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1889 Johnstown City Directory



+Sable Ulus, laborer, o h 508 Chestnut st, Camb. 8
+Sadler Daniel, moulder, bds 65 market st
Sagerson Robert, saloon, 316 Railroad st, o h do, 11-7
Sagrist Joseph, laborer, r h 403 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 2-2
Saince Albert, laborer, r h 514 Broad st, Camb. 11-11
Saince Paul, laborer, bds 514 Broad st, Camb.
Sallnow Wm. furnace man, o h South st, above Grant, 3-3
Saly Edward A. barber, bds Peter Saly, Morrellville.
SALY HENRY, saloon, 324 Chestnut st, Camb. r h 322 do, 5-5
Saly Peter, general store, Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do, 4-4
Saly Wm. barber, Fairfield ave, Morr. r h do, 3-3
Sample John, invalid, o h 1 Quarry st, Prospect, 2-2
Samuels Ebenezer B. mill hand, r h 135 Napoleon st, 6-6
Sanders Wm. J. professor in Morrell Institute, bds do
Sandmaier Philip, laborer, o h 180 Adams st, Con. 2-2
+Sandmayer Joseph, wire drawer, bds 494 Railroad st, Con.
Sauers Adam, laborer, C. I. Co. bds 155 Sherman st
Sauers Christ. wire drawer, r h 155 Sherman st, 6-6
Sauers Grant, hammerman, r h 189 Huber st, Con. 5-5
+Sanford Chas. F. clerk Economy store, home 89 Vine st
+Sanford Harry G. clerk Adams Ex. Co. home 89 Vine st
Sanford Wm. B. carpenter C. I. Co. r h 89 vine st, 4-5
+Sanity Harry, laborer, r h 905 Chestnut st, Camb. 2
+Sann Fred. Jr. laborer, bds 30 Potts st
+Sann Fred. laborer in foundry, bds 30 Potts st
+Santimyer Perry, tanner, bds Somerset House
Sargeant John L. laborer, bds 347 Gautier st, Con.
Sarlouis Andrew, coal miner, o h 70 Morris st, 5-5
Sarlouis Andrew Jr. laborer, bds 70 Morris st
Sarlouis Mary Miss, r h 54 1/2 Morris st, 2
+Sarlouis Peter, teamster, o h 156 Chestnut st, Camb. 9
+Sarlouis Regina W. domestic, 10 Morris st
Sarvis Martha, widow Andrew, r h 214 Broad st, Camb. 7-7
+Sauble Leopold, laborer, r h 222 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
Saunders Margaret, wid Thos. o h 912 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
+Saunders Thomas, laborer, bds 912 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Saunders Wm. laborer, bds 912 Chestnut st, Camb.
Savering Julia Ann, widow, o h 195 Morris st, 8-8
+Savoring Wm. laborer, r h Rosedale, 4-4
Savering Wm. laborer, r h Rosedale, 4-4
*Sawle Joseph, laborer, bds 41 Iron st, Mill.
Saxton Benjamin H. laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 7-7
+Saxton Jeremiah, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 5
*Sagerson Mrs. 58 Conemaugh st
Saxton Joseph M. heater's helper, r h 509 Chapin st, Con. 4-4
Saxton Wm. C. laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 4-4
Saylor Franklin P. paster Evengelical Association church, parsonage 14 Morris st, 8-8
Saylor George A. machinist, r h 89 Main st, Grubb. 5-5
Saylor Kate Miss, domestic 160 Morris st
Saylor Maria, domestic 25 Morris st
Saylor Norman S. bds B. F. Stull's, Bedford st
Scanlan Jennie, domestic 165 Lincoln st
Scanlan Michael, mill hand, bds 116 Sherman st
Scanlan Patrick, saloon 118 Broad st, Camb. o h do, 7-7
Scanlan John, works at Gautier works, bds 42 1/2 Market st
Scantlon Benj. F. clerk, bds H. J. Baumgardner's
Shade Margaret Mrs. toll keeper 66 Main st, Grubb. 2-2
Schaefer Charles J. mill hand, bds Geo. S. Schaefer's
Schaefer Geo. S. saloon Bedford pike. o h do, 6-6
*SCHAEFER JACOB, saloon 301 Chestnut st, Camb. o h 303 do, 10-8
Schael Karl, laborer, bds 65 Somerset st
Schaenhals Ludwig, mill hand, Wood st, S. S., o h do, 4-4
Schaft George C. surveyor, bds Club House
+Schaffer Harry A. steel stamper, home B. & O. Hotel
SHAFFER HENRY, owner Central Hotel, 109 Morris st, resides do, 7-7
Schaffer John, works in pottery, home 109 Morris st
SCHAFFER JOHN V. propr B. & O. Hotel, 214 Washington st, o h do, 6-4
SCHAFFER WILLIAM, mgr Central Hotel 109 Morris st, 3-3
*Schaller Joseph, pattern maker, r h 64 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 5-4
Scheets George, wire drawer, r h 196 Clinton st, Con. 2-2
Scheetz John F. laborer, r h 31 peter st, Con. 3-3
Scheffel Wm. basket maker, o h 98 Frankst'n road, Con. 5-5
*Schelhamer Patrick, stone mason, o h 72 Portage st, Con. 7
*Schiffhauer John, no occupation, o h 182 Washington st, 3
Schiffhauer John, saloon 701 Chestnut st, Camb. o h do (?)
Schiffhauer John C. laborer, r h Brownstown, 3-3
+Schiffhauer John H. clerk, home 182 Washington st
SCHILL FRANCIS, physician 256 Locust st, r h do, 3-3
+Schitz Jacob Jr. wire drawer, r h 190 Clinton st, Con. 5
+Schitz Jacob Sr. laborer, o h 190 1/2 Clinton st, Con. 2
+Schmacher Adam, laborer, bds 394 Railroad st, Con.
Schmadel Jacob, laborer, h 747 Ash st, 7-7
Schmaltz Christ, stone mason, r h 90 Coal st, Con. 6-6
Schmearer Henry, laborer, o h 623 Baumer st, 7-7
Schmearer George, wire drawer, o h 563 Bedford st, 7-7
Schmidt Albert, mill hand, bds 213 Iron st, Minersville
Schmidt Arnold, machinist, r h 14 Duke alley, Con. 5-5
+Schmidt Charles, laborer, bds 74 Portage st, Con.
+Schmidt Ferdinand, laborer, r h 423 Fifst ave, Camb. 7
Schmidt Henry J. machinist, o h Brownstown, 4-3
Schmidt Jacob, mill hand, bds Henry J. Schmidt's
Schmidt John, mill hand, bds 738 Ash st
Schmidt Katie, widow John, o h 738 Ash st, 5-5
Schmiermund John, mason, r h 363 Gautier st, Con. 10-10
+Schmitz Gabriel, shoemaker, bds 74 Portage st, Con.
*Schmitz Gustave, ass't sup't Metrolopolitan Life Ins. Co. office 104 Clinton st, bds 53 Conemaugh st
*Schnable Conrad, bar tender, r h 634 Banmer st, 2
SCHNABLE CONRAD J. bottler 42 Water st, o h do, 5-4
Schnable George H. teamster, home 266 Main st
Schnable Henry J. groceries Chandler st, Morr. r h do, 4-4
*Schnable John, pop maker, home 266 Main st
Schnable Rose Miss, clerk, home 266 Main st
Schnable Sarah, widow John, o h 266 Main st, 13
Schnatter Joseph, groceries, Brownstown, o h do, 4-4
+Schneider August, laborer, r h 503 Chestnut st, Camb. 3
Schneider Charles, works stell mill, o h r 198 Grant st, 7-7
+Schnell Charles J. wire drawer, bds 303 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Schnell Elizabeth, wid. Aug, o h 509 Chestnut st, Camb. 4
Schnell Englebert, mill hand, o h Brownstown, 8-8
Schnell Jerre, furnace hand, o h Brownstown, 4-4
+Schnell Peter, no occupation, o h 417 Front st, Camb. 2
Schnurr Charles, saloon 53 Portage st, Con. o h 51 do, 9-8
*Schnurr Robert, carpenter, r h 68 Smith alley, Con. 5-4
Schoenwelder Lewis, baker, bds 334 Railroad st
Schoff Ed. T. dry goods and notions 109 Clinton st, r h do, 4-2
+Schoff George C. Club House
Scholy Wm. laborer, bds 718 Broad st, Camb.
Scholz Charles R. engineer, bds Herman Heider's, Morr.
Scholz Henry A. barber 131 Market st, bds Herman Heider's
Scholz Lewis, moulder, bds Herman Heider's
Schonbardt Fred. laborer, o h 79 Portage st, Con. 5-5
+Schonbardt John, saloon 406 Railroad st, Con. r h do. 6
Schott August, stone mason, r h 628 Pine st, 5-5
+Schotz Elizabeth, widow John, o h 125 Union st, 4
Schotz George, mill hand, o h 718 Oak st, 3-3
Schotz John, mill hand, home 125 Union st
+Schotz John, tinner, o h 128 Johns st, 3
SCHRADER GEO. (Schrader & Greer), o h 329 Bed. st, 9-8
SCHRADER & GREER (George Schrader and D. F. Greer), furniture and stoves, 156 Clinton st, opp Turner Hall
Schrader Peter, furnace hand, o h Brownstown, 4-4
+Schrader Wm. wire drawer, bds 329 Bedford st
Schramm Charles F. pattern maker, o h Grant st, Cdale, 3-4
Schrecongost Jas. D. lab'r plan'g mill, r h 210 Morris st, 8-8
Schrock Jacob, carpenter, r h 172 1/2 Napoleon st, 2-2
Schrock Saml. laborer, o h Ohio st, near Hiland ave, Mox. 8-8
SCHRY CHARLES B. (Geis & Schry), clothing dealer, r h 409 Railroad st, Con. 3-3
*Schry Joseph, watchman, o h 204 Maple ave, Wv. 5
Schry Joseph, engineer, o h Spruce st, Frank. 4-4
+Schry William, laborer, bds 204 Maple ave, Wv.
