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1889 Johnstown City Directory



+Jack Jennie M. Miss, domestic 226 Washington st
Jackson Edwin, timekeeper blooming mill, bds 58 Market st
Jackson Florence Miss, home 158 Morris st
Jackson John, steel worker, o h Spruce st, Morr. 4-5
Jackson Joseph R. miner, r h Railroad st, Morr. 202
Jackson Noble, laborer, bds John W. Warfel's, Morr.
Jackson Sarah, widow, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 3-3
Jackson Wm. miner, bds John W. Warfel's, Morr.
JACKSON WM. F. steel insp'r, r h Hobicht st, Brownst'n, 9-9
Jacob Lewis, roll hand, o h 619 Broad st, Camb. 8-8
Jacob Samuel, laborer, r h 113 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5
+Jacobs Alfred, laborer, r h 65 Somerset st
Jacobs Anton, furnace hand, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 7-7
Jacoby Harry, carpenter, home Jacob Jacoby's
Jacoby Jacob, carpenter, o h Walnut Grove, 8-8
Jacoby Jethro, mill hand, home Levi Jacoby's, Wal. Grove
Jacoby John C. mill hand, r h 654 Bedford st, 2
Jacoby John II. carpenter, home Jacob Jacoby's, Wal. Grove
Jacoby Levi, no occupation, o h Walnut Grove, 8-9
Jacoby Louisa, widow, bds Charles L. Koontz, Walnut Grove
Jacoby Wm. F. carpenter, home Jacob Jacoby's, Wal. Grove
+James Benj. D. laborer, r h 66 River ave, Mill. 3
+James Benj. F. pipe fitter, home 91 Market st
James David, drill pressman, bds 9 Iron st, Mill.
+JAMES DAVID E. groceries, etc., 93 Market st, r h do, 8
James David J. carpenter, o h Railroad st, Morr. 3-3
James David W, coal miner, o h 84 Lincoln st, 3
+James Ebenezer, retired, o h 91 Market st, 6
JAMES EMANUEL, livery and undertaking 33 Centre st, Con., o h 31 do, 6-5
James Emanuel, bartender, bds 9 Iron st, Mill.
JAMES ENOCH, bart'nd'r Elk saloon, R h 28 River ave, Mill. 3
JAMES EVAN A. proprietor James House, 11 Iron st, Mill. o h 9 do, 6-4
James Evan A. trav. agent, r h 117 Market st, 6-6
James James, heater, r h 473 Bedford st, 4-5
James John, roll hand, r h 110 Iron st, Mill. 5-5
+James John, saloon 117 Market st, r h do, 8
James John A. moulder, r h 412 Locust st, 2-2
James John H. engineer, home 473 Bedford st
James John W. contractor, o h 55 Main st, 5-2
James Lewis, laborer, r h Elm ave, Morrellville, 3-3
James Stephen, mill hand, o h Rosedale, 3-3
+James Thos D. mill hand, bds 84 Lincoln st
James Thomas J. roll hand, r h 53 Iron st, Mill. 5-5
+James Thomas J. mill hand, home 91 Market st
James Wm. engineer r h 100 Iron st, Mill, 3-4
James Wm. D. mill hand, home 84 Lincoln st
Jeffers, Benj. G. wire drawer, r h 120 Feeder st, Con. 5-6
+Jeffers John W. mill hand, home 106 Johns st
Jeffries Elijah J. roll hand, r h 107 Adam st 3
+Jelbart Thos, sexton 1st M. E. church, r h 54 Walnut st, 2
Jenkins David, laborer, r h 28 River ave, Mill. 3-3
+Jenkins David, coal miner, r h 58 Vine st, 11
Jenkins Frank, mill hand, o h 57 Church st, Cdale, 6-6
Jenkins George, miner, o h Spruce st, Morr. 6-4
Jenkins John D. mill hand r h 21 Main st, 5-5
Jenkins John T. clerk, o h 37 Iron st, Mill, 3
Jenkins Joseph E. brakeman, bds 133 Main st, Cdale
Jenkins Sarah, widow, o h 82 Conemaugh st, 4-4
Jenkins Thos, 54 King alley, 8-6
Jenks James, draws wire, bds 136 Church ave, Con.
Jenks John, wire drawer, bds 126 Church ave, Con.
