r h 151 Huber st, Con. 3-3
+Weaver Christian, laborer, o h 235 Beech st, Wv. 3
Weaver David, balcksmith, r h 40 Maple ave, Wv. 2-2
Weaver Harry C. engineer, r h 91 Hickory st, 7-7
Weaver Henry Herbert, clerk, r h 118 Washington st, 7-6
Weaver John, laborer Johnson Co. bds 40 Main st, Grubb.
+Weaver John S. machinist, bds 40 Maple ave, Wv.
Weaver Lewis, carpenter, r h 82 Cedar st, 3-3
Weaver Sam'l E. clerk, r h 244 Napoleon st, 6
WEAVER WALTER S. wholesale and retail confectioner and baker, general dealer in ice, ice cream, tableware in glass, china, porcelains and white granite, toys, etc. Nos. 270 and 272 Main st, r h 113 Market st, 3-1
Weaver Wm. F. wire drawer, bds 148 Main st
Weaver Wm. H. machinist, r h 40 Maple ave, Wv. 12-11
Weaver Wm. H. wire drawer, o h Horner st, 2-2
*Webber E. Vincent, teachr Institute, r h 55 Maple ave, Wv. 2
+Webber John L. laborer, o h 224 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
+Wechman, Ferdinand, laborer, r h 209 Chestnut st, Camb. 6
*Wehelco John, mill hand, bds 411 Front st, Camb.
*Wehn Annie, home 167 Main st
*WEHN CASPER, shoemaker 188 Clinton st, Con. o h do, 1
Wehn Chas. printer Tribune, bds 41 Napoleon st
Wehn Chas. laborer, r h 575 Baumer st, 8-8
WEHN CHARLES G. (L. Wehn & Son.) shoe merchant, o h 186 Clinton st, Con. 3
Wehn George W. mill hand, r h 167 Main st, 3-3
Wehn Henry C. mill hand, bds 575 Baumer st
WEHN LOUIS (L. Wehn & Son), o h 141 Clinton st, 4-7
WEHN L. & SON (Charles C.), shoe dealers, 141 and 143 Clinton st
*Wehn Rachel, widow, o h 167 Main st, 5
Wehn Wm. L. saloon, 546 Railroad st, Con. r h 548 do, 5-3
Weible Frank, laborer, bds Railway hotel, Grubb.
Weicher Conrad, mill hand, r h Brownstone, 6-6
Weicks Charles W. patternmaker, bds 65 Market st
Weiland John, laborer, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville, 7-7
Weimer Catharine Mrs h rear 151 Main st, Grubb. 3-3
Weimer Daniel H. student, home 151 Main st. Grubb.
Weimer John, works Johnson Co. r h Osborne, n Grubb. 3-3
Weimer John L. machinist, bds 66 Second st, Peelorville
WEIMER SAMUEL A. carpenter and contractor, also Justice of Peace, o h 151 Main st, Grubbtown, 7-7
Weimer Samuel E. machinist, r h 66 Second st, Pv. 9-9
*Weinzierl Lewis, shoemaker, o h 407 Chestnut st, Camb. 11-4
Weir David T. stone mason, r h Garfield st, Morr. 5-5
Weir Elizabeth M. widow John T. r h 78 Conemaugh st, 4-2
*Weir Frank A. barber, shop 215 Front st, Camb. bds do
Weir Frank P. saloon 214 Main st, bds 78 Conemaugh st
Weir John C. steel blower, r h 56 Market st, 2-2
Weir Wm. works Gautier mill, r h 85 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3
Weir Wm. H. no occupation, home 78 Conemaugh st
Weismiller christian, stone mason, r h 662 Wood st, 6-6
Weismiller Fides, plasterer, o h 625 Pine st, 5-5
Weismiller Frank, laborer, bds 662 Wood st
Weiss August, mill hand, bds 651 Wood st
Weiss Charles, mill hand, o h 174 Poplar st, 3-3
Weiss Frank, moulder, o h 651 Wood st, 5-5
WEITZ PETER, ticket, freight and express agent B. & O. R. R. r h 112 Lincoln st, 3-3
Weizel Gustav, laborer, r h Brownstown, 4-5
Welch James, machinist, bds 26 Singer st, Con.