SCHUBERT CHARLES T. editor and proprietor Freie Presse, o h 83 Stony Creek st, 11-10
Schuler Mary Mrs. widow, o h 51 Huber st, Con. 5-5
Schuler John, laborer, bds 51 Huber st, Con.
Schuler Peter, clerk, bds 51 Huber st, Con.
Schultheis George, wire drawer, o h 30 Potts st, 8-8
Schultheis Henry, cigar maker, home 29 Potts st
Schultheis Philip, no occupation. o h 29 Potts st, 4-3
Schultz John, laborer, r h 368 Gautier st, Con. 6-6
*Schultz Mrs. Wm. r h Arcade, 2d floor, Clinton st, 5-0
*Schutz Peter, wire drawer, r h 38 Portage st, Con. 6-5
Schwarm Jacob, laborer, bds Wm. H. Wendell's, Pine st
Schwartz Andrew, mill hand, r h 34 Bedford st, 8-8
Schwartz henry C. laborer, bds Catharine Emmel's, Morr.
Schwartz Joseph, mill hand, home 34 Bedford st
Schwartz Michael, laborer, r h 39 Church ave, Con. 5-5
Schwirtzer Henry, stone mason, r h 162 Somerset st, 5-5
Schweitzer Wm. watchman, r h 474 Railroad st, Con. 4-4
Schwing Conrad, stone mason, o h 601 Pine st, 7-7
Schwing Henry L. clerk, bds 601 Pine st
Scott Charles W. bricklayer, o h 739 Horner st, 5-4
Scott David Grant, bricklayer, bds 739 Horner st
+Scott Herbert (col'd), servant, 124 Main st
Scott James E. steel worker, r h 429 Ebensburg rd, Mill. 3-3
Scott John, slater, r h 302 Railroad st, Camb. 6-6
Scott Matthew, mill hand, r h 184 Ebensburg road, Pros. 6-6
Scott Mary A. widow, o h Railroad st, Morrellville, 1-1
Scott Thomas, mill hand, bds Matthew Scott's, Prospect
+Scully Charles, mill hand, bds 61 Main st
Scutchall Daniel F. laborer, r h 12 Hinckston ave, Mv. 5-5
Scutchall Sam'l, brakeman, r h 233 Main st, Cdale, 3-4
Seack Charles, laborer, r h 207 Broad st, Camb. 2-2
Sebastian Joseph, laborer, bds 244 Maple ave, Wv.
Seberger, John B. laborer, o h 56 Peter st, Con. 4-4
SECHLER, WM. H. attorney at law, cor Main and Clinton sts, 2nd floor, r h 6 Maple ave, Wv. 5-5
Sechrist Conrad, laborer, bds George Rogler's, Wv.
+Sedhmeyer Catharine, wid. Frank, r h 15 Portage st, Con. 4
+Sedhmeyer John H. jeweler, 17 Portage st, Con. bds 15 do
Sedhmeyer Joseph, laborer C. I. Co. r h 22 Market st, 3-3
SEDLMEYER JOSEPH E. bookkeeper First National Bank, home 22 Market st
Seeley Jane Mrs. r h 180 Iron st, Minersville, 5-5
Seeley John, boss at r mill, r h 167 Iron st, Minersville, 2-2
Seeley John Jr. laborer, bds 180 Iron st, Minersville
Seeley Samuel, engineer, r h 25 Hinckston ave, Mv. 4-4
+Sees Noah, carpenter, r h First st, E. Con. 3
Seese Walter D. upholsterer, r h 56 Water st, 2-2
Seese Emanuel, watchman, o h 100 Cherry st, 3-3
Schring Ernest, heaters help, bds John W. Morgan's, Con.
Seibert Gearhart, works steel works, h 158 Morris st, 3-5
*Seibert Henry, shoemaker, o h 250 Maple ave, Wv. 4
+Seibert John, blacksmith helper, o h 429 R. R. st, Con. 5
Seibert Tamian, hostler, o h 106 Huber st, Con. 9-9
Seibert Thos. S. wire bundler, o h 33 Grant st, 5
Scidenswank Albert, laborer, 70 Frankstown road, Con.
+Seifert Frank, tailor, home 356 Bedford st
Seifert Michael, tailor, r h 356 Bedford st, 4-4
+Seifline Andrew, barber, r h 303 Fourth ave, Camb. 10
Seiger Agnes, dressmaker, bds 165 Somerset st
+Seigh B. Frank, mill hand, home 115 Chestnut st
+Seigh Charlotte Miss, home 115 Chestnut st
+Seigh Harry J. lineman C. I. Co. home 41 1/2 Market st
Seigh Jacob T. carpenter, o h 117 School alley, 4-4
SEIGH JOHN F. genl store, Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do. 6-5
Seigh John H. rail straightener, bds Railway House, Grubb.
Seigh John W. foreman boiler shop, o h 118 Vine st, 6-6
Seigh Michael, boilermaker, r h 115 School alley, 3-3
Seigh Nancy, widow, bds Geo. W. Stutzman's, Cdale
Seigh Susan P. Mrs. widow, r h 41 1/2 Market st, 6-6
Seigh Theo. F. contracting carpenter, o h 35 Naploeon st, 10-7
Seigh Walter F. carpenter, home 35 Napoleon st
+Seigh Wesley J. boilermaker, home 118 Vine st
+Seigh Wm. P. mill hand, r h 115 Chestnut st, 4
Seipel Wm. shearman, r h 90 Coal st, Con. 3-3
Seipel Wm. wire drawer, r h 68 Smith alley, Con. 5-5
Seitz John, laborer, r h 256 Huber st, Con. 10-10
Seitz Stephen, laborer, r h 364 Gautier st, Con. 5-5
Sell, John R. carpenter, o h 95 Main st, Grubbtown, 4-4
Sell, Leroy A. clerk W., M & Co. r h 133 Chestnut st, 3-3
Sell Wm. fireman Johnson Co. r h Coleman ave, Mox. 6-6
+Selsor John F. engineer C. I. Co. r h 27 Water st, 2
Semler Joseph, carpenter, bds Vincent Rebneck's, Wv.
+Sendner George, butcher bs 522 Chestnut st, Camb.
Sendner Thomas, laborer, r h 522 Chestnut st, Camb. 8
Senft John, laborer, o h 47 Singer st, Con. 4-4
Seng Albert, laborer, bds 122 Hubert st, Con.
Senninger Mary, widow Joseph, o h 117 2nd ave, Camb. 2-2
Seninger Peter, laborer, bds 117 Second ave, Camb.
Sensebaugh Samuel B. fireman, r h Third st, E. Con. 2-2
Sepp John F. teamster, r h 7 Gautier st, Con. 5-5
Sermon Stephen, laborer, r h 213 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5
Seth Christian, widow Jacob, r h 427 Ebensburg road, Mill. 12-12
+Seth Jennie Miss, domestic, 142 Walnut st
Seth John H. steel worker, bds 427 Ebensburg road, Mill.
Seth Joseph W. laborer, bds 427 Ebensburg road, Mill.
+Seth Mary Miss, domestic, 142 Walnut st
Settlemeyer Anthony Sr. no occupation, o h 300 Huber st, Con. 5-4
Settlemeyer Anthony Jr. laborer, bds 300 Huber st, Con.
Settlemeyer George, laborer, r h 298 Hubert st, Con. 5-5
Settlemeyer Isaac, mill hand, o h Walnut st, Coopersdale 7-7
+Settlemeyer John, wire drawer, bds 68 Maple ave, Wv.
Settlemeyer Joseph J. laborer, o h 14 River st, Con. 6-5
Settlemeyer Leonard, wire drawer, r h 113 Adam st, Con. 3-3
Settlemeyer Louie, wire drawer, bds 300 Hubert st, Con.
Severing Wm. H. hammerman, r h 191 Huber st, Con. 2-2
Seymour Charles T. mill hand, home 150 1/2 Stonycreek st
Seymour Wm. phrenologist lecturer, r h 150 1/2 Stony Creek street, 6-6
Sgottle Wm. carpenter, r h 214 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 6-6
Schaffer Winfield S. engineer, o h First st, E. Con. 5-5
+Shade Howard M. engineer, r h First st, E. Con. 4
+Shafer Casper, laborer, o h 32 White alley, Wv. 8
Shafer David, laborer, bds Ephraim Shafer's Rosedale
Shafer Ephraim, bookkeeper, o h Rosedale, 5-5
Shafer Inez Miss, bds J. F. McKelvy, Grubbtown
+Shafer Lewis, steelworker, r h 45 River st, 3
Shafer Wm. laborer, bds 41 Main st, Grubb.
+Shaffer Charles, cigarmaker, bds 308 Walnut st, Camb.
Shaffer Daniel, engineer P. R. R. o h 136 Napoleon st, 4-3
Shaffer Daniel, engineer, bds Aaron Kepple's E. Con.