Jenks Thomas, miner, oh h 126 Church ave, Con. 6-6
Joder Reuben J. clerk, r h rear 186 Market st, 3-3
Johns Stephen, track foreman, r h 194 Maple ave, Wv. 5
Johnson August, stone mason, r h 54 Vine st, 3
Johnson Bertha Miss, domestic 214 Morris st
JOHNSON COMPANY, A. J. Moxham, president, W. E. Hoopes secretary, manufactures Johnson steel street rails, etc., works and office at new suburb of Moxham
Johnson Claud M. pres. Johnson Foundry Co. bds Club House
Johnson George, laborer, r h 678 Portage st, Con. 5-5
Johnson George W. brickmaker, r h 486 Bedford st, 5-5
*Johnson John M. mill hand, o h 67 Union st, 10-8
Johnson Joseph W. blacksmith C. I. Co. o h 76 Napoleon, 3-3
Johnson Laura Miss, domestic Brunswick Hotel
Johnson Lyda E. widow Geo. bds 678 Portage st
Johnson Mathias, laborer, r h 119 Second ave, Camb. 2-2
+Johnson Oliver (col'd), laborer, r h r 181 Portage st, Con. 2
Johnson Samuel (col'd), hostler Dr. W. B. Lowman
Johnson Samuel, laborer, r h 10 Ebensburg road, Mill. 6-6
Johnson Thos. J. bookkeeper, bds Club House
Johnson Wm. mill hand, bds Lafayette Wyandt, Messenger st
Johnson Wm. B. water tender, r h 163 Franklin st, 6-6
Johnson Willard M. engineer, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4
+Johnson Wilson (col'd), r h 11 Jones st, Con. 3
Johnson C. M. president Johnson Foundry Co. &c. res Cleveland, Ohio
Johnson Foundry Co. C. M. Johnson prest, Wm. Boyd manager, mfrs of all kinds of heavy castings, works at Mox.
JOHNSTON H. B. principal Johnstown High schools, Union st, rooms 128 Walnut st
Johnston James, laborer, r h Upper Main st, Grubb. 4-4
JOHNSTON THOS. B. PROF, superintendent Johnstown public schools, office 95 Franklin st, rooms 128 Walnut st
JOHNSTOWN BREWERY, Lambert & Kress Prop'rs, Portage st, Conemaugh
JOHNSTOWN ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. A. S. Hatch, supt, office and plant cor Fend and Apple alley
JOHNSTOWN LUMBER CO. 336 Bedford st, S. H. Baker pres, H. W. Fulton sec'y, A. W. Oxnard treas
JOHNSTOWN MILLING CO. T. J. Fearle manager, 359 Railroad st, Con.
Johnstown Pottery, H. & S. Swank proprs, 120 Morris st
JOHNSTOWN SAVINGS BANK, W. C. Lewis cashier, 192 Main st, opposite park
JOHNSTOWN STEAM LAUNDRY, R. P. Linton proprietor, 238 Locust st
JOHNSTOWN WATER AND GAS COMPANY, James Williams superintendent, office rear Washington st, near Wood Morrell & Co.'s store
Jolly Frank D. clerk (W. S. Weaver), o h 212 Napoleon st, 2-2
Jones Alfred, moulder, r h Elm ave, Morr. 4-4
Jones Aseph, machinist apprentice, home 36 King st
Jones David, mill hand, o h 36 Market st, 3-3
+Jones David E. planer, bds 209 Maple ave, Wv.