Welfel Conrad, miner, o h 336 Apple alley, 8-8
Wefel John, miner, o h 25 Coal st, Con. 2-2
Welfel John, miner, o h 18 Frankstown road, Con. 6-6
Welfel John B. miner, r h 27 Coal st, Con. 6-1
+Wells Ed. time keeper, bds 329 Railroad st
*Wells Jennie Miss, teacher, bds Hulbert House
+Wells Sam'l (co'ld), laborer, o h 8 Kennon alley, Con. 3
Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light Co. office 322 Bedford st
Welsh Dennis, laborer, bds 29 High st, Minersville
Welsh Morris, laborer, r h 29 High st, Minersville, 3-3
Welsh Robert, draughtsman Johnson Co. bds 28 Morris st
*Welsh Thomas, laborer, o h 209 Walnut st, Camb. 2-1
Wencel Charles, mill hand, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville, 7-7
Wendell Catharine, widow, bds David Wendell's
Wendell Charles, heater, o h 181 Maple ave. Wv. 7-8
Wendell Charles D. laborer, bds 181 Maple ave, Wv.
Wendell David, heater, o h Pine st, 9-9
Wendell Ephraim L. laborer, bds 181 Maple ave, Wv.
Wendell Robert W. laborer, bds 181 Maple ave. Wv.
Wendell Wm. H. carpenter, o h Pine st, 6-4
+Wenner Carl, foreman roll shop, r h 120 Locust st, 4
Wentworth Hiram, laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 2-2
Wentworth Wm. L. confections &c. Walnut Grove, r h do, 1-1
Wentz Daniel, mill hand, home Henry Wentz, Wal. G.
Wentz Henry, mill hand, r h Walnut Grove, 7-7
+Wentz Lizzie, widow, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 5
Werneke Ferdinand, laborer, o h 100 Haynes st, Con. 6-6
+Werner Charles, laborer, o h 419 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb. 7
Werner Theodore, laborer in mill, r h rear 40 Benton st, 3-3
*Werry Albert, clerk Clark's, home 119 Chestnut st.
Werry John T. coal miner, o h 119 Chestnut st, 10-9
+Werry Joseph, miner, o h 122 Johns st, 5
+Werry Wm. J. roll hand, home 119 Chestnut st.
Wertz Andrew, carpenter, bds Jacob M. Wertz
Wertz George W. laborer, r h 23 First st, E. Con. 5-5
Wertz Jacob M. local agent, r h Horner st, 7-6
Wertz John A. laborer, o h Walnut Grove, 11-11
+Wertz Samuel V. teamster, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 9
Wesner Wm. F. clerk (Woolf's), r h 162 Morris st, 10-9
WESS CHARLES, propr Fritz House 107 Clinton st, r h do. 4-4
+Wess Frances Miss, domestic, 118 Washington st
Wess Mary Miss, domestic, 239 Broad st
Wess Lawrence, bartender, bds 107 Clinton st.
+Wess Joseph, engineer, o h 219 Beech st, Wv. 6
Wess George, machinist, r h 169 Front st, Camb. 5
West Edwin, steel marker, bds 356 Locust st, Con.
West Emery, foreman at shear shop, o h 356 Locust st, Con. 10-10
West Emery E. clerk, bds 356 Locust st, Con.
West Harry J. roll turner, bds 356 Locust st, Con.
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH, Johnstown office 110 Washington st. Mrs. H. M. Ogle, manager; branch offices at Merchants' hotel and Moxham
WESTMORELAND & CAMBRIA NATURAL GAS CO. Johnstown office 188 Main st. W. S. Steeple, supt
Wettergreen John B. machinist, r h 205 Maple ave, Wv. 3-3
Weyman Louis, mill hand, o h 124 Grant st, 5-5
Whannel Henry, machinist, home 140 Lincoln st.
