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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Haak Charles V. tel. operator, bds Central Hotel.
+Habel John, roll hand, r h 49 Portage st, Con. 4.
Haberkorn Joseph, laborer, bds 51 Haynes st. Con.
Haberkorn John, laborer, o h 51 Haynes st, Con. 4-4.
Haberkorn Fred, laborer, r h 368 Gautier st, Con. 6-6.
Haberkorn George, machinist, r h 526 Railroad st, Con. 6-5.
Haberkorn Mary A. widow John A. r h 1 Gautier st, Con. 5-5.
+Habicht Sue Miss, r h 129 1/2 Market st. 1.
Habron Patrick, laborer, r h 76 Ebensburg road, Pros. 8-8.
Hack Michael, tailor, o h S. Frankstown road, Con. 5-5.
Hacket Arthur, laborer, r h 416 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3.
Hacket Patrick, laborer, r h 212 Third ave, Camb. 2-2.
Hager Chas F. dentist, 205 Main st, home 262 Washington st.
+Hager Fred, furnace filler, r h 209 Railroad st, Camb. 3.
HAGER GEO. A. asst cashr Savings bank, o h 334 Bedford st. 5.
Hager Howard E. clerk, home 262 Washington st.
+Hager Lewis G. shoemaker, 58 Iron st, Mill. bds do.
Hager Louisa, widow George, o h 58 Iron st, Mill 4-4.
*Hager Mary, widow Casper, o h 262 Washington st. 7-4.
Hager Milton O. Plumber, home 262 Washington st.
Hager Walter J. clerk, home 262 Washington st.
Hagerich Christian, laborer, r h 176 Adam st, Con. 4-4.
Hagerty Dennis, mill hand, r h 296 Iron st, Mv. 10-10.
Hagerty Kate, domestic, 173 Napoleon st.
Hagerty Wm. wire drawer, r h 227 Iron st, Mv. 4-4.
+Hagey Jacob, laborer, r h 805 Front st, Camb. 2.
Haggerty Charles, furnace man, r h 91 School alley. 5-3.
Hagins Charles, mill hand, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 2-2.
+Hagins Eva Miss, domestic 87 Main st.
Hagins John, stone mason, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 9-9.
Hahn Conrad, butcher, shops at 145 1/2 Clinton and 117 Morris st, o h 119 do. 9-9.
Hahn John, laborer, o h 28 Peter st, Con. 2-2.
Hahn Wm. H. meat market, Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do. 3-3.
Haines David M. laborer steel works, r h 102 Morris st. 2-2.
Hainsey Maggie Miss, asst cook Club House, bds do.
Hainsey Mary Miss, chambermaid Club House, bds do.
Hair Edward B. laborer, r h r 61 Vine st. 2.
Haldeman B. Frank, supt Bessemer steel works C.I.Co. r h 55 Walnut st. 4-4.
Haldeman Robert J. timekeeper, bds 55 Walnut st.
Hale Chas. Connelly ave. 6.
Hale Esther, widow Solomon, r h Centre st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Hale Jennie Mrs. domestic 130 Morris st.
Hale John C. furnace hand, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 3-4.
Hale Joseph C. teamster, bds Ester Hale's, Coopersdale.
Hale Sarah Miss, domestic Hugh G. Neely's, Coopersdale.
Hale Solomon, r h Rosedale. 5-5.
Halferty Edward E. Laborer, Home 71 South st.
Halferty Edward, gardener, r h 71 South st. 6-6.
+Halferty Joseph, clerk W.M.&Co. home 71 South st.
Halferty Wm. L. teamster, r h 725 Oak st. 2.
+Hall Edward, laborer, bds Richard Launtz, E. Con.
+Hall Harry, laborer, bds Richard Launtz, E. Con.
Hall Wm. carpenter, o h 627 Bedford st. 5-5.
*Hallen Charles S. machinist, bds 15 Lewis ave, Mill.
*Hallerman Mary C. widow, shoestore, 152 Washington st, home 150 do.
+Hallerman Thos. groceries, cor Front and Branch sts, Camb. o h do. 3-3.
+Hamel Patrick, steel worker, o h 419 Walnut st, Camb. 3.
Hamer Amaniah, mill hand, bds 392 Bedford st.
HAMER JOHN W. physician, 414 Bedford st, o h do. 4-4.
Hamilton Alexander, manager iron works C.I.Co. r h 132 Main st. 8-8.
*Hamilton Alex. Jr. draughtsman, r h 113 Locust st. 5.
Hamilton Chas. W. slater, o h 196 Morris st. 7-7.
Hamilton David, farmer and fruit grower, o h Mill Creek rd, Kernville hill. 5-5.
+Hamilton Edward J. conductor, bds 324 Bedford st.
Hamilton Edward Y. T. clerk C.I. Co. home 132 Main st.
Hamilton Frank, mill hand, r h r 194 Morris st. 6-6.
Hamilton Geo. foreman at rolling mill, r h 122 Locust st. 4-3.
Hamilton Harry H. foreman Gautier's, r h 126 Lincoln st. 7-8.
Hamilton Howard, slater, bds 80 Morris st.
*Hamilton Jacob, clerk, o h 324 Bedford st. 5.
Hamilton James A. draughtsman, home 132 Main st.
Hamilton John H. foreman C.I.Co. o h 196 1/2 Morris st. 4-4.
HAMILTON JOSEPH, boarding house, 136 Jack st, r h do. 11.
Hamilton Kate Miss, home 221 Main st.
*Hamilton Laura C. Miss, teacher, bds 324 Bedford st.
+Hamilton Margaret, widow John, o h 80 Morris st. 3.
Hamilton Thomas F. foreman Gautier's, r h 130 Locust st. 5-5.
Hamilton William, slater, o h r 192 1/2 Morris st. 2-2.
Hamilton Wm. foreman wire mill, r h 272 Locust st. 4-4.
HAMM C.B. propr Merchants' Hotel, 271 Main st, r h do. 2-2.
Hammer Alexander, laborer, r h 679 Pine st. 4-4.
Hammer August, mill hand, o h 606 Chestnut st, Camb. 4-4.
+Hammer Charles C. stone mason, bds 317 Railroad st.
+Hammer Daniel W. teamster, r h 249 Beech st, Wv. 3.
Hammerle Benj. F. carpenter, r h Bedf'd pike, hornerst'n. 4-4.
+Hammerly J. W. wire drawer, bds Somerset House.
+Hammers Daniel R. laborer, bds 329 Railroad st.
Hammers Emanuel C. laborer, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Hammers Grace Miss, domestic Griffith House, Con.
+Hammond Calvin, engineer C.I. Co. bds 65 Vine st.
Hammond David, carpenter, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5.
Hammond Frank, carpenter, bds David Hammond's, Morr.
Hammond Wm. H. carpenter, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-3.
Hanahan Frank, laborer, bds 105 Ihmsen ave, Pros.
*Hanahan John, boiler maker, r h 314 Broad st, Camb. 5-1.
Hanahan Mary, widow John, o h 104 Ihmsen ave, Pros. 7-7.
+Hanekamp Annie E. widow John, o h 71 Vine st. 3.
+Hanekamp John H. clerk, r h 139 Franklin st. 3.
+Hanekamp Nellie Miss, dressmaker, home 71 vine st.
Hanekamp Oscar, photographer, home 71 Vine st.
*Hanekamp Samuel, policeman, r h 84 1/2 Lincoln st. 2.
Haney Bernard, laborer, bds 44 Ebensburg rd, Mill.
Haney Mary, widow Bernard, o h 44 Ebensburg rd, Mill. 5-5.
Hancock Bernard F. plumber, rooms 234 Main st.
Hancock John, machinist, bds 125 Park Place.
+Hankle John, fireman, bds Mary A. Hankle's, Frank.
+Hankle Mary A. widow, r h Portage st, Frank.
Hanley James G. mill hand, bds Levi Hanley's.
Hanley Levi, teamster, r h River st, Morr. 5-5.
Hanlin Edward, laborer, r h 415 Third st, Mill. 6-7.