Shaffer David F. mill hand, o h Main st, E. Con. 7-7
Shaffer Elias W. shearman, r h 40 Hickory st, 4
Shaffer Elmer, works at woolen factory, bds 260 Stony Creek st
Shaffer Elwood W. mill hand, r h 84 Cedar st, 6-6
Shaffer Frank M. carpenter, home 82 Haynes st
Shaffer Frank O. carpenter, r h 212 Morris st 7-7
Shaffer Fred, laborer, bds 156 Adam st, Con.
Shaffer Fred J. clerk, o h 160 Feeder st, Con. 2-2
Shaffer George, laborer, bds John H. Bowser's, 10 Bedford st
Shaffer George, contracting carp'tr. 82 Haynes st, o h do, 4-4
+Shaffer George, wire ganger, r h 26 Potts st, 5
+Shaffer Harry, photographer, 134 1/2 Vine st
Shaffer Harry W. laborer, bds Ephraim Shaffer's, Rosedale
+Shaffer Henry, steel worker, o h 116 Vine st, 6
Shaffer Herman J. stocker C. I. Co. mill, 121 Main st, Grubb.
+Shaffer Isaac, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 5
SHAFFER ISAAC K. blacksmith, shop 52 Adam st, r h 409 1/2 Bedford st, 3-3
Shaffer James I. laborer, o h 161 Morris st, 3-3
+Shaffer John A. carpenter, C. I. Co. r h 63 1/2 Sherman st, 4
+Shaffer John J. carpenter and justice, o h First st, E. Con. 6
Shaffer Louis, laborer, r h 351 Gautier st, Con. 8-8
Shaffer Maggie, domestic, 85 South st
+Shaffer Maggie F. Miss, home, 148 Main st
Shaffer Philip F. gen'l store, Railroad st, E. Con. o h do, 7-7
Shaffer Ross G. laborer, bds Ephraim Shafer's, Rosedale
Shaffer Samuel, wood turner, r h 716 Oak st, 9-9
+Shaffer Samuel, boarding house, r h 148 Main st, 14
Shaffer Simon P. laborer, r h Rosedale, 2
Shaffer Valentine, laborer, r h 308 Walnut st, Camb. 3
Shaffer Wm. laborer, bds 108 Railroad st, Camb.
Shaffer Wm. A. laborer, o h near Bedf'd pike, Hornerst'n 7-6
Shaffer Wm. H. laborer, r h 26 Smith alley, Con. 4-4
Shaffer William J. farm hand, home 212 Morris st
Schallenburger David S. clerk Gautier, r h 10 Haynes st, 3-3
Shallner Mary, widow, o h 245 Beech st, Wv. 2-2
Shanahan Thomas, laborer, o h 59 Main st, Con. 8-8
+Shaneviski John, butcher, bds 316 Walnut st, Camb.
Shank Elmer, carpenter, bds Lewis W. Shank's, Bedf'd pike
Shank Hiram, mill hand, o h 685 Oak st, 6
Shank Lewis W. carpenter, r h Bedf'd pike, Hornerstown, 3-5
+Shank Peter, laborer, bds 41 Iron st, Mill.
Shannon Robert B. laborer, r h 12 Ebensburg road, Mill. 5-5
Chappe Emile, invalid, o h Spruce st, Morrellville, 3-3
Sharkey John Jr. brakeman, bds 123 Centre st, Prospect
Sharkey John Sr. mill hand, o h 123 Centre st, Prospect, 4-4
Sharkey Philip, no occupation, r h 58 Connelly ave, Mv. 3-3
Sharkey Neal, saloon 150 Washington st, o h do, 4-3
+Sharp Blanche, domestic, 146 Main st
Sharp Daniel T. railroad policeman, r h Hill st, Frank. ?
Sharp Elwood, machinist, bds 77 Iron st, Mill. home Altoona.
Sharp John, propr &c Sharp's remedies, o h 34 Morris st, 4
Sharp Joseph C. tinner, r h Main st, Morrellville, 7-7
Sharp Susan, widow Thomas, o h 90 Huber st, Con. 1-1
Sharp Wm. H. works wire mill, r h rear 34 Morris st, 4-3
Sharrar Geo H. laborer, r h Garfield st, Morrellville, 3-3
Sharrar John, laborer, bds 37 Hinckston ave, Minersville
Sharrar John W. laborer, r h Blain st, Morr. 4-4
Sharrar Elizabeth, widow Henry, r h Blain st, Morr. 2-2
Sharretts Edward, rail straightener, r h 148 Somerset st, 6-6
Sharretts Jacob, painter, o h 38 Benton st, 2-2
+Sharretts Wm. C. mill hand, o h 38 1/2 Benton st, 4
+Shatto Charlie, stationary engineer, bds 148 Main st
+Shatto Frank, stable boy 104 Main st
Shatto John H. clerk Mansion House
Shaver Charles, carpenter, bds 41 Main st, Grubb.
Shaver Charles I. bookkeeper, r h Main st, Morr. 4-4
+Shaver George G. laborer bds B Morris st
Shaver Jerry, bookkpr Marshall & Weakland, r h 74 Haynes st, 4-3
Shay William E. finisher, bds 49 Maple ave, Wv.
Shea Samuel, laborer, o h Locust st, Morr. 2-2
+Shea Wm. boss finisher at wooln mill, bds 49 Maple ave, Wv.
+Shearer Agnes, widow, o h Bridge st, Frank. 4
Shearer Andrew, laborer C. I. Co. bds 71 Morris st
Shearer George F. laborer, o h Locust st, Morr. 6-6
Shearer Henry W. laborer, r h 114 Portage st, Con. 6
Shearer Jacob, no occupaion, o h Locust st, Morr. 4-4
Shearer John Sr. aged, bds 191 Sherman st
Shearer John Jr. works in rail mill, o h 191 Sherman st, 7-7
+Shearer John, mill hand, o h Bridge st, Frank. 5
+Shearer Joseph, aged (85), home 26 Napoleon st
Shearer R. E. Mrs. widow, r h 4 Somerset st, 3-3
+Shearer Wm. mill hand, bds Agnes Shearer's, Frank.
Shebel Adolph, laborer, o h Poplar st, Wv. 4-4
Sheehan Cornelius Rev. asst pastor C. church, 114 Jackson st
Sheehan Jerre, laborer, r h 247 Iron st, Mv. 2-3
Sheehan Mary, widow Daniel, r h Main st, Coopersdale, 3-3
Sheehan Patrick, no occupation, r h 10 Kelly al, Mv. 6-2
Sheeler Annie Miss, clerk, bds 653 Horner st
Sheeler George, moulder, r h 77 Poplar st, 3-3
Sheeler Harry, clerk, bds 653 Horner st
Sheeler, Minnie L. clerk, bds 653 Horner st, 4-4
Sheeler Rachel, widow John, r h 653 Horner st, 4-4
+Sheeler William, mill hand, r h 136 School al, 3
SHEERER DAVID REV. presiding elder Altoona district Brethren church, o h 163 Morris st, 3-3
Sheets Henry, mill hand, o h Bedford pike, Hornerstown, 6-6
Sheetz John P. teamster, r h 21 Singer st, Con. 6-6
Shehan, James A. engineer, r h 184 Main st, Coopersdale, 5-6
Shehan John H. engineer, r h 180 Main st, Coopersdale, 4-4
Shellenberger George, engineer, bds Philip P. Rehn's, Cdale
Shelly John, watchman, r h 77 Main st, 2-2
Shenkamayer Charles, stone mason, o h Spruce st, Morr. 8-8
Shepherd Cyrus, teacher, o h Spruce st, Frank. 3-3
Sheridan Emily (Sheridan & Cullen), home Sheridan station
SHERIDAN CAMPBELL (C. Sheridan & & Son) physician, 166 Vine st, residence Sheridan station
Sheridan & Cullen (Emma Sheridan and Annie Cullen), millinery, Fairfield ave, Morr.
Sheridan George H. (Kunkle Bros. & Sheridan), home Sheridan station
SHERIDAN JOHN C. (C. Sheridan & Son), physician, 166 Vine st, o h do, 8-5
SHERIDAN C. & SON (John C.), physicians and surgeons, office 166 Vine st
+Sheridan Thos. engineer, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2
Sheridan Wm. S. drug clerk Slater's, home 166 Vine st
Sherman Otto, carpenter, r h 10 Walnut st, 2-2
Sherman Wm. W. machinist, r h 179 Maple ave, Wv. 6-5
Sherman Matteo, notions, etc. 135 Market st, r h do, 4
Shetty Fred, laborer, r h 57 Singer st, Con. 3-3
Shiber Augustin B. laborer, r h 46 Main st, Con. 4-4
Shiber John, engineer, o h Main st, Frank, 3-3
Shields Charles R. bookkeeper, home r 76 Morris st
Shields Harry A. bookkeeper, C. I. Co. o h 69 Haynes st, 4
Shields John, mill hand, o h 652 Bedford st, 4-4
Shields Sallie E. Miss, home r 76 Morris st, 5-5
Shilling Rudolph, wire drawer, bds 719 Chestnut st, Camb.
Shingler Charles W. laborer, r h 86 Ebensburg rd, Pros. 5-5
Shinger Joseph A. laborer, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4
Shirer Wm. mill hand, r h Main st, Frank, 2-2
Shires James W. teamster, r h 423 Baumer st, 2-2
Shirey George, laborer, bds 130 Branch st, Camb.
+Shirey George, laborer, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2
Shirey Margaret, widow, bds David H. Deam's, Frank.
Shirey Michael, carpenter, o h 739 Ash st, 10-10
Shoemaker Anthony, laborer, o h Brownstown, 8-8
Shoemaker Catharine Miss, bds Samuel T. Burkhart's, Morr.