Whannel Janet Mrs. widow Henry, o h 140 Lincoln st, 2-2
+Wheate Chatham, bar tender, rooms 234 Main st
*Wheate Frank W. bar tender 111 Clinton st
Wheatley Joseph, blacksmith, r h Coleman ave, Moxham 3-3
Wheeler John, laborer, r h 22 Frankstown road, Con. 2-2
Whipkey Noah W. steel worker, r h 126 Morris st, 2-2
Whissel Valentine, meat market, 220 Broad st, Camb. o do, 12
WHITAKER WM. M. meat market Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do 2-2
White Mrs. A. C. and son Raymond, of Youngstown, Ohio, visiting at Gageby's, 115 Jackson st, both lost on Vine st
+White Annie Miss, clerk W., M. & Co. home 96 Market st
White Frank, teamster, r h Fourth st, E. Con. 2-2
White Hugh, bricklayer, o h 421 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 8-8
White Ida Miss, clerk W., M. & Co. home 123 Vine st
White James, laborer, o h 43 Hinckston ave, Mv. 4-4
White John, track foreman C. I. Co. o h 123 Vine st, 8
White John C. laborer, r h 616 Chestnut st, Camb. 10-10
+White John L. machinist, home 123 Vine st.
*White Mary Miss, school teacher, home 96 Market st
+White M. J. Miss, millinery, 83 1/2 Franklin st, bds 123 Vine street
White Mary Mrs. milliner W., M. & Co. r h 96 Market st, 3
White Samuel, no occupation. o h 36 Somerset st, 2-3
White Samuel Oscar, clerk, bds 36 Somerset st
White Thos. mill hand, r h 123 School at, 8-8
White Thos. J. bricklayer, r h 55 Vine st, 5-5
+White Victor, laborer, r h 318 Walnut st, Camb. 3
White Wm. laborer, r h 56 Adams st, 3-3
White Wm. laborer, r h 2 Ridge ave, Mv. 2-2
White Wm. E. roll hand, o h 168 Somerset st, 4-4
Whitelock Edwin C. bricklayer, r h 61 1/2 Sherman st, 4-4
Whitestone Joseph, laborer, bds 245 Pearl st
+Whitman Mary, widow John, bds 13 River st, Con.
Whittaker Daniel, carpenter, bds 125 Main st, Coopersdale
Whittaker Leslie P. mill hand C. I. Co. bds 25 Main st, Grubb.
+Whittaker S. C. Mrs. widow, bds 12 Somerset st
+Whorton Alice Miss, bds 239 Broad st
Whorton Levi, laborer, r h 58 Ridge ave, Mv. 4-4
+Widersheim Amelia Miss, comestic 334 Railroad st
Widersheim Conrad, groceries, 634 Bedford st, o h 632 do, 3-4
Widdersheim Henry, mill hand, o h 53 Union st, 7-7
+Widmann Jacob, no occupaion, o h 422 Railroad st, Con. 2
WIDMANN JOHN, gen'l store, 426 Railroad st, Con. o h 424 do, 10-10
Widmann Jos. G. plasterer, r h 157 Adam st, Con. 7-7
WIDMANN WM. painter, 444 Railroad st, Con. o h do, 3-3
Wiegand, Hannah, widow, bds r 57 Somerset st
Weigand Louis, stationary engineer, r h 181 Sherman st, 8-8
Wiegand Paul, barber, 37 Portage st, r h r 57 Somerset st, 6-6
*Wiesman Chas. W. laborer, r h 116 Portage st, Con. 4-1
Weisman Sophia, widow Henry, o h 124 Portage st, Con. 3-3
Wiesheier John, mill hand, o h 661 Horner st, 6-6
Wiggins Wm. J. (col'd), laborer, bds 476 Centre st, Con.
Wiggins Wm. W. (col'd), laborer, r h 476 Centre st, Con. 7-7
Wike Geo. C. engineer, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4
Wike Wm. W. engineer, o h Chestnut st, E. Con. 2-2
Wilcox James E. wire drawer, o h 192 Church ave, Con. 3-3
Wilcox Wm. moulder, r h 50 Coal st, Pros. 5-5
Wilcox Wm. H. wire drawer, r h 195 Church ave, Con. 4-4
*Wild Jacob, retired, o h 207 Main st, 5
Wild Julius, moulder, o h 741 Bedford st, 8-8
Wilford Wm. T. pattern maker, o h 281 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4
Willhelm George, helper, o h 90 Lincoln st, 6-6
Wilhelm George L. machinist, r h 578 Horner st, 3-3
+Wilhelm Wilhelm, no occupation, ome 90 Lincoln st
+Wilhelm Wm. boss at woolen mill, bds 184 Portage st, Con.