Hanlon Ellen, widow Wm. bds 120 Centre st, Pros.
Hanlon James, laborer r h 120 Centre st, Pros. 4-4.
Hanlon John, watchman, r h Pine ave, Wv.
Hanna Wm. E. dentist, office 286 Main st, rooms 328 Bedford st, bds 68 Market st.
Hannan James W. machinist, home 63 Maple ave, Wv.
Hannan Charles E. medical student, home 63 Maple ave, Wv.
Hannan John, foundry, 32 Centre st, Con. r h 63 Maple ave, Woodvale. 13-8.
Hannan John V. plumber, home 63 Maple ave, Wv.
Hannan Marin E. postal clerk, home 63 Maple ave, Wv.
Hansdorfer Reinhart, aged, o h 16 Morris st. 3.
Happe Wm. H. clerk co. store, r h 156 Somerset st. 4.
Harbaugh Frank, mill hand, r h Bedford pike, Hornerst'n. 3-3.
Harbaugh Jacob, teamster, bds 73 Main st.
Harbaugh James, carpenter, r h 588 Bedford st. 7-6.
Harbaugh John M. carpenter, r h 746 Pine st. 6-6.
+Hard Frank K. mill hand, 366 Bedford st.
+Hard Henry, mill hand, home 366 Bedford st.
+Harding Catharine, widow, bds 87 Haynes st.
Harding Edward, laborer, r h 270 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 6-6.
Harding Henry, laborer, Johnson Co. o h 87 Haynes st. 5-5.
Harding John M. boiler maker, r h 636 Baumer st. 2-2.
Hare Hester A. Mrs. widow, bds 75 Main st, Grubb.
Hare Joseph E. works Johnson Co. r h 75 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
+Hare Thomas, wire drawer, bds 148 Main st.
Harker John, machinist, r h 355 Railroad st, Con. 4-4.
+Harker Mary C. tailoress, bds 355 Railroad st, Con.
Harkins Dennis, laborer, r h 65 Iron st, Mill. 6-3.
Harmon Henry J. mill hand, o h Virginia ave, Morr. 4-4.
Harmon Wm. mill hand, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 3-3.
+Harmony Clarence L. mill hand, bds 135 Lincoln st.
Harmony Fred, mill hand, o h 124 Napoleon st. 2-2.
+Harmony Wm. H. mill hand, bds 317 Railroad st.
+Harner Anna Miss, domestic, Mansion House.
+Harvey Patrick, works Gautier, bds 364 Railroad st, Con.
Harrigan Jeremiah, laborer, o h 17 Ridge ave, Mv. 6-6.
Harrigan John, mill hand, bds 17 Ridge ave, Mv.
Harrigan Patrick, mill hand, bds 52 High st, Mv.
Harris Annie Miss, teacher, home 80 Lincoln st.
Harris Charles F. wire drawer, o h 88 Coal st, Con. 6-6.
+Harris David, carpenter, bds 87 Conemaugh st.
Harris David A. clerk, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
Harris David S. water tender, o h Main st, Morr. 6-6.
+Harris Edith Miss, tobacco and confections, Iron st, near Lincoln Bridge, Millville, home 80 Lincoln st.
HARRIS EMANUEL, livery stable and undertaking, Centre st, Con. o h do.
Harris Henry, hostler, r h 31 Centre st, Con. 8-8.
Harris Henry T. miner, o h 80 Lincoln st. 6-6.
Harris Jacob W. barb wire maker, bds 23 River ave, Mill.
Harris John B. mill hand, r h 69 Market st. 5-5.
HARRID JOHN T. Cheif Police, Johnstown, o h 88 Market street. 8-2.
Harris John W. groceries, 80 Conemaugh st, o h do. 6-7.
Harris Lewis J. mill hand, r h 141 Market st. 3-3.
+Harris Minerva J. widow, bds 124 Johns st.
Harris Reese, no occupation, r h 290 Maple ave, Wv. 7-7.
+Harris Richard, roofer, home 33 Walnut st.
+Harris Samuel O. hostler, bds 290 Maple ave, Wv.
Harris thomas, timekeeper, bds 810 Broad st, Camb.
Harris Thomas D. mill hand, o h Chandler st, Morr. 6-6.
Harris Thos. T. works C.I.Co. r h 116 Lincoln st. 5-5.
+Harris William B. machinist, home 33 Walnut st.
Harris Wm. L. plumber, home 88 Market st.
Harris Wm. P. hostler, bds 290 Maple ave, Wv.
+Harris Wm. T. machinist, r h rear 122 Union st. 4.
Harris Wm. T. mill hand, o h 33 Walnut st. 7-7.
Harrison Elizabeth, widow Richey, bds 655 Pine st.
Harrison Isaac, works in steel works, rh 35 Walnut st. 3-3.
Harrison John M. car inspector, r h 655 Pine st. 4-4.
Harrison Joseph, laborer, bds Samuel Harrison's.
Harrison Samuel, mill hand, o h Walnut Grove. 6-6.
+Harrop Elizabeth Miss, domestic, 59 Maple ave, Wv.
Harrop Joseph, laborer, o h 100 Frankstown road, Con. 8-8.
Harshberger Anthony, mill hand, r h Hill st, Frank. 3-5.
Harshberger George M. clerk, o h 679 Horner st. 4-4.
Harshberger Jacob, baker, 108 Sherman st, r h do. 4-4.
Harshberger Irvin, printer, rooms 328 Bedford st.
Hart Alexander, clerk W.M.&Co. r h 58 Market st. 7-5.
Hart Ria Miss, home 58 Market st.
*Hart Lizzie, widow, millinery and notions, 129 Market st, r h do. 2.
Hartenberger Andrew, laborer, bds 62 Huber st, Con.
Hartenberger Maggie, widow John, r h 62 Huber st, Con. 5-5.
Harter S.L. general secretary Y.M.C.A. bds 84 Main st.
Hartigan Dennis, furnace hand, o h 52 High st, Mv. 6-5.
Hartigan Michael, mill hand, bds 52 High st, Minersville.
+Hartfield Caroline, wid Christ, r h 322 1/2 Walnut st, Camb. 8.
Hartley G.B. boiler inspector, bds Hulbert House.
Hartley James, wire drawer, bds 331 Railroad st.
Hartman Jacob, miner, r h 27 Walnut st. 7-7.
Hartnet Edward, laborer, r h 280 Iron st, Mv. 9-10.
Hartnet Michael Sr. laborer, bds 308 Iron st, Mv. 9-9.
Hartnet Michael Jr. mill hand, bds 308 Iron st, Mv.
+Hartweiger Theresa Miss, domestic, 172 Washington st.
+Hervey Elisha G. druggist, R.R. st E. Con. bds Sarah Boyle's.
Harvey George, laborer, r h rear 219 Broad st, Camb. 2-2.
Hartzell Cornelius C. contracting bricklayer, also candies, etc., tobacco and cigars, 207 Morris st, o h do. 8-8.
Hartzell Napoleon B. salsmn, tobacco & c. o h 134 Morris st. 3-4.
Haselbauer Joseph P. laborer, o h 231 Beech st, Wv. 6-6.
+Hasking Seth, machinist, bds 90 Conemaugh st.
Hasse Martin, barber, 152 Clinton st, o h 238 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Hassenplug James W. painter, r h rear 134 Somerset st. 4.
+Hassenplug John T. plasterer, bds rear 134 Somerset st.
Hassinger John G. laborer, r h 510 Centre st, Con. 3-3.
Hasson John, mill hand, r h 411 Third st, Mill. 3-3.
Hatch Austin S. supt Electric Light Co. rooms 331 Locust st.
Hatch Hovey E. laborer, r h 258 Maple ave, Wv. 5-5.
Hatuck Valentine, laborer, r h 522 Broad st, Camb. 3-3.
+Haubach Frank, laboer, bds 94 Portage st, Con.
+Hauch Emma Miss, dressmaker, bds 61 Levergood st.
Haughey Mrs. widow, r h Brownstown. 4-4.