Shoemaker Elizabeth, widow, bds Mansion House
+Shoemaker Theodore, carpenter, o h Greeve st, E. Con. 6
Shombert Ludwig, laborer, o h near Bedford pike, 5-5
Shomo Eliza, widow Joseph, bds 416 Bedford st
Shomo Elmer, blacksmith, r h 273 Iron st, Mv. 3-3
+Shomo Henry P. laborer, bds 95 1/2 Iron st, Mill.
Shomo James S. rail straightener, o h 676 Bedford st, 9-8
Shomo John W. laborer, r h 95 1/2 Iron st, Mill. 5-5
Shook James C. laborer, r h 64 Main st, Con. 6-6
Shook John W. carpenter, r h 37 Main st, Con. 5-5
Shoop Esther, widow, bds John Leadbeter, Morr.
Shoop Julia A. wid. r h near Bedford pike, Horners'n, 2-2
Shoor Jacob, mill hand, o h 541 Bedford st, 2-2
Short John Napoleon, foreman steel department Gautier works, r h 4 Maple ave, Wv. 9-9
Shouster August, pattern maker, o h Brownstown, 3-3
Shouster Benedict, pattern maker, o h Brownstown, 3-3
Show Geo. S. candy maker (Weaver's), bds 65 Market st
Shrader Albert A. carpenter, o h David st, Hornerst'n, 5-5
Shrader Henry, laborer, r h Main st, Morr, 8-8
Shriver John, teamster, r h Bridge st, Frank. 10-7
Shriver Martin, lineman o h Main st, Frank. 3-3
Shriver Peter, mill hand, bds John Shriver's, Frank.
+Shryock Ada Miss, music teacher, home 119 Lincoln st
SHRYOCK GEORGE K. dealer in stoves, tinware and harware, 8 Morris st, o h 65 do, 3-3
Shryock Wm. L. clerk Johnstown Gas and Water Co. o h 119 Lincoln st, 4-4
Shubert Charles, mill hand, o h Spruce st, Morr. 3-3
Shugars Jacob W. stone mason, r h 680 Horner st, 7-5
Shugart Geo. H. bricklayer, o h near Bedford pike, 5-5
Shugma Michael, laborer, rh 49 Lock st, Mill. 5-5
Shull David, laborer, r h Mox. near Ohio st, 3-3
Shultz Elmer, pasterer, bds 100 Adam st
+Shultz James, no occupation, o h 163 School alley, 3
+Shultz Joseph G. slater home 163 School alley
Shultz John, laborer, r h 209 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 5-5
Shultz John, pattern maker, h rear 87 Union st, 9-9
Shumaker Chas. H. wire drawer, r h 52 Haynes st, Con. 7-7
+Shumaker George, laborer, o h 602 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb. 3
Shumaker Henry, wire drawer, r h 13 Frankst'n rd, Con. 2-2
SHUMAKER J. M. groceries, queensware and glassware, 149 Clinton st, 288 and 290 Washington, o h 315 Locust st. (?)
+Shuman Elizabeth, Miss, domestic, 122 Market st
+Shuman John, roll hand, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3
Shuster George, machinist, r h 723 Broad st, Camb. 4-4
Sible John, no occupation. o h 133 Huber st, Con. 3-3
SIBLE LEWIS A. druggist, 217 Broad st, Camb. o h do, 2-2
Sides Joseph H. blacksmith, r h 134 Branch st, Camb. 5-5
Sides Maggie Miss, domestic, M. D. Jones, Woodvale
Side Sadie E. Miss, millinary, 165 Main st, r h do, 1
Sievers Wm. laborer, r h 341 Gautier st, Con. 6-7
Sifert Joseph, laborer, r h 137 Huber st, Con. 3-3
+Sigfried W. Elmer, machinist, bds Mansion House
Sigmond John, laborer, r h 244 Maple ave, Wv. 7-2
Silk Michael, steel worker, bds 407 Third st, Mill.
Silk Nora, widow, r h 407 Third st, Mill, 4-4
+Silki Chas. laborer, bds 322 Walnut st, Camb.
Sill Mary, widow, bds George H. Cole's, Hornerstown
Simmons & Thompson (Ella Simmons and Sadie Thompston), dressmakers, Railroad st, E. Con. r h do, 2-2
Simon Charles, manager H. T. Williams' shoe store, 212 Main st, r h 69 Walnut st, 6-6
Simpson George J. barber, r h 1 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3
+Sims Joseph (col'd), laborer, bds Wm. A. Bogus, Con.
Simson Jennie, widow Isaac R. r h 144 Devlin st, Con. 4-4
Singer Aaron, blacksmith C. I. Co. o h 51 Somerset st, 5-5
+Singer Alonzo, machinist, r h 11 Haynes st, 4
Singer Franklin H. clerk W., M. & Co. o h 235 Sherman st, 6-6
Singer Halleck H. machinist C. I. Co. bds 51 Somerset st
Singer James B. blacksmith, 22 Centre st, Con. r h 69 Wood alley, 5-5
SINGER MANUFACTURING CO. (Singer sewing machines), office 82 Franklin st, W. R. Slick, manager
+Singlaski Andrew, wire drawer, bds 303 Chestnut st, Camb.
Sipe Isaiah, carpenter, r h 170 Napoleon st, 5-5
+Sipe John, carpenter, bds 233 Broad st
+Sipe Mahlon, carpenter, bds 233 Broad st
+Sipes Clara Miss, dressmaker, bds rear 134 Somerset st
Siter Edward H. foreman Bessemer steel mill, o h 161 Vine, 2-2
Sitman John P. carpenter, r h 172 Napoleon st, 5-5
+Sittenham Andrew, laborer, r h 410 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
Sivits John, stone mason, o h Walnut Grove, 4-4
+Skebo Martin, laborer, r h 219 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
+Skebo Michael, laborer, bds 224 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Skelly Etta Miss, cook, 84 Main st
+Skelly George, fireman, bds John Skelly's, Franklin
+Skelly John, fireman, r h Portage st, Frank. 6
*Skinner John (col'd), waiter Club House, bds do
SKREHOT ANDREW, merchant tailer, 334 R. R. st, r h do, 6
SKREHOT ZENOBIA MRS. ladies' physician, 332 R. R. st, res do
Skyles John, mason tender, bds 178 Napoleon st
Skyles Lincoln I. brakeman, r h 22 Bedford st, 2-2
Skyles Samuel, stone mason, o h Spruce st, Morr. 6-6
Slagle August, aged, o h 18 1/2 Market st, 2
Slagle David, steel worker, o h Strayer st, Morr. 6-6
Slagle Etta, domestic, rear 133 Sherman st
Slagle Frederick K. invalid, o h Hornerstown, near Mox. 6-6
+Slagle Lena, domestic, 60 Maple ave, Wv.
Slane John, laborer, bds 410 Railroad st, Camb.
Slane, Joseph F. wire drawer, r h 410 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5
Slater Alfred E. clerk, o h 471 Baumer st, 4-3
+Slater David B. blacksmith C. I. Co. home 77 Vine st
Slater Emanuel, blacksmith, C. I. Co. r h 77 Vine st, 6-5
Slater Frank M. painter, bds 534 Horner st
Slater George W. mill hand, bds 534 Horner st
Slater Harry, heater, o h 31 Church ave, Con. 3-2
SLATER JAMES B. druggist and dealer in druggists' sundries, 170 Main st, bds 13 Morris st, 2-2
Slater Margaret, widow, bds 31 Church ave, Con.
Slater Wm. H. painter and paper hugr, r h 534 Horner st, 7-6
Slavish Stephen, laborer, r h 418 Railroad st, Camb. 2-2
Sleep Charles, mill hand, r h 134 Vine st, 3-2
Sleep Edward P. engineer C. O. Co. r h 59 Lincoln st, 2-2
Slick Adolph, carpenter, bds 665 Horner st
Slick Ann H. widow, r h 100 Adam st, 11-11
+Slick Balary, domestic 72 Water st
Slick Charles C. carpenter, r h 136 Adams st, Con. 7-7
Slick Charles V. mill hand, r h 665 Bedford st
Slick Dorsey M. mill hand, bds 746 Bedford st
+Slick Edward E. draughtsman C. I. Co. bds 156 Vine st
+Slick George A. clerk, home 252 Stony Creek st
Slick George R. no occupation, r h 252 Stony Creek st, 3-4
+Slick Harry W. clerk, o h 250 Stony Creek st, 2
Slick Henry, mill hand, bds John H. Bowser's, Bedford pike
Slick Jesse C. mill hand, bds 665 Horner st
Slick Joseph, shoemaker, shop 734 Bed. st, o h 736 do, 3-3
*Slick Josephine Miss, laundress, Hulbert House
Slick Nicholas, laborer at G. W. Osborne's, bds do
Slick William, surveyor, o h 14 Napoleon st, cor Water, 2-3
Slick William, carpenter, r h Walnut Grove, 2-2
Slick William A. mill hand, o h 746 Bedford st, 7-7
SLICK WELLINGTON R. manager Singer sewing machine agency at Johnstown, r h 315 Apple alley, 2-2
Slick William W. foreman pattern shop Johnson Co. r h 7 Walnut st, 4-4
Sloan Catharine, wid. grocer 96 Church ave, Con. o h do, 5-5
Sloan James, letter carrier, home 29 Walnut st
Sloan John, laborer, C. I. Co. r h 24 Main st, Grubb. 5-5
Sloan Joseph, blacksmith's helper, bds 207 Beech st, Wv.