Wilkins John Jr. coal miner, home 200 Grant st
Wilkins John, track hand, C. I. Co. o h 200 Grant st, 4
+Wilkins Lucy, r h First st, E. Con. 2
Wilkins Richard, works in wire mill, home 200 Grant st
Wilkins Wm. H. teamster, o h Main st, Morr. 3-3
Wilkison Abraham, machinist, r h 222 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3
+Will Amelia, domestic 46 Main st
Will Casper, mill hand, o h 717 Bedford st, 4-4
Will Edwin C. moulder, r h Grant st, Coopersdale, 4-4
+Will Maggie, widow Wilhelm, o h 83 Union st, 5
+Williams Abner, Furnace hand, home 79 Union st
Williams Abram, coal miner, home 99 Water st
+Williams Agnes Miss, tailoress, home 37 1/2 Vine st
Williams Alex. groceries, etc. 60 1/2 Morris st, r h do, 2-2
+Williams Annie Miss, r h 57 1/2 Vine st, 6
+Williams Annie Miss, bds 124 Chestnut st
+Williams Benjamin, roller, bds 6 Main st
Williams Benj. J. laborer, home 85 Locust st
Williams Benj. L. carpenter, home 121 School a
Williams Benno, laborer, bds 512 Railroad st, Camb.
Williams Chas. laborer, o h Laurel Hill st, Morr. 5-5
Williams David, laborer, r h Lincoln st, Morr. 4-4
Williams David A. mill hand, bds 63 Union st
Williams D. Curt. mstr mechanic, r h 28 Maple ave, Wv. 2-2
Williams David H. laborer, bds 87 Locust st
Williams David J. mill hand, r h 90 Conemaugh st, 7
Williams David K. coal miner, home 99 Water st
Williams Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker, home 56 Walnut st
Williams Elizabeth, widow, r h 56 Walnut st, 3-2
+Williams Fannie Miss, weaver, home 57 1/2 Vine st
+Williams Frank C. laborer, bds J. D. Edwards'
+Williams Geo. H. laborer, bds 83 Market st
Williams Griffith, mill hand, r h 68 Conemaugh st, 6-6
+Williams Harry N. painter, home 25 Walnut st
*Williams Harvey, machinist, r h 508 Railroad st, Con. 4
Williams Henry J. painter, shop 67 Walnut st, r h 25 do, 6
Williams Herman, clerk Carpenter's restaurant
Williams H. L. shoe store, 212 Main st, r h do 2
Williams, Hugh, laborer, o h River st, Morrellville, 5-5
Williams James, mill hand, bds 61 Main st
Williams James, supt gas and water, o h 221 Main st, 5-5
Williams James C. mill hand, r h 131 1/2 Walnut st, 4-4
+Williams James E. laborer, r h Railroad st, Con. 6
Williams Jane Mrs. widow, r h 99 Water st, 4-4
Williams John, mill hand, o h Laurel Hill st, Morrellville, 3-3
Williams John, foreman gas works, r h 66 Somerset st, 2-2
Williams John C. steel worker, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6
Williams John F. gas manufacturer, home 221 Main st
+Williams John H. laborer, bds Richard Williams, Camb.
Williams John J. laborer, r h 85 Locust st, 4-4
Williams John L. engineer, r h Second st, E. Con. 5-5
WILLIAMS JOHN M. cigars, tobacco, etc. 11 Iron st, Mill. r h do, 1-1
+Williams John R. works Johnson Co. home 79 Union st
Williams Johnson, no occupation, r h 74 Quarry st, Pros. 2-2
*Williams Joseph, chemist, bds 90 Conemaugh st
Williams Joseph S. mill hand, o h Beam st, Morrellville, 4-4
+Williams Lenora Miss, dressmaker, home 57 1/2 Vine st
Williams Lewis E. machinist, bds 508 Railroad st, Con.