Hauper Charles, butcher, r h 678 Portage st, Con. 4-3.
Hauser August, foreman masons, o h 84 Huber st, Con. 8-8.
Hauser Joseph, wire drawer, bds 84 Huber st, Con.
Hauser Valentine C. brakeman, bds 84 Huber st, Con.
Havener Gilbert, laborer, o h Bedford pike, Hornerst'n. 9-9.
Hawkins Job, stocker at open hearth, r h 68 Vine st. 3-3.
Hawkins John, mill hand, o h cor South and Wood sts. 4-4.
Hawkins Milligan (col'd), wire drawer, r h 15 Frankstown road, Con.
HAWS ANDREW J. (AJ. Haws & Son), bds 173 Vine st.
HAWS & SON A.J. (Henry Y.) fire brick mfrs, Cambria City, near P.R.R. bridge.
Haws Fanny L. Miss, bds 48 Maple ave, Wv.
HAWS HENRY Y. (A.J.Haws & Son), o h 173 Vine st. 6-6.
Haws John L. brickmaker, o h 168 Grant st. 6-6.
Haws Wm. H. wrks Haws & Son, r h 166 Main st, Cdale. 4-4.
Hawthorn Albert J. mill hand. bds 31 Main st, Con.
Hawthorn Charles L. laborer, r h 283 Iron st, Minersville. 2.
+Hawthorn Ella Miss, dressmaker, home 37 Potts st.
+Hawthorn Rosa A. domestic, 117 School alley.
Hawthorne Wm. tinner, r h 37 Potts st. 7-7.
Hay Anna M. widow, r h 128 Walnut st. 5.
Hay George M. gas fitter, o h 78 Franklin st.
Hay Harry M. tinner, r h 91 Main st.
Hay Frank R. clerk, home 116 Main st.
HAY FRANK W. stoves, tinware, house furnishing goods, 218 Washington st, o h 116 Main st. 5-5.
Hayes Austin, blacksmith, r h Fourth st, E. Con. 8-8.
+Haynes Florence Miss, dressmaker, home 85 Haynes st.
Haynes John F. chgs cupola, steel works, o h 24 Morris st. 5.
Haynes Lavoni Mrs. widow, home 146 Morris st.
Haynes Milton J. painter, r h 113 Napoleon st. 2-2.
Haynes Napoleon, patternmaker, r h 85 Haynes st. 3-3.
*Haynes Walter B. groceries, 601 Horner st, r h Main st.
Hays Edw. engineer, r h 824 Chestnut st, Camb. 7-7.
Hays Joanna M. widow Michael, r h 410 Broad st, Camb. (?)
Hays John, engineer, r h 822 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5.
Hays Patrick, steel worker, bds 824 Chestnut st, Camb.
Hays Thos. J. supt engines C.I.Co. r h 114 R.R. st, Camb. 8-1.
Hazelton Robert, laborer, o h Walnut Grove. 4.
Head Alfred, laborer, C.I.Co. r h 77 Somerset st. 4-5.
Head George, laborer, r h 17 Turner alley, Mill. 7-7.
Head Joseph, mill hand, o h Kernville Hill, S.S. Twp. 4-4.
Headricks Charles C. machinist, r h 347 Gautier st, Con. 4-2.
Headrick David A. laborer, r h 503 Chapin st, Con. 10-8.
+Headrick Wm. G. W. engineer, r h First st, E. Con. 9.
Heberlein Wm. Sr. laborer, o h 60 Sherman st. 4-4.
Heberlein Wm. Jr. carpenter, home 60 Sherman st.
Heck Charles, mill hand, r h 434 Bedford st. 5-4.
Hecker Andrew, laborer, bds 414 Fifth ave, Camb.
Hecker Casper, laborer, o h Main st, Morrellville. 6-6.
Hecker George, laborer, bds Casper Hecker's.
Hecker James, mill hand, r h 97 Cherry st. 8-8.
Hecker John, bricklayer, bds Casper Hecker's.
+Hecker John, boss furnace, r h 617 Chestnut st, Camb. 7.
Hecker Mary C. widow, r h 414 Fifth ave, Camb. 4-2.
*Heckman Frances Miss, domestic, 139 Main st.
+Hedgman Edw. (col'd) laborer, r h 453 Centre st, Con. 6.
Heer Alto Rev. Father, ass't pastor German Catholic church, res 891 Railroad st, Con.
Heffley Addie E. Miss, music teacher Morrell Institute, bds do.
Heffley Edgar, painter, bds 73 Somerset st.
Heffley Eugene, mill hand C.I.Co. bds 93 Main st, Grubb.
Heffley Eugene C. music teacher Morr. Inst. r h 94 South st. 2-2.
+Heffley Samuel A. carpenter, r h rear 43 Morris st. 4.
Hegley Lewis, laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5.
+Heidenthal Benj. F. engineer, r h 212 Maple ave, Wv. 9.
Heider Herman, steel worker, o h Blain st, Morr. 9-9.
Heider John, farmer, o h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 6.
Heider Joseph, roll hand, r h 312 Second ave, Camb. 3.
Heidingsfelder John B. no occupation, o h 51 Vine st. 2-2.
Heidingsfelder John G. mill hand, r h 60 Union st. 4-4.
Heilman John Jr. mill hand, bds 617 Pine st.
Heilman John Sr. laborer, o h 617 Pine st. 11-11.
Heine August, painter, Fairfield ave, Morr.
Heine Henry, painter, bds August Heine's.
Heiner Benj. F. mill hand, o h Elk st, Morr. 4-4.
Heiner Henry, carpenter, r h 700 Bedford st. 2-2.
Heinrich Alleways, mill hand, r h 338 Apple alley. 3.
Heinze Albert, carpenter, bds 499 Bedford st.
Heinze Daniel, laborer, bds 499 Bedford st.
Heiple Elizabeth, widow, r h 14 1/2 Main st, Grubb. 3.
Heiple Henry, mill hand, C.I.Co. r h 22 Main st, Grubb. 4.
Heiple Jacob, invalid, bds 14 1/2 Main st, Grubb.
*Heiser George, groceries, etc. 224 Washington st, o h do. 3-1.
HELD GEORGE, saloon, 394 Railroad st, Con. o h do. 13.
+Held George F. shearman, bds 38 Kennon al, Con.
Held John, street commissioner, o h 38 Kennon al, Con. 12-12.
+Held John P. laborer, bds 38 Kennon al, Con.
Helfrick Catharine Mrs. widow, boarding house, Coleman ave, Mox. r h do. 9.
Helfrick Nicholas, heater, r h Park ave, Mox. 5-5.
Hellstern Catharine, widow, o h 354 Main st. 4.
Hellstern Joseph, butcher, home 354 Main st.
Helman James, mill hand, r h David st, Hornerstown. 5.
*Helrigal Charles, cooper, r h 25 Maple ave, Wv. 3.
Helsel Brackie A. blacksmith, bds 426 Bedford st.
Helsel Cyrus, carpenter, o h Bauk st. 7-7.
Helsel George W. mill hand, r h 419 Bedford st. 5-4.
*Helsel George W. engineer, home 124 Johns st.
Helsel Hiram, mill hand, o h 124 Johns st. 8-7.
Helsel Michael, cooper, o h 474 Bedford st. 7-7.
Helsel Sanford, mill hand, home 474 Bedford st.
Helsel Thomas H. mill hand, home 124 Johns st.
Helsel Walter, mill hand, home 474 Bedford st.
Helstine Frances, widow Jos. r h 372 Centre st, Con. 5-5.
Helstine Frank, laborer, bds Frances Helstine's.
Helstine John, laborer, bds Frances Helstine's.
Hempel Amelia Miss, domestic 154 Feeder st, Con.
Henderson Jackson, laborer, bds Richard Launtz.
HENDERSON & ALEXANDER (John Henderson, John G. Alexander), furniture and undertaking, 328 and 330 Main st.
Henderson Charles, foreman rail yard Johnson Co. r h 142 Morris st. 3-3.
HENDERSON JOHN (Henderson &Alexander), o h 139 Main st. 7-7.