Sloan Margaret, widow Philip, o h 29 Walnut st, 7-7
Sloan Philip Jr. mill hand, home 29 Walnut st
+Sloan Robert, moulder, r h 43 Market st, 4
Sloan Wm. sexton R. C. church, home 29 Walnut st
Slosser August H. laborer, r h Main st, Frank. 4-5
+Slusher Margaret, domestic, 132 Main st
+Smay Ann, wid. Christian, housekeeper 35 Maple ave, Wv.
Smay David S. foreman wire mill, r h 49 Coal st, Con. 5-5
Smay Henry, laborer, r h Pine st, 5-5
+Smay Henry C. formn wire mill, o h 175 Maple ave, Wv. 2
Smay Hilarion, works Gautier, r h 506 Chapin st, Con. 2-2
Smay Orlando, saloonkeeper, bds 429 Railroad st, Con. 3
Smearman Adam, laborer, r h 12 Kelley alley, Mv. 5-5
+Smith Mrs. widow Ebenezer, o h 162 Vine st, 3
Smith Andrew, laborer, bds 410 Third st, Mill.
Smith Andrew J. teamster, r h 73 Main st, 10-4
Smith August, roll hand, bds 347 Broad st. Camb.
Smith Catharine, widow, o h 120 Ebensburg road, Pros. 1-1
Smith Charles, wire drawer, o h 235 Huber st, Con. 7-7
+Smith Charles, wire drawer, o h 34 1/2 White alley, Wv. 3
+Smith Charles W. laborer, bds 137 Centre st, Con.
Smith Conrad C. puddler, o h 64 Coal st, Con. 5-5
Smith Daniel W. (col'd), barber, r h rear 100 Adam st, 4-4
+Smith David M. laborer, bds 48 River ave, Mill.
Smith David R. engineer, bds 94 Third st, Mill.
Smith Dexter, carpenter, rooms 208 Locust st
Smith Findley M. blacksmith C. I. Co. bds 77 Vine st
+Smith Forrest G. clerk, rooms 396 Railroad st, Con.
+Smith George, brakeman, bds 820 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb.
Smith George, laborer, o h 419 Broad st, Camb. 6-6
*Smith George A. mill hand, r h 196 Pearl st, 9
Smith George W. laborer, r h 747 Horner st, 7-7
Smith Geo. W. plasterer, r h 157 School alley, 7-7
Smith Harry R. roll turner, home 131 Lincoln st
+Smith Harry W. cashr Johnson Co. r h 259 Maple ave, 4-2
+Smith Henry (col'd), laborer, r h 41 White alley, Wv. 5
Smith Henry T. (col'd), teamster, o h near Bedford pike, 3-3
Smith Isaac A. Rev. pastor Evangelical Association church, Franklin, o h Main st, do. 5-5
Smith Isaiah, teamster, bds 313 Apple alley
Smith Jacob, laborer, o h 820 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb. 9-9
Smith Jacob F. teamster, r h Walnut Grove, 4-4
Smith James, laborer, r h 68 River ave, Mill. 6-6
+Smith James N. plasterer, bds 370 Bedford st
Smith James V. roll turner, r h 60 1/2 Napoleon st, 5-5
SMITH JEREMIAH L. marble and granite works, 202 Stony Creek st, r h 230 do, 5-1
Smith John, no occupation, o h 515 Chestnut st, Camb. 2
Smith John, laborer, r h 524 Railroad st, Camb. 6-6
Smith John laborer, bds 472 Bedfor st
Smith John, laborer, bds 422 Railroad st, Camb.
+Smith John A. machinist, r h 317 Front st, Camb. 3
Smith John G. h 316 Second ave, Camb. (?)
Smith John H. furnace helper, rh Walnut Grove, 6-6
Smith John H. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4
Smith John L. moulder, bds 410 Third st, Mill.
Smith John M. mill hand, o h near Bedford pike, 4-4
Smith John R. barber, Franklin st, home 102 Vine st
Smith Joseph, laborer, bds 317 Broad st, Camb.
Smith Joseph, laborer, o h 268 Maple ave, Wv. 6-5
Smith, Joseph S. mill hand, o h 86 Conemaugh st, 4-5
+Smith J. Russ, barber 148 Franklin st
Smith Leonard, tinner, r h near Bedfd pike, Hornerst'n, 3-3
Smith Lewis, steel worker, o h 808 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
+Smith Lewis, laborer, bds 59 Portage st, Con.
Smith Lewis A. shovel polisher, r h 14 Maple ave, Av. 3
Smith Levi, mill hand, o h Wood st, S. S. twp. 7-7
SMITH, L. L. supt. Gautier dept C. I. Co, r h 109 Main st, 5-5
Smith Louis, works at brick works, o h S. S., twp. 7-7
Smith Mary, widow Valentine, rh 410 Third st, Mill. 6-6
+Smith Mary J. Mrs. book agent, bds 179 Lincoln st
Smith Michael, machinest, bds 35 Church ave. Con.
Smith Miles N. steel worker, r h 94 Third st, Mill. 4-4
+Smith Nancy, widow, r h 311 Walnut st, Camb. ?
Smith Patrick F. rail straightener, bds 314 Second st, Camb.
Smith Philip, laborer, bds 311 Walnut st, Camb.
*Smith Philip M. shipping clerk, r h 24 Maple ave, Wv. 9-3
Smith Richard (col'd), laborer, r h 18 Ridge ave, Con. 9-9
*Smith Robert E. stocker at Gautier, r h 131 Lincoln st, 3
Smith Samuel J. carpenter, o h Main st, Frank. 4-4
Smith Sophia, widow George, o h 317 Broad st, Camb. 3-3
Smith Susie, domestic, bds 27 Market st
Smith Tony (col'd), dentist apprentice, bds 146 Morris st
Smith Valentine G. engineer, bds 410 Third st, Mill.
Smith Vincent, laborer, o h 183 Church ave, Con. 2-2
Smith Wm. wire drawer, o h 737 Ash st, 3-3
Smith Wm. laborer, r h 641 Pine st, 4-4
Smith Wm. no occupation, o h 184 Huber st, Con. 3-3
Smith Wm. wire drawer, r h 76 Portage st, Con. 6-4
+Smith Wm. wire bundler, r h 245 Beech st, Wv. 2
Smith Wm. laborer, r h 210 Chestnut st, Camb. 3
Smith Wm. A. mill hand, bds 34 Potts st
Smith Wm. B. roll hand, bds 184 Huber st, Con.
Smith Wm. H. engineer, o h 523 Chestnut st, Camb. 6-2
+Smith Wm. H. (col'd), laborer, bds 137 Centre st, Con.
Smith Wm. H. contractor and bldr, o h 31 Singer st, Con. 9-8
Smith Wm. L. furnace hand, r h 191 Pearl st, 8-8
*Smith Wm. M. steel worker, r h 908 Chestnut st, Camb. 4
Smith Wm. R. painter, home 162 Vine st
Smithberger Chas. Jr. mill hand, home 455 Bedford st
Smithberger Chas. Sr. mill hand, o h 455 Bedford st, 11-11
Smithberger Lewis, heater, o h 437 Railroad st, Con. 2-2
+Smouse David, clerk, bds 71 Iron st, Mill.
SNAVELY DAVID J. livery stable, Franklin st, near Mansion house, bds 86 Morris st
Snavely George, hostler, bds Mansion house
Snavely Wm. clerk Thomas', r h 69 Morris st, 4-4
Snedden Augusta, widow, rh 60 Dibert st, Wv. 6-6
Snedden Margaret, widow James, bds R. B. Snedden, Wv.
Snedden Robert B. blacksmith, r h Pine ave, Wv. 6-6
Snook Sam'l A. clerk Dibert's hdw store, r h 178 Morris st, 2-2
Snow Dempsy B. laborer, bds John McCurdy's, 2-2
Snow George, mill hand, bds 88 South st
Snow Stephen V. division foreman, r h 192 Main st, Cdale, 4-4
Snowden James L. baker, bds Wm. E. Snowden's, E. Con.
Snowden W. E. engineer, oh Main st, E. Con. 8-8
Snowden Wm. H. Rev. (col'd) pastor A. M. E. Zion chr, cor Grant and Haynes st, parsonage 115 Haynes st, 5-5
Snyder Andrew, laborer, r h 446 Railroad st, Con. 3-3
Snyder Andrew J. mill hand, r h 192 Pearl st, 9-9
+Snyder Christ. laborer, r h First st, E. Con. 8
Snyder Conrad, wire drawer, bds 4 Church st, Con.
Snyder George H. blacksmith, r h 152 Somerset st, 8-8
+Snyder Harry G. painter 380 Bedford st, bds 152 Somerset st
+Snyder Jacob, laborer, r h 511 Portage st, Con. 3
Snyder John F. laborer at mill, r h 201 Napoleon st, 3-3
Snyder John G. wire drawer, r h 66 Maple ave, Wv. 6-1
Snyder Joseph, mill hand, o h 22 Kennon al, Con. 12-12
Snyder Joseph, laborer, r h 4 Church st, Con. 5-5
Snyder Lizzie, domestic 84 Haynes st
Snyder Malissa, clerk Clark's, home 152 Somerset st
Snyder Martin, wire drawer, r h 504 Chapin st, Con. 4-4
Snyder Mary Miss, dressmaker, home 152 Somerset st
+Snyder Samuel M. clerk, bds Howard Davis', E. Con.
Snyder Wm. laborer, r h 28 Coal st, Con. 2-2
Snyder Wm. H. carpenter, r h 122 Feeder st, Con. 4-4
Snyder Win. works P. R. R. depot, r h r 184 Morris st, 3-3
+Socks Stephen, laborer, r h 413 Front st, Camb. 7
+Sobo Joseph, laborer, r h 214 Chestnut st, Camb. 2
+Soller Frank, stone mason, bds 313 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Soller Joseph, engineer, r h 418 Chestnut st, Camb. 4
+Soller Joseph, laborer, r h 313 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
+Soller Wm. laborer, bds 313 Chestnut st, Camb.