Williams Lewis M. steel worker, o h 15 Maple ave, 4-4
Williams Lizzie, domestic, 57 Napoleon st
Williams Louisa, widow, o h Main st, Frank. 2-2
+Williams Mary Miss, school teacher, bds 87 Vine st
+Williams Millie Miss, weaver, home 57 1/2 Vine st
Williams Morgan L. potter, o h Main st, Coopersdale, 6-6
Williams Nicholas (col'd), laborer, r h 67 Peter st, Con. 3-3
Williams Nellie J. teacher, bds 15 Maple ave, Wv.
Wiliams Randolph, barber, bds 116 Haynes st, Con.
+Williams Reason L. (col'd), barber, r h 123 Frankstown road, Con.
Williams Richard, laborer, bds 512 Railroad st, Camb.
Williams Richard, cupola liner, r h Main st, Cdale, 6-8
+Williams Richard, miner, r h rear 37 Market st, 3-2
Williams Samuel P. laborer, r h 78 Second st, Pv. 3-3
WILLIAMS & SPECHT (T. P. Williams, M. G. Specht), groceries and provisions, 85 Franklin st
Williams Stephen, laborer, o h 512 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5
Williams Tallison, laborer, r h 39 Grant st, 3-3
Williams Thomas (col'd), laborer, r h 523 Centre st, Con. 5
Williams Thomas E. wire drawer, r h 45 Main st, Con. 5-5
WILLIAMS THOMAS P. (Williams & Specht), r h 15 Lewis ave, Mill. 8-?
Williams William, law student, bds M. D. Jones, Wv.
+Williams Wm. H. mill hand, bds 66 1/2 Conemaugh st
Williams Wm. H. laborer, r h 412 Third st, Mill. 3-3
*Williams Wm. J. laborer in fdy, o h 79 Union st, 5-4
Williams Wm. J. mill hand, r h 86 Vine st, 3-3
Williams Wm. P. mill hand, o h 121 School alley, 5-5
Williams Wm. R. mill hand, r h 53 Main st, 6
Williamson Chas. W. laborer, bds 22 Morris st
+Williamson David, works for C. Leffler, bds 102 Vine st
Willman John, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 2-2
Willner Joseph, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3
Willower, Isabel, widow, dressmaker, 186 Somerset st, r h do, 2-2
+Wilbur Reuben, mill hand, r h 68 Walnut st, 3
Wilt August, laborer, o h 687 Oak st, 7-7
Wilt Joseph, teamster, r h rear 66 Morris st, 3-3
Wilt Otto, mill hand, bds 687 Oak st
Wilt Pearson, mill hand, r h 194 Sherman st, 4-4
Wilt Wm. A. saw filer, r h 239 Broad st, 8-8
Wilson, Mrs. widow, home 72 Market st
Wilson Alex I. ast supt transportation. o h Fairfield ave, 5-5
Wilson Andrew, mill hand, r h Main st, Coopersdale, 7-6
Wilson Catharine, widow Thos. o h Garfield st, Morr. 3-3
*Wilson Charles H. clerk, bds Hulbert House
Wilson Charles O. (Stutzman & wilson), r h 35 Willow st, 9-9
Wilson Con. railroader, home 72 Market st
Wilson Ellen, widow Wm. G. o h Hill st, Frank. 4-4
Wilson George F. laborer, r h Walnut Grove, 3-3
Wilson George W. laborer, r h Horner st, 5-5
Wilson Henry S. painter, r h 175 Somerset st, 4-4
Wilson Herm. H. dispatcher C. I. Co. r h 115 Napoleon st, 5-5
Wilson Hodil, painter, bds 175 Somerset st
+Wilson James, miner, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 7
Wilson James C. laborer, o h Hill st, Frank. 7-7
Wilson James H. roll hand, bds 57 Huber st, Con.
WILSON JAMES M. groceries and meat market, 652 Horner st, o h 727 Pine st, 6-6
Wilson James N. engineer, r h 87 Portage st, Con. 8-8
Wilson Jane, widow, o h 13 Main st, Con. (?)
