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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Caddy Chas. mill hand, o h 46 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3.
CADDY & Davis, (J.J. Caddy, Jas. Davis), photographers, 170 Main st.
+Caddy Eliza Jane Miss, seamstrees, home 62 Vine st.
Caddy George, laborer, bds Jas.Caddy's, Morr.
Caddy James, engineer, o h Main st, Morr. 6-6.
CADDY JOS. J. (Caddy & Davis), photog'r, bds 61 Morris st.
Caddy May Mrs. widow, r h 62 Vine st. 2-2.
Caddy Phillip H. mill hand, o h Garfield st, Morr. 5-5.
+Caddy Sue Miss, domestic, Brunswick Hotel.
Caddy Thos. H. coal, mine nr Wv. o h 61 Morris st. 9-2.
Caddy Wm. J. works at Gantier's, r h 44 1/2 Market st. 2.
Caddy Wm J. mill hand, home 46 Quarry st, Pros.
+Cadogan Alice R. Miss, teacher, bds 87 Iron st, Mill.
+Cadogan Wm. Jr. steel worker, bds 87 Iron st, Mill.
Cadogan Wm. Sr. engineer, r h 87 Iron st, Mill. 5-3.
+Cadwagan David, no occupation, o h 54 Iron st, Mill. 1.
+Calderbach John C. home 17 Bedford st. 11.
Caldwell J. A. atlas publisher, bds Mansion House.
Caldwell Jacob L. clerk, o h 273 Stoney Creek st. 4-4.
Cadwell Sam'l S. moulder, r h Elm ave, Morr.5-5.
Cadwell William Dr. general store, 298 Main st, o h 277 Stony Creek st. 3-3.
Callahan Ebenezer, mill hand, o h 725 Ash st. 12-12.
Callahan Frank O. mill hand, bds 725 Ash st.
Callahan George E. V. laborer, o h 467 Bedford st. 4-4.
Callahan Tillie, widow, o h Main st, Morrellville. 3-3.
Callen John, wire drawer, bds 100 Adam st.
Callen Peter, wire drawer, r h 359 Gautier st, Con. 8-8.
Callihan David, teamster, o h 495 Bedford st. 5-5.
Callihan Joseph, policeman C.I.Co. bds 193 Stony Creek st.
+Callihan Rachel, dressmaker, bds 33 Potts st.
Callihan Wm. L. mill hand, r h Walnut Grove. 7-7.
Callio Wm. H. steel worker, o h Railroad st, Morr. 6-6.
+Caltabach George, mill hand, r h 106 John st. 4.
CAMBRIA IRON COMPANY, John Fulton, gen'l manager, office 109 Washington st.
CAMBRIA LIBRARY, Mrs. M.E. Hurst, librarian, cor Walnut and Washington st.
Cameron Hugh, laborer, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 8-8.
Cameron John, teamster, o h Walnut st, Coopersdale. 6-6.
Camp Wm. R. blacksmith, bds 426 Bedford st.
CAMPBELL CURTIS G. druggist, 264 Main st, r h do. 5.
Campbell Findley D. laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 6-6.
Campbell Harry, fireman, bds Sarah Funk's, E. Con.
Campbell James A. moulder, home 82 Walnut st.
Campbell John, Co. Commissioner, o h 22 Coal st, con. 2-2.
Campbell John, laborer, bds 810 Broad st, Camb.
Campbell John A. engineer, r h 413 Third st, Mill. 3-3.
Campbell John F. laborer, bds F. D. Campbell's, E. Con.
Campbell Lewis, butcher, o h Virginia ave. Morr. 4-4.
Campbell Mary R. widow J.M. o h 82 Walnut st. 4-4.
Camoro Michael, laborer, r h 211 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
*Campbell Peter (col'd) kalsoming, &c. r h 241 Portage st.
Campbell Ralph R. medical student Phil. home 82 Walnut st.
Campbell Stewart, laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4.