Henderson Joshua L. laborer, bds 52 Quarry st, Pros.
Henderson Margaret, widow, r h 52 Quarry st, Pros. 6-4.
+Henderson Mary J. widow, r h 4 First st, E. Con. 3.
Henderson Robert, laborer, bds 410 Broad st, Camb.
Henderson William, works in steel works, r h 22 Potts st. 3-3.
Henger Joseph, wire drawer, r h 83 Portage st, Con. 4-5.
Henger Richard, wire drawer, bds 81 Portage st, Con.
Henger Theresa, widow Rudolph, o h 81 Portage st, Con. 9-9.
Henkel Henry, laborer, o h 562 Bedford st. 2-2.
+Henkein Aaron E. clerk, bds Merchant's Hotel.
+Henrie Samuel B. wire bundler, r h 114 Market st. 5.
Henry Ernest, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 5-5.
Henry Frank, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 4-4.
Henry Jacob, laborer, 489 Railroad st, Con. 5-5.
+Henry Joseph, mill hand, r h 336 Apple al. 2.
Henry Mattio Miss, bds Merchant's Hotel.
*Henry Wm. (col'd), porter, Hulbert House.
Hepline Alice B. art teacher Morrell Institute, bds do.
HERALD PUBLISHING CO. (F.C. Hoerie, Thos. McMullin, N.B. Swank), publishers Herald and job printers, cor. Main and Bedford sts.
Herbert Margaret Mrs. dressmaker, 427 Front st, Camb.
+Herbert Philip S. laborer, r h 427 Front st, Camb. 5.
Herchline George,laborer, o h 62 Frankstown road, Con. 2-2.
Herdman John, laborer, r h (525 Co. No.) River st, Con. 4-5.
Herdman Robert, mill hand, r h 526 Bedford st. 4-4.
*Herman Edward, laborer, r h 901 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Heron Harvey, laborer Johnson Co. r h r 141 Somerset st. 2-2.
Herring Judson C. mill hand, r h 755 Bedford st. 2-3.
Herrington Bridget, widow Cornelius, r h 47 Iron st, Mill. 4-3.
Herrington James, mill hand, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 4-4.
Herrington Ralph M. clerk, bds 81 Front st, Pv.
Herrington Thomas C. blacksmith, bds 81 Front st, Pv.
Herrington Wm. M. boss, r h 81 Front st, Pv. 9-9.
Hershberger David M. carpenter, r h 77 Portage st, Con. 2-2.
Hershberger George W. blacksmith, o h 82 Morris st. 4-4.
Hershberger George K. mill hand, home 195 Stonycreek st.
Hershberger Jacob, aged, home 195 Stonycreek st.
Hershberger Jacob M.C. huckster, r h 195 Stonycrk st. 10-6.
Hershberger John H. mill hand, r h Bedford pike. 4-4.
+Hershberger Martha, housekeeper 59 Water st.
+Hershberger Rebecca M. dress Maker, res 59 Water st.
+Hershberger Shannon, blacksmith C.I. r h 59 Water st. 3.
+Hershey Edwin, laborer, bds Somerset House.
Hershey E. Percy, works steel works, r h 73 Napoleon st. 7-7.
Hertkorn John, laborer, bds 394 Railroad st, Con.
Hertzberger Casper, mill hand C.I. o h 45 Somerset st. 6-6.
Herzog John H. postman, home 345 Locust st.
Herzog Thomas J. foreman brick yd, o h 345 Locust st. 8-8.
*Hesler Andrew J. laborer, o h 414 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Hesler Dora, widow, bds 513 Broad st, Camb.
Hesler Theodore, laborer, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 7-7.
Heslop Alfred, 177 Lincoln st. 10.
Hess Bartley, Coopersdale. 1.
Heslop Charlotte, widow James, o h 38 Vine st. 3-3.
Heslop Gale, painter C.I. Co. o h Chandler st, Morr. 55-5.
Heslop Harriet Miss, carpet weaver, 88 Vine st, home do.
Heslop Wm. painter o h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 5-5.
Hess Alex. heater's helper, o h 209 Railroad st, Camb. 10-10.
Hess Campbell S. heater, r h Grant st, Coopersdale. 5-5.
Hess Daniel, carpenter, r h Spruce st, Morrellville. 3-3.
+Hess Ella A. Miss, bds 101 Somerset st.
Hess George, carpenter, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 8-8.
Hess Hannah, widow, o h 319 Main st, Coopersdale. 7-8.
Hess Jacob J. mill hand, r h 231 Main st, Coopersdale. 7.
Hess Jacob M. switchman, o h 250 Main st, Cdale. 4-4.
Hess Jane H. widow D.R. o h 290 Main st, Cdale. 3-3.
+Hess John C. engineer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 2.
Hess John W. drill pressman, bds Geo. Hess.
Hess Michael, carpenter, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 5-5.
Hess Wm. works at wire mill, r h 38 High st, Mv. 3-3.
*Hess Wm. B. Sr. watchman, r h 114 Iron st, Mill. 4-2.
+Hess Wm. B. Jr. laborer, bds 114 Iron st, Mill.
Hess Wm. H. moulder, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 6-6.
Hess Wm. M. carpenter, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 5-4.
Hesselbein Charles F. clerk, bds 146 Adam st, Con.
Hesselbein Henry, works C.I. Co. O H 146 Adam st, Con.
Hesselbein Henry laborer, r h rear 187 1/2 Napoleon st. 4.
*Hesselbein Lewis C. clerk, bds 146 Adam st, Con.
Hesselberger Enos, laborer, r h 604 Railroad st, Camb. 4-4.
Hinder John, laborer, r h 513 Broad st, Camb. 4.
Hesselberger Roger, laborer, bds 604 Railroad st, Camb.
Hetzinger Henry C. laborer, r h 129 Devlin st, Con. 5-5.
Hetzinger Otto, wire drawer, bds 45 Haynes st, Con.
Hetzinger Philip Sr. heater, r h 45 Haynes st, Con. 7-7.
Hetzinger Philip Jr. wire drawer, bds 45 Haynes st, Con.
Hetzline John, School house janitor, o h 15 Coal st, Con. 8-8.
Heubach Max. laborer, r h 57 Singer st, Con. 8-8.
Heubach Wm. f. laborer, bds 57 Singer st, Con.
Hickey John, teamster, o h 96 Ridge ave, Mv. 6-6.
Hicks Albert R. mill hand, r h 270 Locust st. 2.
Hicks James M. foreman st wire mill, o h 59 Haynes st. 2-2.
Hider Frank, mill hand, r h 524 Chestnut st, Camb. 4-4.
Hider John, farmer, o h P.R.R. ave, Morrellville. 5-5.
Hider John, laborer, r h 513 Broad st, Camb. 4.
Higgins Benj. F. miner, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 7-7.
Higgins Francis L. wire drawer, r h 501 Chapin st, Con. 6-6.
HIGGINS JACOB, manager Cambria Club House, cor Main and Walnut st. 31.
Higgins Jane, widow Michael, r h 301 Broad st, Camb. 3-2.
+Higgins John, wire drawer, r h 25 Centre st, Con. 2.
Higgins Michael J. laborer, bds 301 Broad st, Camb.
Higgins Thomas, laborer, o h Brownstown. 7-7.
Higgins Thomas H. wire drawer, bds 501 Chapin st, Con.
Highland Ann, widow Thomas, o h 72 Centre st, Pros. 5-5.
Highland John, miner, r h 151 Centre st, Prospect. 3-3.
Highland patrick, laborer, o h 167 Centre st, Pros. 4-4.
+Highland Wm. mill hand, bds 72 Centre st, Prospect.
Higson John, iron worker, r h 131 Walnut st. 7-7.
Higson Kate Miss, teacher, home 131 Walnut st.
Hike Julia A. widow Adam, bds Samuel Hike's.
Hike Samuel, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3.
Hildebrand Andrew, laborer, bds 257 Maple ave, Wv.
+Hildebrand Benj. works Gautier, bds 213 Beech st, Wv.