+Wilson Jesse E. Miss, clerk, bds 87 Portage st, Con.
Wilson John, laborer, bds 130 Centre st, Prospect
Wilson John A. mill hand, bds Catharine Wilson's, Morr.
*Wilson John C. physician, Bridge st, Frank. o h do, 3
Wilson John H. miner, bds 13 Main st, Con.
Wilson John O. laborer, o h Hill st, Frank. 4-4
Wilson Johnson, laborer, r h Elm ave, Morrellville, 5-5
+Wilson Joseph, mill hand, r h 51 Union st, 6
Wilson Joseph H. stationary engineer, bds 217 Main st, Grubb.
Wilson Joseph L. roll hand, o h Horner st, 2-2
Wilson Mary A. widow Wm. bds John Gull's
+Wilson Minnie e. Miss, clerk, bds 87 Portage st, Con.
Wilson Robert T. miner, o h 17 Main st, Con. 4-4
Wilson Samuel, helper, bds 405 Locust st
Wilson, Smiley, foreman at steel works, r h 72 Market st, 6-6
Wilson Thomas, miner, bds 13 Main st, Con.
Wilson Thompson A. laborer, r h 201 Broad st, Camb. 9-8
Wilson, Wesley, clerk, bds 260 Stonycreek st
Wilson W. Harry, works blooming mill, bds 80 Somerset st
Wilson Wm. C. brakeman, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6
Wineman Geo. W. driver W. M. & Co. o h 108 School alley, 3-3
Wingard Charles, laborer, bds 32 Somerset st
Wingard Daniel, reporter Telegram, bds 32 Somerset st
Wingard John, clerk Fockler &l L., bds 32 Somerset st
Wingard Mary, widow, r h 32 Somerset st, 5-5
Wingard Zach, engineer, r h 727 Wood st, 4-4
Winn Andrew, laborer, o h 810 Broad st, Camb. 12
Winson Carter (col'd), laborer, r h 89 Centre st, Con. 5-5
Winters Lucy (col'd), servant, 104 Naploeon st
Wise Adam, mill hand, o h 8 Walnut st, 6-7
Wise David D. laborer, bds 271 Iron st, Minersville
Wise Edward H. foreman C. I. Co. electric lights, o h 176 Morris st, 5-5
Wise George, laborer, r h 186 Huber st, Con. 2-2
Wise George W. engineer, r h 271 Iron st, Minersville, 4-4
Wise Jacob, mill hand, r h Bedford pike, Hornerstown, 10-8
Wise Lizzie, wodow, r h Bedford pike, Hornerstown, 2-4
+Wise Lizzie Miss, domestic, 102 Vine st
+Wise Martin, laborer, r h 219 Chestnut st, Camb. 3
Wise Martin, gen'l store, 102 Railroad st, Camb. r h do, 7-4
+Wise Michael, laborer, bds Lizzie Wise's
Wise Winfield S. clerk, r h 423 Bedford st, 3-3
Wisebrode Herman E. laborer, r h 33 Peter st, Con. 4-4
+Wisegarver Alfred L. works Johnson Co. home 46 market st
Wisegarver John C. miller W. M. & Co. r h 46 Market, 3-1
Wisegarver Thomas, mill hand C. I. Co. r h 29 Napoleon, 2-2
Wisemann August, engineer, r h 478 Railroad st, 2-2
Wisemann Charles, wire drawer, r h 531 River st, Con. 4-4
Wiseman Fred. mill hand, r h near Bedford pike, 3-3
Wiser Scott W. laborer, r h 267 Iron st, Minersville, 5-5
Wishart George A. clerk Swank's hardware, bds 68 Market st
Wischo Andrew, laborer, r h 215 Broad st, Camb. 5-5
Wisheir Martin, mill hand, bds 354 Main st
Wisor David W. furnace hand, r h Main st, Coopersdale, 7-7
Wisor Robert M. laborer, r h 278 Iron st, Minersville, 2-2
Wissinger Adam E. car inspector, r h Main st, Frank. 3-3
Wissinger Albert, carpenter, o h Rosedale, 3-2
Wissinger Archibald, mill hand, r h Walnut Grove, 7-7
Wissinger B. Franklin, brick moulder, r h twp, near Mox. 8-8
Wissinger & Burkhart (Samuel Wissinger, Samuel H. Burkhart), meat market, Greeve st, E. Con.