Campbell Wm. F. laborer, bds F. D. Campbell's, E. Con.
Campbell Wm K. heater, o h 536 Horner st. 8-6.
Canan Charles H. carpenter, r h 80 Napoleon st. 7-6.
Canan Eva M. Miss, teacher, home 165 Main st.
Canan Lucretia H. stamping and fancy work, home 165 Main st.
Canan Robert O. clerk 165 Main st.
Canan Sarah, widow, o h 165 Main st. 5-5.
Canan S. Dean, salesman groceries, o h 78 Morris st. 7-7.
+Cannon Wm. J. Eagle Hotel, o h Railroad st, E. Con. 4.
Canny Charles Jr. laborer, bds 35 Coal st, Con.
Canny Charles Sr. laborer, o h 35 Coal st, Con. 6-6.
Canny Michael, laborer, bds 35 Coal st, Con.
Caples Anna, widow Jacob, rooms 116 Sugar alley.
Caples Oliver N. steel worker, o h Virginia ave, Morr. 4-4.
CAPLES & MOORE (W.S. Caples and R.A. Moore), dealers in rags, iron, metal and paper stock, 152 Stony Creek st, cor Market.
CAPLES WINFIELD S. (Caples & Moore), r h 117 Chestnut street. 4.
+Capstick Jas. foreman at round House, r h First st, E. Con. 4.
+Capstick Wm. C. machinist, bds James Capstick's.
+Caraker George, machinist, bds 51 Conemaugh st.
Cargo Benjamin, engineer, r h Upper Main st, Grubb. 2-2.
Carl Fred. meat market, 720 Bedford st, r h 746 Ash st. 6-6.
Carlson Gustav, roll hand, r h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 5-5.
+Carlson Hugo, chemist, C.I.Co. rooms 114 Vine st, bds 97 Market st.
Carmiddy Mary Miss, teacher, bds 240 Iron st, Minersville.
Carnachan Jennie, domestic at J. K. Frye's.
Carney Asberry, carpenter, o h Virginia ave, Morr 7-7.
Carnet George, salesman, bds 135 vine st.
Carney Phinnetta Mrs. widow, home 165 Napoleon st.
Carney Theodore M. mill hand, r h 145 Market st. 4.
Carney Wesley, car builder, o h Elk st, Morrellville. 7-7.
Carney Wm. O. mill hand, bds Wesley Carney's, Morr.
+Carpenter Abram L. boss in mill, o h 136 Vine st. 3.
Caepenter Charles H. driver for E. Davis, home 165 Vine st.
Carpenter George B. home 165 Vine st.
Carpenter Joshua F. mfr Carpenter's Rheumatic Fluid, 165 Vine st, o h do. 9-9.
CARPENTER P.L. (Peter) restaurant and market, 112 and 114 Franklin st, home 165 Vine st.
Carpenter Wm. F. brick work contractor, o h 429 Bedford st. 3-3.
+Carr Alex, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3.
+Carr Elliott, clerk, bds 69 Conemaugh st.
Carr John, mill hand, r h 86 Quarry st, Prospect. 4-4.
Carr Wm. laborer, r h 124 Centre st, Prospect. 4-4.
Carrel Alex, mill hand, r h Fairfield ave,Morr. 6-6.
Carrel George, no occupation, r h 412 Bedford st. 2-2.
Carrel George W. carpenter, r h 412 Bedford st. 5-5.
Carrel John, laborer, o h 420 Bedford st. 3-3.
*Carroll Bridget, widow Patrick, o h 486 Railroad st, Con. 4.
+Carroll Charles H. mill hand, home 31 Main st.
Carroll John J. mill hand, r h 72 Vine st. 5-5.
Carroll Mary A. widow Daniel, o h 218 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3.
Carroll Mary A. Miss, tailoress, bds 486 Railroad st, Con.
Carroll Michael J. clerk Gautier office, r h 138 Vine st. 2.
Carroll Peter, machinist, o h 223 Railroad st, Camb. 5.