Hildebrand Charles, carpenter, r h 191 1/2 Sherman st. 3-3.
Hildebrand Emanuel, laborer, r h Rosedale. 4-4.
+Hildebrand George W. engineer, r h 34 First st, E. Con. 3.
Hildebrand Henry Y. engineer, r h 213 Beech st, Wv. 6-4.
Hildebrand James c. engineer, o h Spruce st, Morr. 4-3.
+Hildebrand John C. machinist, r h rear 77 Maple ave, Wv. 3.
Hildebrand Lavinus, brakeman, o h Spruce st, Frank. 6-6.
+Hildebrand Samuel, no occupation, bds 213 Beech st, Wv.
Hildebrand Samuel, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 5-5.
+Hildebrand Victor E. laborer, bds 257 Maple ave, Wv.
Hildebrand Wm. H. clerk C.I.Co. bds 60 Haynes st.
Hileman Bradley, laborer, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 7-7.
Hileman John W. laborer, bds Bradley Hileman's
Hileman Michael, laborer, r h 105 Haynes st, Con. 4-4.
Hileman Wm. C. laborer, r h 235 Main st, Cdale. 6-5.
+Hill Beckie Miss, dressmaker, 179 Stony creek st, home do.
HILL BENJ. F. milk dealer, 226 Washington st, r h do. 9-8.
Hill Daniel, laborer, r h 236 Maple ave, Wv. 7-8.
+Hill Edgar M. works Gautier mill, bds 236 Maple ave, Wv.
Hill George, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 4-4.
Hill Isaac B. fireman, bds Lizzie Hirsh.
Hill John A. groceries, Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do. 7-7.
Hill John E. heater, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-4.
Hill John M. laborer, bds John A. Hill's.
+Hill John Q. carpenter, r h 84 Vine st. 10.
Hill Lloyd, works wire mill, r h 173 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Hill Mollie Miss, domestic, 251 Main st.
Hill Sadie Mrs. artist at Zimmerman's, res 173 Napoleon st.
Hill Samuel, blacksmith's helper, r h rear 72 Locust st. 5-6.
Hill Stewart A. clerk W.M.& Co. r h 172 Morris st. 5-5.
Hill Thomas E. laborer, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 6-8.
Hill S. A. 172 Morris st. 5.
Hillenbrand Aloes, mill hand, o h near Bedford pike. 6-6.
Hillison Squire (col'd), laborer, r h 475 Centre st, Con. 5.
Hilrigal Charles, laborer, bds 25 Maple ave, Wv.
Himer John, laborer, r h 52 Huber st, Con. 6-6.
+Himes Charles C. ins agent, r h 61 Conemaugh st. 4.
Himes Francis, laborer, r h Walnut Grove. 8-8.
Himes J. Harry, clerk, bds 162 Adam st, Con.
Himes John, teamster, r h 570 Railroad st, Con. 8.
Himes John H. clerk, bds Francis Hime's.
Himes Wm. laborer, r h 11 Ridge ave, Con. 5-5.
Hinchman Benj. F. blacksmith, o h 41 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
Hinchman H.C. dentist, 217 Main st, r h do. 3-3.
Hinchman Joseph, bricklayer Gautier, o h 138 Somerset st. 5-5.
Hinchman Susan O. widow, o h 341 Main st. 5-1.
Hiner Edward, laborer, r h 362 Gautier st, Con. 6-6.
Hiner Joseph S. wire drawer, r h Main st, Morr. 2-2.
Hines John, laborer, r h 803 Chestnut st, Camb. 2.
+Hines Owen, engineer, bds 422 Railroad st, Camb.
Hines Thos. laborer, o h 494 Railroad st, Con. 6-4.
+Hinge Herman, wire drawer, bds Somerset House.
Hinkle Henry, laborer, o h 66 1/2 Napoleon st. 5-2.
Hinkle John Jr. laborer, r h 64 Napoleon st. 4-5.
Hinkle John Sr. laborer, o h 66 Napoleon st. 2-2.
Hinkledier Samuel C. plasterer, o h Main st, Morr. 4-4.
Hipp Edward, tanner, r h 272 Cottage Hill, Con. 12-12.
*Hipp Jesse Miss, dressmaker, bds 54 1/2 Morris st, 2nd floor.
Hipp John, laborer, r h 370 Railroad st, Con. 2-2.
Hipp Joseph S. postman, r h 36 Portage st, Con. 2-3.
*Hipp Lizzie Miss, domestic,325 Main st.
Hipp Richard, stone mason, r h 406 Chestnut st, Camb. 7-7.
Hipp Wm. laborer, bds Edward Hipp's.
+Hipple John, harnessmaker, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2.
+Hirsch John, butcher, r h 207 Chestnut st, Camb. 9.
+Hirsch John B. teamster, bds 207 Chestnut st, Camb.
Hirschberger Geo. hostler, o h Main st, Frank. 5-5.
+Horsh Joseph, butcher, bds 220 Broad st, Camb.
+Hirsh Lizzie, widow Daniel, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 7.
*Hitchens Cordelia Mrs. r h 28 Market st. 1.
Hitchens John, laborer, r h 125 Hinckston ave, Mv. 3-3.
Hitchens Wesley, laborer, bds 125 Hinckston ave, Minersville.
Hite Albert, steel worker, r h Rosedale. 4-4.
Hite Henry J. watchman Gautier, r h 61 Dibert st. 10.
Hite Jacob A. laborer, o h 714 Ash st. 2-2.
Hite Jas. C. ladle liner steel works, o h 180 Somerset st. 3-3.
Hite John L. works Johnson co. r h 75 1/2 Somerset st. 3-3.
+Hite Nannie E. Miss, dressmaker, home 61 Dibert st.
Hite Thos. E. hostler C.I.Co. r h 69 Somerset st. 7-7.
Hiteshow Henry, wrks Johnson wrks, r h 687 Bedford st. 4-4.
Hiteshow John, saw mill hand, o h Coleman ave, Mox. 4.
Hixson George, laborer, bds Wm. J. Lohr's, Wv.
Hobbick Geo. farmer, o h Brownstown. 4-4.
Hobbs Charles, carpenter, o h Pine st. 6-6.
+Hober Charles, engineer, r h 123 Railroad st, Camb. 2.
Hochstein August, mill hand, r h 62 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
Hochstein Charles, mill man, r h 42 Main st, Grubb. 4-4.
+Hochstein Fred, laborer, bds 63 Somerset st.
+Hochstein Jacob, woeks steel mill, bds 63 Somerset st.
Hochstein John, laborer, o h 42 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
Hochstein Johyn F. teamster, bds 42 Main st, Grubb.
Hochstein Wm. laborer, o h 63 Somerset st. 6-6.
Hochstein Wm. heater C.I.Co. oh 54 Main st, Grubb. 8-8.
Hochstetler, Lydia Miss. domestic, 153 Morris st.
+Hock Michael, tailor, 142 1/2 Franklin st, bds do.
*Hockenberger Annie Miss, bds 82 Napoleon st.
Hocker Henry, puddler, r h 109 Eight ave. Camb. 6-6.
Hocker John, laborer, o h 48 Somerset st. 2-2.
Hocker John, puddler's helpfer, r h 111 Eight ave, Camb. 2.
+Hocking Wm. laborer, bds 48 River ave, Mill.
Hodges Arthur, civil eng Johnson Co. r h 104 Napoleon st. 8-5.
Hoddy Michael, laborer, r h Chestnut st, E. Con. 3-3.
Hodnet Wm. laborer, bds 16 Hinckston ave, Minersville.
+Hoenstein John, laborer, r h 22 First st, E. Con.4.
Hoerle Frank, machinist, r h 154 Napoleon st. 2-2.
HOERLE FRANK C. (Herald Publishing Co.), editor, o h 55 Napoleon st. 5-5.
Hoerle Henry L. electrician, home 134 Somerset st.
Hoerle Lewis A. carpenter, o h 134 Somerset st. 9-9.
Hoerle Nancy, widow George, o h 364 Bedford st. 2.