Wissinger, Cyrus, wire bundler, o h Ohio st, Mox. 3-3
Wissinger cyrus L. contractor, o h Bedford pike, 4-4
Wissinger Daniel L. carpenter, o h Walnut Grove, 3-3
Wissinger, Dennis, carpenter, o h Walnut Grove, 4-4
Wissinger, Eli, teamster, r h Walnut Grove, 3-3
Wissinger Eli B. laborer, o h rosedale, 3-3
+Wissinger, Ephraim, laborer, o h First st, E. Con. 5
Wissinger George F. mill hand, o h Walnut Grove, 4-4
Wissinger George W. laborer, o h Walnut Grove, 5-5
+Wissinger, Hetty Miss, domestic, 138 Jackson st
Wissinger John B. engineer, o h Second st, E. Con. 3-3
Wissinger John W. carpenter C. I. Co. r h 190 Morris st, 5-5
Wissinger Joshua P. carpenter, r h 165 Morris st, 4-4
Wissinger, Levi, carpenter, o h Walnut Grove, 3-3
Wissinger Lorenzo D. carpenter, o h near Bedford pike, 3-3
Wissinger Margaret, widow, bds Wm. M. Hees', Morr.
Wissinger Nathaniel, mill hand, o h Walnut Grove, 8-8
Wissinger Samuel (Wissinger & burkhart) res E. Taylor twp.
Wissinger Sylvester mill hand, o h 610 Bedford st, 3-3
Wissinger Sylvester J. mill hand, bds Arch Wissinger's
Withers Thomas (col'd), hostler James McMillen's
Witt Albert S. bricklayer, bds 67 Haynes st
Witt Caroline, widow, o h Main st, Morrellville, 4-4
Witt Charles H. 67 Haynes st, 9-9
Witt Edward S. grocery, 125 Vine st, home 67 Haynes st
Witt Henry, laborer, bds Caroline Witt's, Morrellville
Witt James E. wire drawer, bds 67 Haynes st
Witt John F. laborer, o h Main st, Morrellville, 2-2
Witt Wm. bricklayer, bds Catharine Witt's, Morr.
Wolfe Joseph E. painter, o h 213 Maple ave, Wv. 8
+Wolfe Joseph E. painter, o h 213 Maple ave, Wv. 8
WOLFE TOBIAS J. painter, 374 Bedford st, o h 732 Pine, 8-8
WOLFE WM. C. mechanical engineer, draughtsman, designer, &c., office 352 Railroad st, cor Feeder st, r h 109 Adam st (see adv.), 6-6
*Wolford Andrew, laborer, r h 533 River st, Con. 6
Wolford Conrad, laborer, r h 106 Frankstown road, 4-4
Wolfred Henry, heater, r h 14 Frankstown road, Con. 2-2
Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 270 Locust st
Wonderly Edward, blacksmith, r h 9 Connelly ave, Mv. 16-12
Wonders George, boss C. I. Co. r h 191 Locust st, 2-2
Wonders Jacob F. mill hand, r h 667 Wood st, 4-4
Wonders John W. bookkeeper, r h 71 Water st, 6-6
Wonders Lester, carpenter, bds 727 Pine st
Wonders Nora, domestic 185 Napoleon st
Wood Elizabeth Mrs. bds 102 Frankstown road
Wood George, wire drawer, bds 131 Morris st
+Wood Grant, mill hand, o h 102 Frankstown road, 3-3
Wood James, mill hand, o h 102 Frankstown road, 3-3
+Wood James, laborer, r h 66 1/2 Walnut st, 6
WOOD, MORRELL & CO. general stores, Nos. 115 to 123 Washington st, Jas. McMillen, superintendent
+Wood Nora Miss, dressmaker, home 66 1/2 Walnut st
Woodhead Amelia, widow, r h 10 Quarry st, Pros. 6-6
Woodring James O. laborer C. I. Co. r h 31 Dibert st, 4-4
Woodring Jay Jr. bookkeeper Tribune, r h 72 Somerset st, 6
Woodring Scott, invalid, bds 222 Sherman st
Woodruff Edward C. printer, bds 26 Singer st, Con.