Somerville Wm. E. works Johnson Co. r h Coleman ave, Mox. 3-3
Sond Ferdinand, laborer wire mill, bds 88 Sherman st
Sons George W. steel worker, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5
Sons Samuel, laborer, o h Main st, Frank. 2-2
Sorber Joseph S. mill hand, o h 716 Ash st, 3-3
Soso George, no occupation, o h Laurel Hill st, Morr. 5-5
Soso George R. laborer, bds George Soso's
Soso John, laborer, r h Virginia ave, Morr. 5-5
Soso Joseph, laborer, bds George Soso's, Morr.
Soso Michael, laborer, bds George Soso's, Morr.
Souder Lizzie Miss, domestic J. S. Ashbridge's
Southwells Wm. mill hand, o h 176 Somerset st, 2-2
+Sower George, laborer, r h 19 1/2 Coal st, Con. 2
Sowers Amos, laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 2-2
Sowers Fred. laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4
Sowers John, carpenter, bds Fred Sower's, Morr.
Sowers W. J. laborer, r h Blain st, Morr. 10-9
Spangler Ambrose, laborer, o h near Bedford pike, 5-5
Spangler John, heater, r h 173 Sherman st, 4-4
Spangler Peter, stone mason, etc., o h Mox. 7-7
SPECHT MAHLON G. grocer, r h 37 Napoleon st, 2-2
SPEEDY B. FRANK, wholesale grocer (T. G. Stewart & Co.), o h 189 Vine st, 5-5
+Speicher Abram, machinist, r h 195 Maple ave, Wv. 9
+Speicher Ella Miss, dress maker, bds 195 Maple ave, Wv.
Speicher Nicholas, labore, r h 360 Gautier st, Con. 2-2
Speicher Samuel, mill hand, r h Walnut Grove, 5-5
+Speicher W. H. laborer, bds 195 Maple ave, Wv.
+Spencer Richard, car inspector, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2
Spenger Conrad S. butcher, home 300 Stonycreek st
Spenger George, butcher, home 300 Stonycreek st
SPENGER JOHN, meat market, 104 Clinton st, o h 300 Stonycreek st, 9-7
Spenger John N. butcher, home 300 Stonycreek st
+Spero Theodore, clerk, room 61 Levergood st
+Spickler Charles, mill hand, r h 51 Conemaugh st, 9
+Spickler Howard, mill hand, bds 51 Conemaugh st
Spickler John, laborer, bds 410 Broad st, Camb.
Spickler John L. laborer, r h 402 Railroad st, Camb. 5-10
Spidel James W. cigar maker, r h 169 Franklin st, 5-5
Spidel John, laborer, bds 508 Chapin st, Con.
Spielberger Daniel, mill hand, r h near Bedford pike, 5-5
Spiers Ella, widow, r h 56 Ebensburg rd, Mill. 4-4
Spiers Wilmore, laborer, o h 221 Ebensburg rd, Pros. 8-8
Spiess Philip, machinist, o h Elm ave, Morr. 2-2
Spitzbard Barbara & Katie, dressmakrs, r h 50 Iron st, Mill. 2-2
Spotts Ezra, laborer, bds Frank Spotts', E. Con.
Spotts Frank, laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 7-7
Spotts Moses, works in steel works, r h 26 King st, 6-6
Spotz John W. cigar maker, o h Maple ave, Morr. 5-5
Springer Andrew J. laborer, r h 149 Iron st, Mv. 6-6
+Springer Ernest, laborer, r h 511 Portage st, Con. 3
Springer Joseph, laborer, bds Josiah Springer's, Morr.
Springer Josiah, laborer, r h Railroad st, Morr. 8-6
Springer Philip, laborer, r h 251 Iron st, Mv. 3-6
Springer Wm. laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 5-5
Sproad Timothy, laborer, r h 304 Iron st, Mv. 2-2
Sproal Jacob R. blacksmith, r h r 65 Adam st, 6-6
Sproul Merrill, foreman at furnace, r h 32 Second st, Pv. 4-4
Sproul Thomas J. laborer, bds 32 Second st, Pv.
Stack martin A. watchman, r h 206 Front st, Camb. 8-8
Stackhouse Alex. engine boss, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 8-8
Stackhouse Daniel M. asst supt C. I. Co. bds 53 Conemaugh st.
Stackhouse Ella L. Miss, Dr. W. B. Lowman's
Sachr Charles, hammerman, o h 806 Broad st, Camb. 6-6
Stager Michael, mill hand, o h 612 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
Stahl Edmond K. carpenter, r h 246 Maple ave, Wv. 6-6
+Stadd Emma Miss, domestic, 137 Walnut st
Stahl Henry, blacksmith's helper, r h Upper Pros. 2-2
Stahl Jacob, blacksmith, bds 32 Maple ave, Wv.
Stahl Jno. P. foremn Gautier works, r h 60 Maple ave, Wv. 8
STAHL KARL F. chemist, supt Johnstown chemical works, r h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3
+Stahl Robert P. blacksmith, bds 60 Maple ave, Wv.
+Stahl S. H. printer, r h 32 Maple ave, Wv. 4
Stains Charles V. stone mason, r h Hill st, Frank. 7-7
Stammler Fred W. draughtsman, o h 245 Locust st, 6-4
+Stanfield James, wire drawer, r h 59 Maple ave, Wv. 4
Stanton Edward, laborer, r h Upper Pros. 7-7
Stanton John, laborer, bds Patrick Stanton's Pros.
Stanton McGarey, teamster, r h 425 Bedford st, 3-3
Stanton Patrick, laborer, o h Upper Pros. 7-10
Stanton Thos. laborer, bds Patrick Stanton's, Pros.
Stanton Wm. laborer, bds Patrick Stanton's, Pros.
Staoup John, quarryman, r h 82 Everhart st, 2-2
+Starks Katie Miss, domestic 107 Market st
STATLER CHARLES H. druggist, 166 Washington st, home 121 Park place
Statler Dorothy Mrs. widow, r h 146 Lincoln st, 7-6
Statler Emery W. helper, home 146 Lincoln st
Statler George W. photographer, 144 1/2 Washington st, o h 121 Park Place, 6-3
+Statler G. Mary Miss, milliner, home 121 Park Place
Statler John A. machinist, r h 164 Locust st, 2-2
Statler Sanford J. helper, home 146 Lincoln st
Statler Wm. H. tinner, r h 211 Morris st. 3-3
Staub Austin, mill hand, bds 458 Bedford st
Staub Joseph, mill hand, o h Brownstown, 4-4
Staub Joseph W. laborer, r h 5 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 3-3
+St. Clair Benj. (col'd) laborer, r h 129 Centre st, Con. 5
St. Clair I. N. clerk Merchants' Hotel, bds do
St. Clair Jackson, teamster, r h Garfield st. Morr. 8-8
+Stearn Francis A. mill hand, home 28 1/2 Market st
Stearn Francis M. policeman, r h 133 Naploeon st, 9-9
Stearn John B. mill hand, r h 28 1/2 Market st, 3-3
Stearn Wm. W. laborer wire mill, home 133 Napoleon st
Steckley John B. laborer, o h 168 Feeder st, Con. 2-2
+Steckman John, laborer, r h 320 Walnut st, Camb. 2
Steckman Conrad, laborer, o h Centre st, Cdale, 4-4
Steckman Mary, widow, bds Conrad Steckman's
Steeg Conrad, wks blooming mill, oh 178 Sherman st, 5-5
Steeg Henry, stocker at rail mill, r h 157 Sherman st, 3
+Steele Delila, widow John, o h First st, E. Con. 5
Steele Geo. A. barber, shop Minersville, r h Rosedale, 3-5
Steele Robert, laborer at J. C. Confer's, Osborne, bds do
STEELE W. SCOTT, superintendent Westmoreland & Cambria Natural Gas Co. at Johnstown, bds Club House
Steele Thomas, blksmith, bds James McLaughlin, Mox.
Steffey Daniel, blksmith, r h Main st, Frank. 3-3
Stehlin Anthony, steel worker, o h 909 Chestnut st, Camb. 6-6
*STEIGERWALD WM. justice of the peace and burgess of Conemaugh, o h 445 Railroad st, Con. 7-4
Steiner Frank. laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3
Stemmer Henry A. carpenter, r h 489 Bedford st, 6-6
Stener Fred. S. laborer, r h 81 Haynes st, Con. 8-8
STENGER JOHN, dry goods and notions, our specialty dress goods and ladies' and children's wraps, 227 Main st, 8-5
Stenger John, laborer, o h 316 Chestnut st, Camb. 4-4
Stephens Charles, roll hand, r h 128 Devlin st, Con. 3-3
+Stephens Henry C. fireman, bds Mrs. Lillie Hirsch, E. Con.
Stephens James H. Jr. press hand, bds 56 Lock st, Mill.