*Carroll Rose L. Miss, teacher, bds 486 Railroad st, Con.
Carroll Thomas A. mill hand, r h 31 Main st. 9-8.
*Carroll Thomas P. roll hand, bds 486 Railroad st, Con.
Carson Roland, miner, r h 113 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3.
Casey Thomas, laborer, bds 46 Ridge ave, Mv.
Casey Mrs. Wm. Walnut st, Camb. 7.
CARSWELL EDWIN T. CAPT. cashier Gautier dept C. I. Co. r h 116 Washington st.
+Carter James B. laborer, r h 64 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Carter John W. purchasing agt Gautier steel dept, o h 208 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Carter John, wire drawer, r h 32 Mill, Ebensburg road. 3-3.
+Carter Samuel (col'd), laborer, bds 244 Portage st.
Carter Samuel B. street vender fish and vegetables, r h Main st, Morr. 4-1.
Carthew John, foreman at C.I.Co. works, r h Front st, Peelerville, 10-10
+Carthew John L. stocker at wire mill, r h 83 Iron st, Mill. 2.
Cartright David T. roll hand, o h Elm ave, Morrellville. 2.
Cartwright Charles L.E. Rev. pastor M.E. church, Church st, Coopersdale. 7-6.
Carville Catherine A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 617 Broad st, Cambria.
Carville John, laborer, o h 617 Broad st, Camb.
Cashman Robert, laborer, bds 79 Second st, Peelorville.
Cassett Garwin, mill hand, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 4-4.
Cassiday Mary J. widow Michael, o h 32 Ebensburg road, Millville. 3-3.
Cassiday Thomas P. engineer, o h Main st, E. Con. 7-7.
+Catlin Charles (col'd), barber, bds 4 Kennon alley, Con.
Caton Jacob C. laborer, r h 24 Main st, Con. 5-5.
Caton John, no occupation, o h Upper Prospect. 2-2.
Caufield Edward, watchman, r h 263 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 3-3.
Caufield John A. conductor, o h Spruce st, Morr. 6-6.
Caufield Robert R. fireman, o h Garfield st, Morr. 6-6.
Cavanah Sarah C. widow, r h 135 Iron st, Mill. 2-2.
Cavanah John, mill hand, r h 232 Iron st, Mv. 8-6.
Cavenaugh Sarah, wid John, saloon, 566 R. R. st, Conemaugh, o h do. 2-2.
+Cauley Jacob (col'd), laborer, bds 453 Centre st, Con.
Caun Stephen A. D. carpenter, r h 311 Chestnut st, Camb. 2.
Cessna Stephen A. D. carpenter, r h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 4-4.
Chalenger James, laborer, bds Wm. A. Burgess, Morr.
+Chambers Frances, widow, bds 46 Iron st, Mill.
Champeno Jennie Miss, dressmaker, bds 77 Second st, Pv.
Champeno John, night formn furnace, r h 77 2nd st, Pv. 8-7.
Champeno Wm. laborer, r h 19 1/2 Napoleon st. 5.
Chandler Isaac E. clerk, o h 115 Main st. 2-2.
Chaplin Ed. C. wire drawer, bds Wm. Frew, Grubbtown.
Chapman H. F. Rev. D.D. pastor First M.E. church, parsonage 116 Franklin st. 3-3.
Chapple Belle Mrs. wid, telephone opr, bds 118 Somerset st.
Chapple Charles E. tinner Hays, home 138 Morris st.
Chapple John Q. blacksmith, r h 138 Morris st. 3-4.
Charton Thomas, tailor Moses, bds 25 Morris st.
+Chase Margaret, widow, bds 76 Locust st.
Cherry Sylvestor A. teleg operator, bds Central Hotel.
Chilcoat N. groceries, 296 Main st, o h 451 Bedford st. 4-4.
Christ Wm. mill hand, o h 192 Grant st. 4-4.
Christ Wm. Jr. water tender C.I.Co. home 192 Grant st.