Woodruff Harry D. printer, home 263 Locust st
WOODRUFF LUCIAN D. propr Democrat, o h 263 Locust, 5-4
Wood Bridget, widow Robert, r h 28 Hamsen ave, Pros. 5-5
Woods George, mill hand, o h 439 Bedford st, 5-5
+Woods George W. wire drawer, bds 64 Maple ave, Wv.
+Woods John, roller, o h 42 Somerset st 4
Woods John C. mill hand, bds 6 Ebensburg road, Mill.
Woods Wm. furnace hand, o h 6 Ebensburg road, Mill. 10-10
Woods Wm. B. painter, bds Wilmore Spire's, Prospect
+Woodsides Samuel, laborer, r h 12 Front st, E. Con. 6
Woodward Horace Edward, sawyer, o h Prine st, 6-6
+Woolf Annie, widow, r h 10 Stormer alley, Con. 1
Woolf Anthony A. laborer, r h 422 Broad st, Camb. 3-3
Woolf Charles, wire drawer, home Philip Woolf's
Woolf Elizabeth, widow, r h P. R. R. ave, Morr. 8-14
Woolf Frank X. saddler, r h 97 Hickory st, 7-7
Woolf Geo. W. laborer, r h 187 Iron st, Mv. 4
Woolf Jacob B. mill hand, r h 269 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 4-4
Woolf John P. h David st, 7
WOOLF LEWIS M. clothing dealer (Woolf, Son & Thomas), o h 191 Lincoln st, 4-3
Woolf Morris L. (Woolf, Son & Thomas), o h cor Jackson and Locust sts, 3
Woolf Nicholas J. steel worker, o h 712 Chestnut st, Camb. 9
Woolf Philip, mill hand, o h David st, Hornerstown, 8-8
Woolf Susan, widow, r h 260 Iron st, Mv. 2-4
WOOLF, SON & THOMAS (L. M. Woolf, M. L. Woolf, Wm. H. Thomas), clothing and gents' furnshgs, 250 & 252 Main
Woolf Wm. C. clerk, bds 97 Hictory st
Woolfard Henry, laborer, r h 21 First st, E. Con. 6-6
+Wolfard Mary C. widow, r h 6 First st, E. Con. 2
+Wolfard Wm. J. laborer, bds Mary C. Woolfard
Workinger Wm. L. roll hand, bds 179 Portage st, Con. 3
Worley Albert Q. laborer, o h 29 Dibert st, 7-7
Worley Edward K. laborer, home 29 Dibert st
+Wormniski John, laborer, r h 183 Front st, Camb. 4
+Worthington Jennie, domestic 143 1/2 Vine st
Worthington Richard, mill hand, r h 64 Conemaugh st, 5-2
Woy Charles W. carpenter apprentice, bds 73 Water st
Woy John, carpenter, r h 73 Water st, 7-7
Wright, Catharine, widow, r h 58 Morris st, 6-6
Wright Cheatwood, wire drawer, bds 58 Morris st
Wright Edward, wire bundler, bds Henry C. Wright's
Wright Edward, engineer, o h Spruce st, Frank. 3-3
Wright Henry C. wire bundler, o h David st, Hornerst'n, 7-6
Wright Howard, wire bundler, bds Henry C. Wright's
Wright Jennie, domestic 166 Somerset st
Wright William, works in mill C. I. Co. bds 58 Morris st
Wright William, fireman, r h Second st, E. Con. 2-2
Wright Wm. C. wks Gautier mill, r h 61 Huber st, Con. 6-6
Wucker Henry, mill hand, o h Brownstown, 6-6
Wyandt Lafayette, mill hand, r h Messenger st, 9-9
Wyant Hannah J. widow Alex. o h Chestnut st, E. Con. 5-5
Wyars Andrew, laborer, r h 212 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 3-3
+Wylie Fred S. machinist, r h 41 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 3

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