Hofecker Catharine, wid Leonard, o h near Bedford pike. 2-2.
Hofecker Christ. carpenter, r h Walnut Grove. 4-4.
Hofecker Frederick, carpenter, o h Bedford pike. 4.
Hofecker Fred L. mill hand, bds Catharine Hofecker's.
+Hofecker Lizzie, widow George, bds Dan'l J. Grubb's, Con.
Hoff Lawrence C. laborer, r h 6 Hinckston ave, Mv. 9-9.
Hoff Lewis J. laborer, r h 55 High st, Minersville. 4-4.
Hoffman Adaline, widow, r h 226 Napoleon st. 2-2.
*Hoffman Benjamin F. drayman and peopr bus line, o h 49 Market st. 12-3.
Hoffman Catharine, widow Conrad, o h 131 Market st. 6-6.
Hoffman Charles H. mill hand, r h 673 Wood st. 6-6.
Hoffman Chas J. agt D.Lutz & Son, r h 154 Feeder st, Con. 6.
Hoffman Clara Miss, home 107 Sherman st.
Hoffman Conrad, works at woolen mill, home 129 Sherman st.
Hoffman Edward, mill hand, home Katie Hoffman's.
*Hoffman Fred W. saloon 43 Centre st, Con. r h do. 12.
Hoffman George, aged, o h 107 Sherman st. 5-5.
Hoffman George, mill hand, bds 458 Bedford st.
*Hoffman Gottfreid, saloon 154 Washington st, r h do. 10.
Hoffman Gotleib, mill hand, o h 364 Main st. 6.
Hoffman Harry A. driver, home 49 Market st.
+Hoffman Henry, laborer, r h 34 River st, Con. 2.
Hoffman Henry W. laborer, r h Virginia ave, Morr. 4-4.
Hoffman John, moulder, bds 458 Bedford st.
Hoffman John B. laborer, r h 75 Huber st, Con. 5-5.
+hoffman John F. painter, r h 214 Maple ave, Wv. 4.
+Hoffman Josiah C. machinist, bds 50 Morris st.
Hoffman Josiah D. fireman, r h Main st, Frank. 2-2.
Hoffman Josiah J. mill hand, bds 57 Adam st.
Hoffman Joseph, laborer, o h 233 Cottage Hill, Con. 2-2.
Hoffman Joseph C. laborer, bds 480 Railroad st, Con.
Hoffman Katie, widow Frederick, o h Walnut Grove. 7.
Hoffman Lewis, roll hand, home 107 Sherman st.
+Hoffman Lucy, domestic 32 Market st.
*Hoffman Peter, tailor, bds 43 Centre st, Con.
Hoffman Rosa Miss, home 107 Sherman st.
+Hoffman Stewart J. laborer, bds 480 Railroad st, Con.
Hoffman William, works at steel works, r h 89 South st. 5-5.
Hoffman Wm. W. student, home 49 Market st.
+Hofman Augusta, widow, r h 515 Walnut st, Camb. 4.
Hofman Charles, Hofman Bros. r h 106 Portage st, Con. 8.
+Hofman Maggie, widow C.J. bds 106 Portage st, Con.
Hofman Margaret, widow, o h 121 Sherman st. 2-2.
Hogan Frank, laborer, r h 206 Iron st, Minersville. 4-4.
Hogan Frank P. blacksmith by trade, bds 77 Vine st.
Hogan Hugh, laborer, bds 118 Branch st, Camb.
Hogan Isabella E. widow Patrick, bds John S. Hogan's.
Hogan John S. canvasser, o h Main st, Morrellville. 4-4.
Hogan Mary, widow Wm. J. r h 162 Feeder st, Con. 7-6.
Hogue Thomas c. mill hand, o h Elm ave, Morr. 3-3.
Hohan Charles, mill hand, bds James S. Hoover's, Pros.
Hohman Adam, bricklayer, o h 146 Napoleon st. 3-3.
Hohman Bros. (Ed E. and Geo. H.) Musical instruments, 256 and 258 Main st.
Hohman Edward E. (Hohman Bros.) r h 258 Main st. 3-3.
Hohman Elizabeth, widow, o h 256 and 258 Main st. 3-3.
Hohman Geo. H. (Hohman Bros.) home 258 Main st.
+Hostein Henry, laborer, r h 21 River st, Con. 6.
Holby Samuel L. carpenter, o h Elm ave, Morr. 3-3.
Hollabaugh David, mill hand, r h 98 Quarry st, Pros. 4-4.
Hollabaugh Harry W. mill hand, r h 91 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3.
Holland Francis, laborer, o h 690 Bedford sr. 4-4.
Hollfelder Nicholas, no acc, bds 29 Frankstown road, Con.
Hollfeter George, wire drawer, bds 142 Portage st, Con.
Hollfelter John, laborer, o h 142 Portage st, Con. 5-5.
Hollister Earl C. teleg. repairs, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3.
Hollister Lon, saw mill, bds 25 Main st, Grubbtown.
Holman William, coal miner, bds 216 Napoleon st.
Holmes Albert, mill hand, r h 63 Wood alley. 3-3.
Holmes Charles (col'd), laborer, r h 527 Portage st, Con. 4.
Holroyd Susan Mrs. boarding house Moxham, r h do. 6-6.
Holsbeck Albert, mill hand, o h Brownstown. 4-4.
+Holspey Christena, domestic 104 Main st.
Holr Nathan, stone cutter, bds 138 Adam st, Con.
Holtzapple Charles, laborer, r h rear 115 Main st, Grubb. 4-4.
Holtzapple Wm. core maker, r h 194 Clinton st, Con. 5-5.
+Holtzman Cella, groceries, 213 Front st, Cam. r h do. 6.
Holtzman Cregor, laborer, r h 504 Chestnut st, Camb. 7-7.
Holtzman George, laborer, bds 504 Chestnut st, Camb.
Holtzman Henry, laborer, bds 504 Chestnut st, Camb.
Holtzman Jacob, miner, r h 313 1/1 broad st, Camb. 4-4.
*Holtzman Joseph, laborer, o h 28 White alley, Wv. 7.
Honan John, saloon, 164 Iron st, Minersville, o h do. 4-4.
Honan John Jr. mill hand, r h 6 Ridge ave, Minersville. 2-2.
Honeychuk Albert, laborer, r h 43 1/2 Connelly ave, Mv. 12-12.
Honhilan Dennis, laborer, r h 306 Iron st, Mv. 5-5.
Honhilan Thomas, laborer, bds 306 Iron st, Minersville.
+Honke theresa, widow, r h 401 Walnut st, Camb. 2.
Hood Emma J.Mrs. widow James, r h 112 Vine st. 3-3.
Hook Samuel, laborer, bds 363 Gautier st, Con.
*HOOPES WALTER E. sec'y at Johnson Co. r h 275 Maple ave, Woodvale. 6-5.
Hoover Fannie, widow George, bds 260 Iron st, Mv.
Hoover George H. laborer, r h 613 Pine st. 5-5.
Hoover George T. mill hand, bds Jacob Hoover's.
Hoover Jacob (Hoover & Son), o h 193 Main st, Cdale. 3-3.
Hoover Jacob & Son (Jas. L.), gen'l store, Main st, Cdale.
Hoover J. L. (Hoover & Son), r h Main st, Cdale. 4-4.
Hoover James S. Painter, r h 244 Ebensburg road, Pros. 8-8.
Hoover John F. laborer, bds 317 Railroad st.
+Hoover Mary, housekeeper 29 Napoleon st.
Hoover Wm. heater, o h 230 Main st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
Hoover Wm. A. mill hand, r h Grant st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
Hoover Thomas, laborer, bds 241 1/2 Maple ave, Wv.
Hopkins Daniel, miner, r h 415 Locust st, Con. 6-6.
+Hopkins David g. blacksmith, bds 72 Conemaugh st.
+Hopkins James, colored hostler, 337 Bedford st.
Hopkins Mary, widow, r h 72 Conemaugh st. 5.
+Hopkins Morgan, barkeeper, bds 72 Conemaugh st.