*Christ Andrew C. groceries and confections, 463 Railroad st, Con. r h 187 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Christy John S. principal of Cdale Academy, rooms do. 1-1.
Cipf August, laborer, o h 674 Pine st. 4-4.
Clarage Harry, works at bone mill, bds H. Clarage's.
Clarage Henrietta, widow, r h River st, Morr. 6-6.
Clarage Wm. H. laborer, r h Railroad st, Morr. 3-3.
Clark Amos, plasterer, oh Kernville hill, S.S. twp. 2-2.
Clark Catharine widow, r h 110 Branch st, Camb. 3-3.
Clark Charles, laborer, r h 430 Bedford st. 9-9.
Clark Clifford, wire drawer, bds 648 Horner st.
Clark Edward, laborer, r h upper Prospect. 5-5.
Clark Elizabeth, widow, bds 657 Baumer st.
Clark Frank, laborer, r h Blain st, Morr. 2-2.
CLARK FRANKLIN W. (R. Uhl & Co.), com merch, r h 87 Market st, 3-3.
Clark George, carpenter, r h 97 Quarry sy, Prospect. 2-2.
Clark George W. laborer, bds 430 Bedford st.
Clark Harry G. grocer, 80 Franklin st, bds 439 Railroad st, Con.
Clark Henry, miner (Haws), r h 43 1/2 Morris st. 8-8.
Clark Henry F. works at steel works, r h 239 Sherman st. 4-4.
+Clark Hill, laborer, bds 62 River ave, Mill.
Clark Howard K. laborer, home 135 Vine st.
+Clark James, mill hand, bds 7 Portage st, Con.
+Clark James, laborer, bds 62 River ave, Mill.
Clark James C. laborer, o h 506 Railroad st, Camb. 5.
Clark James V. laborer,o h Upper Prospect. 2-2.
+Clark Jerre, carpenter, bds 329 Railroad st.
+Clark John, teamster, r h 78 Lincoln st. 2.
Clark John B. retired, r h Portage st, Con. 9.
Clark John H. roll hand, r h 316 Second ave, Camb. 3-3.
+Clark Lawrence R. painter, o h First st, E. Con. 5.
+Clark Lemon, bartender, bds 240 Washington st.
*CLARK W.LEWIS H. peop'r Clark's Novelties, 232 Main st, bds Hulbert House.
Clark Martin, laborer, bds 110 Branch st, Camb.Clark Mary A. widow, r h 135 Vine st. 4-4.
Clark Millard, heater, o h Railroad st, Morr. 6-6.
Clark Morris A. mill hand, o h 71 Market st. 3-4.
*Clark Nellie Miss, clerk at Clark's, bds Hulbert House.
Clark Oliver, laborer, bds 430 Bedford st.
Clark Owen, laborer, r h 121 Broad st, Camb. 7-7.
Clark Patrick, roll hand, r h 121 Broad st, Camb. 7-7.
Clark Patrick, canvasser, bds 810 Broad st, Camb.
Clark Patrick, laborer, r h 430 Ebensburg Road, Mill. 7-7.
+Clark Patrick F. roll hand, r h 177 Front st, Camb. 4.
Clark Patrick J. mill hand, bds 430 Ebensburg road, Mill.
Clark Samuel, supervisor, o h Chandler st, Morr. 3-3.
+Clark Susan Miss, domestic, 279 Maple ave, Wv.
Clark Theresa, widow, saloon 240 Washington st, o h do. 7.
Clark Thomas, miner, r h 124 Union st. 10-6.
Clark Walter P. painter, r h 128 Poplar st. 4-4.
Clark Wm. laborer, bds 110 Branch st, Camb.
Clark Wm. no occupation, bds 465 Bedford st.
Clark Wm. H. machinist, home 124 Union st.
+Clawson Francis M. Clerk Thomas', r h 33 Napoleon st. 5.
Clawson Jesse C. clothing clerk, bds 49 Morris st.