Stephens James H. Sr. laborer, r h 56 Lock st, Mill. 6-6
STEPHENS MARLIN B. attorney-at-law, room 11 Alma Hall, 188 1/2 Main st, bds 276 Locust st
Stephens Sisters (Mary J. and Cynthia E.), dressmakers, r h 276 Locust st, 5
Stephens Wm. A. dairyman, r h Elm ave, Morr. 5-5
Stern Dorsey E. pottery hand, bds 205 Grant st
STERN CHARLES, mgr Ger. Medicine Co. r h 112 Union, 5-5
Stern Melinda, widow, bds 91 Hickory st
Stern Wm. D. laborer, r h 419 Third st, Mill. 9-9
Stevenson Geo. D. contracting painter, r h 128 Morris st, 2-2
Stevenson John W. jeweler, 283 Main st, o h 61 Market st, 4-4
Stevens Wm. J. gas maker, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 5-5
+Stewart Alex. G. mill hand, r h 29 Main st, 6
+Stewart Anna Miss, comestic Mansion House
Stewart Annie Miss, teacher, home 58 Napoleon st
Stewart Belle Miss, dressmaker, home 58 Napleon st
Stewart Caleb, moulder, bds 84 Front st, Peelorville
Stewart Charles, steelworker, r h 443 Third st, Mill. 3-3
Stewart David, painter, bds 84 Front st, Peelorville
Stewart Edwin R. ticket agent, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3
+Stewart Ellen, widow, r h 58 Napoleon st, 4
Stewart James, blksmith helper, r h 721 Chestnut, Camb. 7-7
Stewart John, blksmith, bds 247 Maple ave, Wv.
Stewart Joseph G. teamster, r h Bedford pike, 7-6
+Stewart Josephine Miss, dressmaker, bds 84 Front st, Pv.
+Stewart Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, bds 29 Main st
+Stewart Marshall (col'd), porter Hulbert House
+Stewart McClelland, division foreman, bds 122 Iron st, Mill.
Stewart Samuel C. printer, bds 84 Front st, Peelorville
+Stewart Samuel M. agent, r h 101 Water st, 5
Stewart Sarah, widow, r h 122 Iron st, Mill. 3-3
STEWART T. G. & CO. (W. A. Stewart and B. F. Speedy, surviving partners), wholesale grocery 174 Main st
Stewart Thomas, laborer, r h 254 Gautier st, Con. 6-6
*Stewart Watson, laborer, bds 196 Pearl st
Stewart Wm. blksmith, bds 247 Maple ave, Wv.
STEWART WM. A. (T. G. Stewart & Co.) r h 56 Napoleon, 4
Stibich Adam, laborer, r h 619 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
+Stibich Geo. W. teamster, bds 320 Chestnut st, Camb.
Stibich John L. pop mfg. 208 Broad st, Camb. o h 206 do, 4-4
Stibich Joseph, general store, 320 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
Stibich Joseph Jr. laborer, r h Laurel Hill st, Morr. 7-7
Stickler Adam, laborer, o h near Bedford pike, Hrnstwn, 4-4
Stickler Geo. laborer, bds John W. Keiper's, Beford pike
Stiemon Jacob, laborer, o h Hill st, Frank. 6-6
Stiffler Joseph, carpr and contractr, o h 205 Morris st, 8-8
Stiffler Joseph W. carpenter, o h Main st, Cdale, 4-4
Stine Frank, laborer, o h 215 Railroad st, Camb. 10-10
Stine Lewis, carpenter, o h Garfield st, Morr. 3-3
Stinebrink Fred. laborer, o h Main st, Frank. 4-4
Stineman Samuel, brakeman P. R. R. r h 88 Everhart st, 2-2
+Stinley John, roll turner, r h 302 Walnut st, Camb. 8
Stitzel Lewis, machinist, r h 126 Branch st, Camb. 6-6
*St. Johns C. P., specialist physician 286 Main st, bds Hulbert House
Stock Albert, laborer, r h 40 Ridge ave, Mv. 3-4
+Stock Casper, blacksmith, o h 18 Walnut st, 4
Stoer John, laborer, o h Poplar st, Wv. 8-8
Stofka John, laborer, r h 35 1/2 Connelly ave, Mv. 3-3
+Stombaugh Henry, laborer, r h 358 Railroad st, Con. 2
Stone A. A. queensware, 142 Clinton st, res Altoona
+Stone Belle Miss, domestic 121 Main st
+Stonebraker Howard H. laborer, bds 123 Iron st, Mill.
+Stonebraker Joseph H. water tender, r h 123 Iron st, Mill. 8
+Stonebraker Thomas A. engineer, bds 123 Iron st, Mill.
STONEBRAKER WASHINGTON, blacksmith and carriage shop, Feeder st near Railroad, r h 35 Centre st, Con. 3-3
Stoner John K. laborer, r h Rosedale, 7-7
Stong Anthony, wire drawer, r h 51 Adam st, 3-3
Stong Harry, wire drawer, home 51 Adam st
+Stongel Michael, laborer, r h 201 Chestnut st, Camb. 5
Stophel Frank M. laborer, r h 573 Baumer st, 5-3
+Stophel George, wire bundler, r h 113 School alley, 3
Stophel James, laborer, r h 439 Second st, Peelorville, 6-5
Stophel Robert, laborer, bds 48 River ave, Mill.
Stophel Thomas, works in wire mill, r h 61 Haynes st, 2
Stophel Wm. brakeman, r h 74 Second st, Pv. 3-3
Stork Edward D. plasterer, o h Rosedale, 6-7
Stork Henry, laborer, home John Stork's, Woodvale
Stork John, laborer, o h Pine st, 7-7
Stork John H. laborer, home John Stork's, Woodvale
Stork John W. laborer, o h Beam st, Morr. 9-9
+Storm Gertrude Mrs. bds 68 Market st
Storm David, laborer, bds 181 Napoleon st
Storm Mariah, widow, o h 181 Napoleon st, 6-7
Stormer George W. laborer, bds 156 Adam st, Con.
Stormer Jerre, conductor, o h Second st, E. Con. 6-6
Stormer John, laborer, r h 156 Adam st, Con. 8-8
+Stormer John F. track foreman, o h Railroad st, E. Con. 5
+Stormer John M. blacksmith, bds 531 Baumer st
+Stormer Peter, blacksmith, r h 531 Baumer st, 12
+Stormer Peter G. mill hand, bds 531 Baumer st
Stormer Wm. laborer, r h 81 Iron st, Mill. 5-5
STOREY, H. W. (Henry Wilson), attorney-at-law 104 Clinton st, o h 59 Walnut st, 7-7
Storey Rebecca F. widow, o h 57 Walnut st, 1-1
Stotmiller Charles, laborer, r h 717 Broad st, Camb. 3-3
Stonder John, laborer C. I. Co. r h rear 12 Morris st, 3-3
Stongh Addison H. painter, o h 217 Sherman st, 6-6
Stough Charles, painter, bds 217 Sherman st
Stoup Amandus V. mill hand, o h Elk st, Morr. 6-6
Stowffer Frank, laborer, bds 225 Sherman st
Stowffer Wm. laborer wire mill, r h 225 Sherman st, 5-6
Strange John (col'd), hostler, bds 707 Horner st
+Strauch Henry, laborer, bds 59 Portage st, Con.
+Strauss August H. plasterer, r h 23 Walnut st, 2
*Strauss charles H. laborer, bs 51 Singer st, Con.
Strauss David, laborer, r h 51 Singer st, Con. 10-10
Strauss David J. clerk Wm. Strauss, home 126 Napoleon st
Strauss Edward J. clerk Wm. Strauss, home 126 Napoleon st
Strauss Emma D. Miss, clerk, bds 51 Singer st, Con.
+Strauss Lizzie Miss, domestic 111 Market st
Strauss Sophia, widow, home 143 Vine st
STRAUSS WM> grocer 115 Morris, o h 126 Napoleon st, 5-5
+Strauss Wm. H. cigar store 158 Wash't'n st, home 126 Nap.
Staver Simon, laborer, r h Rosedale, 4-4
Strayer Aaron W. carpenter, o h Blain st, Morr. 7-7
Strayer Adam H. carpenter, bds 700 Horner st
Strayer Andrew J. carpenter, bds 716 Oak st
Strayer Barbara, widow, bds Geo. M. Givens', Morr.
Strayer Benj. carpenter, bds 648 Horner st
Strayer Cyrus, carpenter, r h Lincoln st, Morr. 3-3
Strayer David C. Carpenter, oh 700 Horner st, 9-9
*Strayer Elizabeth, widow Joseph S. o h 128 Market st, 6
STRAYER EPHRAIM (E. Strayer & Bro.), r h 53 Adam st, 7-7
STRAYER E. & BRO. (John D.), planing mill, contractors and builders, 53 Poplar st, 7th ward
STRAYER GEORGE B. real estate agt, Alma Hall, res twp.
Strayer Henry, mill hand, o h Spruce st, Morr. 4-4
Strayer Jacob B., U. S. mail route agent, r h 63 Market st, 3-3
STRAYER JACOB J. planing mill and lumber yard, 58 Portage st, Con. o h cor Blain and Chandler sts, Morr. 8-7
STRAYER JOHN D. (E. Strayer & Bro.), bds 648 Horner st
STRAYER JOHN E. local editor Democrat and reporter Associated press, residence West Taylor twp.
Strayer Philip, carpenter, bds 700 Horner st
Strayer Sadie Miss, dressmaker, bds 53 Adam st
Strayer Samuel, carpenter, o h Bed. pike, Hornerst'n, 8-8
Strayer Sylvester, carpenter, r h Horner st, 2-2
Strayer Ulysses, mill hand, bds Geo. Constable's, Mox.
+Strayer Ulysses C. mill hand, home 128 Market st
Strayer Walter, farmer, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 5-4
Stremel Augustus, barber 142 Washington st, o h do, 5-4
Stremel Fronie, widow Henry, o h 701 Oak st, 3-4
STREMEL WM. general store 5 Iron st, Mill. r h do. 3-3
Strepy Benedict, laborer, bds 69 Huber st, Con.