+Hopp Geo. B. carriage painter and trimmer, 9 Somerset st, r h 104 Vine st. 3.
Hopper L. G. draughtsman Johnson Co. r h 30 morris st. 2-2.
Hoppy Wm. Sr. no occupation, o h Upper Pros. 8-8.
Hoppy Wm. Jr. miner, bds Wm. Hoppy's, Pros.
*Hop Sing & Hopsing Lee, Chinese laundry, basement 91 Franklin st, r h do. 2.
Horan Ellen, widow, r h 345 1/2 Locust st. 7-6.
Horan Frank T. clerk, home 345 1/2 Locust st.
Horan John J. mill hand, home 345 1/2 Locust st.
+Horan Patrick, mill hand, r h 13 Main st. 9.
HORAN WM. A. (Ramp&Horan), r h 282 Apple al. 2.
Horajak Joseph, machinist, r h 135 Huber st, Con. 3-3.
Horenberg Fred, laborer, o h 173 Frankstown road, Con. 4-4.
HORN JOHN N. (Horn 7 Son), r h 6 Stormer al. Con. 3-4.
HORN JOHN S. (Horn & Son), o h 433 Railroad st, Con. 9-10.
HORN & SON, (John and John S.) lumber dealers, builders and contractors, Stormer al, Con.
+Horn Wm. B. carpenter, bds 433 Railroad st, Con.
Hornberger Joseph, rail inspector, bds 42 Iron st, Mill.
Hornberger Levi, confections, Morr. r h 42 Iron st, Mill. 3-3.
Horne Aaron, laborer, bds 727 Pine st.
Horne Columbia Miss, teacher at Kindergarten, Locust st, rooms 28 Somerset st.
HORNE NATHANIEL, musical instruments and sewing machines, 227 Franklin st, r h do. 2-2.
Horne Wm. F. cabt mkr and carptr, o h Cyprus st, Mox. 4-4.
Horner Aaron A. engineer, r h 639 Pine st. 6-6.
Horner Aaron J. teamster, o h Ash st. 7-7.
Horner Absalom J. mill hand, o h Horner st. 5-5.
Horner Allison, mill hand, o h 657 Baumer st. 6-5.
Horner B. Frank, gang boss C.I.Co. bds 36 Dibert st.
HORNER B.F. contractor and builder and propr planing mill, r 40 and 42 Morris st, o h 42 do. 5-5.
Horner Catharine, widow, o h 45 Cherry st. 2.
Horner Christina, wid, o h near Bedf'd pike, Hornerstn. 2-2.
Horner Clarence, mill hand, bds Sam'l J. Horner's.
Horner Curtis E. moulder, o h 31 Cherry st. 2-2.
Horner Cyrus L.P. laborer, r h 723 Oak st. 5-4.
Horner David J. carpenter, o h near Bedford Pike. 6-6.
Horner Edwin D. engineer, bds 714 Oak st.
Horner Eleanor, widow, r h 30 Market st. 1-1.
Horner Elias B. no occupation, o h 224 Hickory st. 3-3.
Horner Elias B. mill hand, r h Walnut Grove. 2-2.
Horner Emmet, tinner, shop Bedford pike, o h do. 2-3.
Horner Erastus G. laborer, o h Bedf'd pike, Hornerstown. 2-2.
Horner Frank, carpenter, r h 38 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
Horner George E. mill hand, o h 85 1/2 Main st, Grubb. 5-5.
Horner Henry J. heater, o h Walnut Grove. 7-5.
Horner Jacob, carpenter, o h Hill st, Frank. 2-2.
Horner Jacob C. laborer, o h 590 Horner st. 7-7.
Horner Jacob C. no occupation, o h Pine st. 3-3.
Horner Jacob M. painter, bds 590 Horner st.
+Horner Johnson, boss woolen factory, bds 388 R.R. st, Con.
Horner Jonathan, laborer, o h 727 Wood st. 4-5.
Horner Lafayette, painter, r h 67 Water st. 6-6.
Horner Lemuel, laborer, bds Samuel J. Horner's.
Horner Merrick C. engineer, r h 719 Wood st. 3-3.
Horner Michael S. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 3-3.
Horner Nathaniel, mill hand, o h near Bedford pike. 8-8.
Horner Richard B. wire drawer, bds John Yeager's, Frank.
Horner Robert H. laborer, r h 144 Portage st, Con. 5-5.
+Horner Samuel, mill hand, bds 88 Union st.
Horner Samuel H. mill hand, o h Bedf'd pike, Horners. 6-4.
Horner Samuel J. farmer, o h Walnut Grove. 5-6.
+Horner Sylvester, heater, o h 62 Levergood st. 5.
+Horner Uriah H. C.I.Co. bds 36 Dibert st.
Horner Watson, sexton Sandyvale Cemetery, r h do. 6-7.
Horner Wm. C. mill hand, C.I.Co. o h 25 Main st, Grubb. 7-7.
Horner Wm. F. mill hand, o h 714 Oak st. 9-9.
Horner Wm. H. mill hand, bds 685 Oak st.
Horner Wm. H. II. engineer, bds 714 Oak st.
Horner Wm. S. laborer, o h Locust st, Morr. 3-3.
Hornick Christ, carpenter, o h 21 Peter st, Con. 9-9.
Hornick Conrad, laborer, o h 122 Huber st, Con. 5-4.
Hornick Elizabeth, wid Andy, o h r 623 Chestnut st, Camb. 5.
Hornick Frank J. laborer, bds 41 Centre st, Camb. 5.
HORNICK JOHN J. propr Keystone hotel, 114 Clinton st, o h do. 10-6.
Hornick John, no occupation, o h 715 Horner st. 2-2.
*Hornick John P. laborer, o h 41 Centre st, Con. 7.
Hornick Otto, clerk, bds 21 Peter st, Con.
+Hornick Wm. R. laborer, bds 41 Centre st.
HORREL IRWIN, burgess, o h 68 Somerset st. 3.
+Horrell Charles W. weightmaster, bds 68 Somerset st.
Horrocks Jonathan, farmer, o h 298 Cottage Hill, Con. 4.
Horrocks Sarah Miss, teacher, bds 298 Cottage Hill, Con.
HORTON CHARLES P. (Karr, Ogilvie & Horten), bds 169 Maple ave, Wv.
Horten George, roll hand, bds 169 Maple ave, Wv.
Horten John, groceries, 171 Maple ave, Wv. o h do. 2.
Horten Joseph, roll hand, o h 173 Maple ave, Wv. 5-5.
*Horten Joseph, laborer, o h 169 Maple ave, Wv. 9-9.
Horten Peter, roll hand, r h 78 maple ave, Wv. 3.
Hortis Joseph, laborer, o h 88 Franks. road, Con. 5-5.
Hough Harry M. laborer, r h 541 River st, Con. 3-3.
+Hough John C. laborer, r h (534 Co. No.) River st, Con. 6.
Hough Mary, widow, bds 41 Somerset st.
Houghton Frederick. eng Johnson Co. h 31 Walnut st. 3.
Houghton John, roll hand, bds 438 Second st, Peelorville.
Houghton Wm. roll hand, r h 438 Second st, Pv. 5-5.
Houpt Belle, widow, r h 81 Haynes st. 4-4.
Houpt Marion Miss, milliner, home 81 Haynes st.
Houser Joseph C. laborer, o h Upper Prospect. 3-3.
+Houston James, clerk W.M.&Co. store, bds 35 Potts st.
+Houston Josiah C. carpenter, r h rear 85 Franklin st. 7.
Houstz Orren V. painter(Gerber), bds 25 Morris st.
Howard Alexander, mill hand, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 7-6.
Howard Charles (col'd), tanner, r h near Bedford pike. 4.
Howard David, laborer, o h Laurel Hill st, Morrellville. 5-5.
Howard Flora Mrs. agent, 98 Haynes st, res do.
Howard Henry C. cigars and tobacco, 113 Clinton st, res 363 Bedford st.
*Howard James B. wire drawer, bds 26 Singer st, Con.