Clawson Ross, works steel mill, r h 49 Morris st. 9-9.
Claycomb John pattern maker, r h 606 Bedford st. 9-9.
Claycomb Josiah, mill hand, r h 28 Bedford st. 7-4.
Clayton Chas E. works at rod mill, o h 57 Vine st. 5-5.
Clinko Michael, mill hand, r h Railroad st, Morr. 3-3.
Clinger Geo. W. stocker C. I. Co. o h 46 Main st, Grubb. 9-9.
Clinger James, mill hand, r h 757 Bedford st. 5-5.
Clinger John, toll keeper, r h 763 Bedford st. 2-2.
Clinger Thos. A. mill hand, o h Bedf'd pike, Hornerst'n. 5-5.
Clites Daniel C. brakeman, r h Grant st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Clites John L. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 2-2.
Closson David L. carpenter, r h 13 Lewis ave, Mill. 5-5.
+Closson James S. carpenter, r h 27 Market st. 6.
CLUB HOUSE (Cambria), Jacob Higgins mgr, 101 Main st.
*Coad John, Exchange Hotel, 150 Washington st, o h do. 9.
+Coad John M. clerk, home 150 Washington st.
+Coad Peter A. student, 150 Washington st.
+Coad Thomas F. plumber, home 150 Washington st.
Coats John G. brick mason, o h Garfield st, Morr. 3-3.
+Cobaugh Charles, laborer, r h 25 Maple ave, Wv. 2.
Cobaugh Daniel, invalid, o h Main st,Frank. 7-7.
Cobaugh Daniel S. laborer, r h Third st, E. Con. 3-3.
Cobaugh Daniel W. roll hand, r h 382 Locust st, Con. 3-3.
Cobaugh David P. galvanizer, bds 138 Adam st, Con.
Cobaugh David W. invalid, r h 138 Adams st, Con. 12-7.
Cobaugh Edgar L. hostler, bds 138 Adam st, Con.
Cobaugh Fred P. works at woolen mill, bds Sarah Cobaugh's.
Cobaugh Jacob H. laborer, o h Rosedale. 2-2.
Cobaugh John F. barb wire maker, bds Daniel Cobaugh's
Cobaugh Paul, wire drawer, o h 56 Somerset st. 2-2.
COBAUGH PETER A. dealer in general merchandise, Cobaugh block, Morris st, o h do. 2-2.
Cobaugh Philip, laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 8-8.
Cobaugh Sarah, widow Elmer, o h Third st, E. Con. 6-6.
Cobaugh Sarah J. clerk Cobaugh's, home 126 Somerset st.
Cobaugh Silas O. laborer, bds 138 Adam st, Con.
Cobaugh Susan Mrs. widow, o h 126 Somerset st. 2-2.
Cochran Wm. M. laborer, r h Railroad st, Morr. 3-3.
Coffin John, mechanical engr C. I. Co. o h Park ave, Mox. 3-3.
Cohen Abraham (A. Cohen & Co.), bds 289 Main st.
Cohen A. & Co. (L. L. Cohen), clothing and gents' furnishings, 289 Main st.
Cohen Isaac, jeweler, rooms 266 Main st.
Cohen Jacob L. (Cohen & Marx), rh 183Lincoln st. 3-3.
Cohen Lewis, clothing & gents' turnbg, 211 Main st, r h do. 4-2.
Cohen Lewis L. (A. Cohen & Co.), r h 289 Main st. 4-4.
Cohen & Marx (J.L. Cohen and l. Marx), clothing, 278 Main st.
Cohick Eliza J. r h South st above Grant. 1-1.
Cohick Frank, carpenter, o h 152 Grant st. 2-2.
Cohick Wm. H. carpenter, o h 170 Grant st. 6-4.
Coho John, laborer, C.I.Co. o h 68 Haynes st. 7.
Coil Thomas, laborer, r h 64 River ave, Mill. 4-4.
Colbert Charles F. laborer, r h 99 Hinckston ave, Mv. 3-3.