Jones David J. auditor C. I. Co. o h 143 Vine st, 5-5
+Jones David R. machinist, home 177 Stony Creek st
Jones David R. grocer, 50 Market st, cor Vine, r h do, 2
Jones David S. laborer, r h Main st, Frank, 4-4
Jones David W. laborer in fdy, o h 177 Stony creek st, 6-5
+Jones David W. miner, 84 Locust st, 6
*Jones Edward W. Rev. D. D. pastor Welsh Congregational Church, r h 56 Vine st 3
+Jones Ellen Mrs. widow, r h 64 Vine st, 3
+Jones Elvira, domestic, 59 Napoleon st
JONES ENOCH, Elk Saloon, 133 Clinton st, r h do, 9-8
Jones Enoch A. street commissioner, r h 69 Iron st, Mill. 4
+Jones Evan, laborer, machine shop, bds 86 Union st
Jones Evan P. foundry hand, home 64 Vine st
Jones Evan W. clerk C. I. Co. o h 139 Vine st, 6-5
Jones Evangeline Miss, cashier (Woolf's), home 139 Vine st
+Jones Florentine, bookeeper C. I. Co. r h 114 Lincoln st, 4
Jones Frank, Machinist, home 168 Morris st
+Jones Fred. H. laborer, r h 2 First st, E. Con. 5
+Jones Harriet, lailoress, home 36 King st
+Jones Henry (col'd), barber, bds 240 Locust st
Jones Isaac M. carpenter, o h 168 Morris st, 11-11
*Jones James, laborer, r h 68 Conemaugh st, 6-2
+Jones James R. moulder, r h 56 Vine st, 3
+Jones James R. clerk, Carpenter's restaurant
+Jones James W. moulder, home 253 Pearl st
Jones John, machinist, r h Coleman ave, Mox. 3
Jones John, no occupation, o h 105 Adam st, 2-2
+Jones John A. machinist, o h 35 King st, 3
Jones John C. carpenter, o h Rosedale, 2-2
Jones John D. policeman, r h 49 Main st, 10
Jones John E. laborer, r h 209 Maple ave, Wv. 7-7
Jones John G. carpenter, o h 87 Portage st, Con. 2-2
Jones John J. (Lloyd & Jones, contractors), bds 123 Locust st
Jones John L. painter, r h 665 Pine st, 5-5
Jones John O. mill hand, r h 9 Main st, 8-7
Jones John S. mill hand, r h 116 Union st, 3
Jones John S. mill hand, bds 144 Lincoln st
Jones John Tudor, machinist, r h 30 River ave, Mill. 5-5
Jones Lemuel, mill hand, o h Park ave, Mox. 5-5
Jones Lewis R. laborer, o h 94 River ave, Mill. 2-1
Jones Lizzie Miss, school teacher, home 139 Vine st
+Jones Maggie Ede Miss, clerk, home 253 Pearl st
Jones Martha, widow Robert, o h 113 Railroad st, Camb. 5-7
+Jones Mrgaret Miss, teacher, bds 53 Maple ave, Wv.
+Jones Mary E. Miss, clerk, home 9 Main st
Jones Milton Ll, office boy Justn Lub. Co. home 139 Vine st
Jones M. D. groceries, 416 R. R. st, Con. also Pine ave, Wv.
Jones Richard, roll hand, bds 53 Maple ave, Wv.
Jones S. M. sewing machine agent, r h 183 Locust st 3
*Jones Richard, Esq. late burgess of Conemaugh, r h 283 Maple ave, Wv. 6
Jones Richard D. clerk, bds M. D. Jones'
+Jones Richard W. laborer C. I. Co. o h 36 King st, 10
Jones Thos. mill hand, r h 94 Adams st. 6-6
+Jones Thos. works at Gautier works, r h 52 Vine st, 4
+Jones Thos. clerk, o h 53 Maple ave, Wv. 5
Jones Thos. J. miner, o h 118 Johns st, 8-8
+Jones Thos. M. clerk, home 9 Main st
Jones Wm. wire drawer, r h 355 Gautier st, Con. 6-6
Jones Wm. E. fireman C. I. Co. r h 6 Main st, Grubb. 11-11
+Jones Wm. H. (col'd), laborer, r h 454 Centre st, Con. 4
Jones Wm. J. laborer, r h 731 Bedford st, 4-4
Jones Wm. W. shoemaker, o h 253 Pearl st, 7
Jordan Frank, laborer, r h 508 Broad st, Camb. 9-9
Jordan Geo. C. bkkpr C. I. Co. o h 140 Somerset st, 2-3
Jordan Harry M. laborer, r h 43 Second st, Peelorville, 6-6
+Jordan Robert S. roll hand, bds 86 Iron st, Mill.
Jordan Thos. J. laborer, r h 32 Coal st, Prospect, 5-5
Jose John F. patternmaker, bds Mary E. Jose's, Con.
Jose Mary E. widow Jos, o h 286 Cottage Hill, Con. 7-7
Joy Frank M. plumber, home Fred A. Joy's, Walnut Grove
Joy Fred A. tinner, o h Walnut Grove, 6-6
Joy Harry A. tinner, home Fred A. Joy's
Joy Joseph H. tinner, home Fred A. Joy's
Judy Aquilla (blind), r h 236 Maple ave, Wv. 2-2
Judy Daniel, roll hand, o h 114 Haynes st, 2-2
Judy Frank, brakeman, r h 41 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3
Judy Samuel, laborer, r h Main st, Frank. 7-7
Judy Theodore, roll hand, o h 741 Horner st, 4-4
Juliana (Sister), Mother Superior, 401 Railroad st, Con.
Just Max, laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5
Just Paul, 216 Chestnut st, Camb. 3-3

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