Howard James C. wire drawer, bds 26 Singer st, Con.
Howard Jas. F. tobacco &c. Clinton st, r h 66 South st. 6-6.
Howard J. Ed. machinist, home 66 South st.
Howard Hoseph, laborer, home 98 Haynes st.
Howard Levi G. teamster, r h 98 Haynes st. 12-12.
Howard Lovina, widow, r h 366 Bedford st. 5-5.
+Howard Nathaniel, laborer, bds 36 Garden alley, Mill.
Howard Samuel, lather, bds David Howard's.
Howard Wm. laborer, o h Main st, Morr. 3-3.
*Howe Bridget, widow, o h 326 Railroad st. 4-3.
Howe Mary Miss, clerk, bds 103 Railroad st, Camb.
Howe Richard, livery stable and undertaker, 105 Railroad st, Camb. bds 103 do.
Howe Thomas E. gen'l store, 103 R.R. st, Camb. home 326 do.
*Howe Thomas J. restaurant, 308 Bedford st, r h do.
Howe Wm. H. blacksmith, home 308 Bedford st.
+Howell John, laborer, r h 215 Fifth ave, Camb. 10.
Howells John G. heater, r h Park ave, Moxham. 5-5.
+Howells John W. mill hand, r h 84 Union St. 2.
+Howells Wm. miner, r h rear 113 Union st. 4.
+Howlet Katie, domestic 82 Walnut st.
Howlett Mary Mrs. widow, r h 66 Walnut st. 3-3.
Howlett Michael, steel worker, r h 435 2nd st, Peelorville. 7-7.
Howlett Wm. furnace hand, home 66 Walnut st.
Hoy Ann, widow, o h 76 Main st, Con. 1-1.
Hoy John, engineer, o h Second st, E. Con. 7-7.
Hoy Michael H. blacksmith helper, bds John Hoy's.
Hubert George, clerk bds John Burkhart's.
Huckerate Simon P. plasterer, r h 161 Franklin st. 4-4.
Hudson George, time keeper, bds 458 Railroad st, Con.
Hudson Henry E. engineer, o h 458 Railroad st, Con. 9-9.
+Hudson John, laborer, bds 458 Railroad st, Con.
+Hudson Wm. laborer, bds 458 Railroad st, Con.
Huebner Adam, moulder, o h 697 Horner st. 7-7.
Huebner Elizabeth, widow, o h 632 Pine st. 3-3.
+Huebner George W. drug clerk, home 338 Main st.
+Huebner Jacob, machinist, o h 43 McKee alley, Con. 3.
+Huebner John J. clerk, home 338 Main st.
Huebner Lewis, stone mason, o h 636 Pine st. 2-2.
Huebner Nicholas, no occupation, o h 338 Main st. 5-5.
Huebner Otto, stone mason, o h 13 Peter st, Con. 5-5.
Huffman Francis B. laborer, r h Lincoln st, Morr. 4-4.
+Hufgard Conrad, baker, bds Keystone Hotel.
Hughes Daniel, laborer at foundry, bds 63 Union st.
Hughes Emanuel, mill hand, bds 245 Pearl st.
+Hughes Evan, laborer, r h 67 Sugar alley. 5.
Hughes Geo. makes barb wire, o h 182 Frankstn rd, Con. 10-10.
Hughes John, barb wire mkr, bds 182 Frankstown rd, Con.
Hughes John, machinist, o h Elm ave, Morr. 7-7.
Hughes John W. mill hand, o h Lincoln at, Morr. 6-6.
Hughes Patrick, laborer, bds 224 Railroad st, Camb.
Hughes Peter, laborer, o h 224 Railroad st, Camb. 9-9.
Hughes Philip, moulder, r h 113 Chestnut st. 4.
Hughes Richard, machinist, r h 58 Union st. 2-2.
Hughes Wm. A. works in foundry, home 27 Potts st.
Hughes Winifred Mrs. widow John, 27 Potts st.
HULBERT HOUSE, 110 Clinton st, F.A. Benford, propr.
Hull Dan'l O. barber, shop 378 Bedford st, r h 364 Main st. 4-4.
Humbert Augustus C. machinist, o h 210 Broad st, Camb. 8-8.
Hummell Adam, gunsmith, 26 Napoleonst, o h do. 7-6.
Hummell Azariah, mill hand, o h David st, Hornerstown. 8-9.
+Hummell John, driver for Rickard, home 26 Napoleon st.
Hummell John, mill hand, o h Bedf'd pike, Hornerstown. 8-8.
+Hummell Joseph E. moulder, home 26 Napoleon st.
Hummell Joshua, laborer, r h 648 Bedford st. 3-3.
Hummell Mary, widow, bds Wm. A. Shaffer's.
*Hummer George, wire drawer, home N. Hummer's, Mox.
Hummer John, laborer, r h 32 Huber st. 4.
Hummer Nancy Mrs. widow, boarding house, Coleman ave, Moxham, r h do. 13-13.
Humphreys Albert E.. Machinist, o h 210 Sherman st. 3-3.
Humphreys Henry, wire drawer, r h 173 Church ave, Con. 4-4.
Humphreys John J. mill hand, r h 66 Levergood st. 6-6.
+Humphreys Maggie, domestic, 142 Vine st.
+Humphreys Margaret, wid David, bds E. C. Hollister's, E. con.
Humphreys Richard J. salesman, r h 137 Lincoln st. 3-2.
Humphreys Thomas, laborer, bds 130 Centre st, Prospect.
+Humphreys Thomas A. brakeman, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 4.
Humphreys Wm. driver (Henderson & A. ), r h r 12 Walnut. 3-3.
+Humphreys Wm. R. timekeeper, bds 66 Levergood st.
Hunt Geo. W. dentist, Main st, above Grubbtown, o h do. 4-4.
Hunt Harry C. laborer, o h Rosedale. 6-6.
Hunt Lawrence B. florist, Grubbtown, bds 59 1/2 Morris st.
Hunt Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, home 166 Napoleon st.
Hunt Samuel, carpenter, bds 64 Market st.
Hunt Susan, widow Anthony, o h 166 Napoleon st. 2-2.
Hunt Timothy L. blacksmith, o h above Main st, Grubb. 2-2.
Hunter John H. laborer, o h near Bedf'd pike, Hornerst'n. 7-6.
Hunter John W. cigar maker, r h 40 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Hunter Milton, carpenter, bds 41 Main st, Grubb.
Huff Magdalena, widow, o h Brownstown. 4-4.
Hurens Charles Sr. blacksmith, r h 342 Gautier st, Con. 9-9.
Hurens Charles Jr. roll hand, bds 342 Gautier st, Con.
Hurrel Elmer, printer Tribune, r h 189 Stony Creek st. 2.
HURST MARY E. librarian Cambria County Library, bds 122 Washington st.
Hurst Emily, bds 122 Washington st.
Hurst Nathaniel, bds 122 Washington st.
+Huss George, laborer, o h 911 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
+Huston Minnie Miss, laundry girl, Hulbert House.
Hutchinson Alex. A. nill hand, bds 458 Bedford st.
Hutchinson Benj. Jr. wire drawer, r h 204 Church ave, Con. 5-5.
Hutchinson Benj. Sr. wire drawer, bds 204 Church ave, Con.
Hutchison Stewart, mill hand, bds 458 Bedford st.
Hutchison Henry Q. G. laborer, bds Rosanna Hutchison's
Hutchison J.P. groceries, Bridge st, Frank, r h do. 5-5.
Hutchison Robert J. clerk, r h Walnut Grove. 2-2.
+Hutchison Rosana, widow, r h First st, E. Con. 7.
+Hutchison Wm. P. fireman, bds Rosana Hutchison's.
+Huth Jacob, mill hand, bds 160 Washington st.
Hutweager Rudolph, laborer, bds John Muschgat's.
+Hutzel Ephriam, laborer, r h 182 Portage st, con. 4.
Hutzler Thomas, laborer, o h 133 Frankstown road, Con. 10-9.
Huvison Augustus, laborer, bds Nancy Fiscus', Cdale.

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