*Streum John (of Fisher & co.) bds 315 Locust st
Strick Charles, miner, bds 27 Coal st, Con.
Strick Joseph, miner, o h 210 Huber st, Con. 6-5
Strickland Wm. S. printer, bds 263 Locust st
Striker Wm. mill hand, o h 608 Chestnut st, Camb. 8-8
Strong Samuel J. mill hand, r h Main st, Cdale, 5-5
Stroup Charles H. bricklayer, home 169 Vine st, 2
Stroup Daniel, furnace builder, o h 169 Vine st, 4-4
Stroup John, bricklayer, r h 151 Somerset st, 7-7
Stroup Sherman, bricklayer, r h 159 School alley, 2-4
*Strouse Moses, no occupation, 143 Vine st
Studeny Geo. W. engineer, r h 77 Portage st, Con. 2-2
+Studeny Joseph, laborer, o h 161 Feeder st, Con. 5
*Stufft John Wesley, clerk, oh 21 Maple ave, Wv. 8
Stull B. F. general store 764 Bedford st, o h do, 8-8
Stull Josiah, millhand, r h Walnut Grove, 7-7
Stull Samuel L. laborer, bds 508 Chapin st, Con.
Stull Uriah D. laborer, o h Rosedale, 4-4
+Stumbaugh Alex, teamster, bds 73 Main st
+Stambaugh Joseph, teamster, bds 73 Main st
Stump Wm. F. laborer, o h Main st, Franklin, 3-3
Stutzman A. sells milk and vegetables from wagon in Johnstown, res. W. Taylor twp.
Stutzman Abram A. agent, r h 27 Napoleon st, 8-8
Stutzman Abram F. (Stutzman & Wilson), r h 160 Morris, 8-8
Stutzman Frank, carpenter, o h 168 Iron st, Mv. 5-4
Stutzman Geo. W. farmer, o h Main st, Cdale, 3-3
Stutzman Hiram, laborer, o h Rosedale, 4-4
Stutzman Jacob, brakeman, r h 24 Hinckston ave, Mv. 4-4
+Stutzman John, mill hand, bds Hunter Guyer's, E. Con.
Stutzman Josiah J. laborer, r h n Bedford pike, 2-2
Stutzman, Wm. M. laborer, o h 162 Iron st, Mv. 4-6
Stutzman & Wilson (A. F. Stutzman and C. O. Wilson) dealers in agricultural implements, 29 Willow st
Stuver Samuel L. clerk, o h Rosedale, 8-8
STUVER SYLVESTER, milk depot and groeries, 136 Market st, r h do, 5-4
Stuver Wm. butcher, r h Rosedale, 5-5
Styeh Harriet, widow, r h 78 River st, Mill. 3
Styeh Wm. H. wire drawer, r h 356 Gautier st, Con. 7-7
+Suder Frank W. fireman, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2
Suder John, clerk, r h 81 Iron st, Mill. 7
+Suhre Lizzie, domestic, 136 Lincoln st
Sulka Amos (Economy Clothing House), rms 294 Main st
SULKA BEN, proprietor of "Ben's Place" (saloon), 237 Main st, r h do, 4-2
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, bds 16 Hinckston ave, Mv.
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, r h 285 Iron st, Mv. 7-9
Sullivan Dennis, millhand, bds 231 Iron st, Mv.
Sullivan Eugene, mill hand, bds 231 Iron st, Mv.
Sullivan John, furnace hand, r h 253 Iron st, Mv. 3-3
Sullivan T. watchman Nat. Gas Co. rms 331 Locust st
Sullivan Michael, laborer, r h 302 Iron st, Mv. 2-2
Summers Wm. H. brush maker, r h 657 Pine st, 5-5
SUPPES CHARLES, ice dealer, o h 52 Main st, 7-7
Suppes Freida, wid Conrad, o h Valley pike, N. of Mox. 5-5
Suppes George, gardener, oh Osborne, near Grubbtown, 7-7
Suppes Max. M. supt mill, o h at "The Rocks" (on the creek north of Moxham) 4-4
+Suprode Mrs. widow, home John Shultz's
+Sutliff George, clerk Masterton's, bds 122 Somerset st
+Sutmeyer Ella Miss, domestic 227 Main st
Surrer Fred. works Chemical Works, bds 314 Railroad st
Suttner Geo. no occupation, bds Geo. Kershstein, Morr.
Sutton C. Oscar, prof. in Morrell Institute, bds do
Sutton Ida Mrs. teacher in Morrell Institute, bds do
Sutton John, laborer, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4
Sutton Patrick, stone mason, o h Virginia ave, Morr. 3-3
Stuttmiller Francis, laborer, r h 901 Broad st, Camb. 9-9
Suttmiller Henry, laborer, bds 901 Broad st, Camb.
+Suver Joseph, stocker at Bessemer, r h 34 Market st, 3
Swallwell Joseph, painter, r h 423 Railroad st, Con. 2-2
Swan August, mill hand, r h 649 Wood st, 4-4
SWAN SAMUEL M. physician 170 Vine st, o h 172 do, 7-7
+Swank Albert F. bookkeeper, pottery, bds 123 Napoleon st
Swank Charles M. works at pottery, home 123 Napoleon st
Swank Daniel F. mill hand, r h 516 Bedford st, 5-5
Swank Edward, laborer, bds 436 Bedford st
+Swank Ferris, laborer, bds 181 Clinton st, Con.
Swank Geo. clerk, r h 562 Horner st, 2
SWANK GEORGE T. editor and proprietor of Johnstown Tribune, res 122 Main st
Swank H. & S. (Hiram and Samuel Swank), proprs Johnstown Pottery, 124 Morris st
SWANK HARRY, machine shop, Apple alley rear Swank's hardware store, bds 323 Bedford st
Swank Hiram (H. & S. Swank), o h 123 Napoleon st, 9-9
*SWANK JACOB (J. Swank, Son & Co.) o h 323 Bedford st, 6
SWANK J. SON & CO. (Newton B. Swank, W. E. Parke), hardware and farm implements, cor Main and Bedford sts
Swank Jacob J. policeman, oh 122 Napoleon st, 2
Swank John, clerk J. Swank & Son, r h 118 Morris st, 3
Swank John Jr. painter with Neff Swank, home 118 Morris st
Swank Levi, butcher at Berkebile's, r h "B" Morris st, 2d floor, 5-5
Swank Lovina D. widow, oh 648 Horner st, 10-10
Swank Maggie Miss, dressmaker, home 117 Napoleon st
Swank Morrell, clerk, r h 312 Main st, 4-1
+Swank Nancy M. widow G. W. o h 122 Main st, 2
Swank Nathan, steel worker, r h 75 Second st, Pv. 8-8
Swank Neff J. painter, 215 Broad st, r h 84 Napoleon st, 7-2
Swank Newton, mill hand, r h 122 Morris st, 3-3
SWANK NEWTON B. (J. Swank, Son & Co.) o h 57 Napoleon st, 5-5
Swank Norman, millhand, r h Kernvile hill, S. S. 4-4
Swank Perry L. potter, home 117 Napoleon st
Swank, Sam'l (H. and S. Swank), o h 117 Napoleon st, 7-7
Swank Walter, laborer, bds 436 Bedford st
Swank Wm. clerk, o h 308 Main st, 3
Swanson S. Edward, blacksmith C. I. Co. rooms 83 Vine st, 1
Swartzman Frank, laborer, r h 132 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3
Swartzman John, laborer, r h 184 Portage st, Con. 4-5
Sweeney Anthony, brakeman, r h 104 Iron st, Mill. 3
Sweeney Edward, no occupation, o h McCaulley ave, Mv. 3-3
Sweeney Edward, laborer, bds 35 Second st, Peelorville
Sweeney James, laborer, bds 414 Railroad st, Camb.
Sweeney John, invalid, r h 35 Second st, Peelorville, 5-5
Sweeney John, laborer, r h 179 Iron st, Minersville, 3-3
Sweeney Joseph, laborer, bds 35 Second st, Peelorville
SWEENEY MICHAEL, teacher, r h 102 Broad st, Camb. 4-3
Sweeney Thomas, laborer, o h 414 Railroad st, Camb. 4-4
Sweeney Wm. engineer, r h 906 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5
Sweitzer Frederick, mill hand, bds 88 Sherman st
Sweitzer Henry, brakeman, r h 40 Connelly ave, Mv. 4-4
Sweitzer Jacob O. painter, r h Fairfield ave, Morrellville 7-7
Sweitzer Katie, widow Joseph, bds Samuel Skyle's, Morr.
Sweitzer Leonard W. stone mason, o h 279 Main st, Cdale, 3-3
Sweitzer Lewis, no occupation. o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 3-3
Sweitzer Wm. mill hand, o h Main st, Morrellville, 6-6
Swetlick Joseph, laborer, o h Beam st, Morrellville, 5-5
Swetzer Henry, engineer, r h 179 Iron st, Minersville, 5-5
Swindells George W. laborer, bds 114 Iron st, Millville
*Swineford Mrs. Mary A. of St. Louis, lost on Day Express; found July 12 near stone bridge.
Swing George, laborer, o h 142 Adam st, Conemaugh, 6-6
Swing Henry, mill hand, r h rear 206 Grant st, 3-3
Swing Lizzie Miss, domestic Rev. Chapman's
Symons James, coal miner, o h 216 Napoleon st, 3-3
Symons John H. moulder, o h 218 Napoleon st, 4-4
Symons William, laborer Gautier, r h 31 King st, 3-2

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