Colbert Jacob M. teamster, bds Wm. Colberts', Coopersdale.
Colbert John E. laborer, o h 244 Main st, Cdale. 4-4.
+Colbert Mary C. widow Robert, r h 277 Broad st. 6.
Colbert Wesley J. engineer, r h 241 Main st, Coopersdale. 5-5.
Colbert Wm. laborer, o h Grant st, Coopersdale. 7-7.
Colbert Wm. J. dresser at woolen mill, r h 323 Railroad st. 3-3.
Cole George H. tanner, r h Bedford pike, Hornerstoen. 4-4.
+Cole Giles (col's), laborer, r h 456 Co. No. Centre st, Con. 8.
Cole James, steel worker, o h Locust st, Morr. 10-10.
Cole Mary J. Mrs. groceries, Bedfd pike, Jornerstn, h do. 4-4.
+COLE PATRICK H. photographer, 204 Broad st, Camb. Bds 130 Branch st do.
+Coleman Bert, machinist, r h 16 Seventh st, Wv. 4.
Coleman D.B.D. business agent, o h 28 Dibert st. 4-3.
Coleman Frank M. roller, o h 81 Vine st. 6-6.
Coleman Jessie, clerk (Mastertons), bds 28 Dibert st.
Coleman Millard, mill hand, r h 22 1/2 Main st, Grubb. 6-6.
Coleman Robert, laborer, r h 445 Third st, Mill. 9-10.
Coleman Samuel M. carpenter, r h 108 Morris st. 3-3.
Coleman Wm. H. laborer, o h 228 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Coll Daniel, laborer, o h 121 Centre st, Prospect. 8-8.
Coll Stephen, laborer, bds 121 Centre st Prospect.
Colley Frederick, boss at Moxham, r h 85 Hickory st. 8-8.
Collins Dennis, laborer, r h 281 Iron st, Minersville. 6-6.
+Collins Emma M. Miss, home 172 Vine st.
Collins John, laborer, r h 298 Iron st, Minersville. 7-9.
+Collins Lizzie, widow Edgar, o h 222 Washington st. 3.
Collins Michael, laborer, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 7-7.
Collins Michael, laborer, o h Rosedale. 2-2.
Collins Thos. M. no occ, home 172 Vine st.
Collins Timothy, engineer, bds 298 Iron st, Mv.
+Colliver Wm. T. machinist, r h 110 Sugar al. 3.
Colyer Robert, miner, o h 653 Pine st. 4-4.
COMER MARTIN J. installment house, A. Morris st, bds 49 do.
Comer Thomas, agt and salesman, bds 49 Morris st.
Comfort Lawrence, boss at Haw's brickyard, bds 170 Grant st.
+Comesco Stephen, laborer, r h 203 Walnut st. Camb. 3.
+Commers Andrew, laborer, r h 29 First st, E. Con. 6.
Commers Sam'l E. laborer, bds 530 Horner st.
Commers Wm. A. mill hand, r h 530 Horner st 3-3.
+Comoro Joseph, laborer, r h 403 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
Condo Howard, laborer, r h 34 Somerset st. 8-8
Condon J. Charles, teleg opr, home 272 Stony Creek st.
CONDON J. FRANK, stenographer and court reporter Blair and Cambria Cos. r h 272 Stony Creek st. 6-6.
Condon Maggie, domestic 181 Napoleon st.
Cone Charles M. supt at saw mill, r h Pine st. 5-5.
Confer Elizabeth, home J.C. Confer's, Grubb.
+Confer Francis D. student, bds G. A. Confer's, E. Con.
+Confer George A. proprietor Maple Shade Hotel, Railroad st, E. Con. o h do. 5.
Confer John C. gardener, o h Osborne nr Upper Grubb. 10-10.
Congleton Albert G. watchman, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4.
Conlen Patrick, shoemaker, 524 Railroad st, Con.
Conley Wm. laborer, bds 74 Ebensburg road, Pros.
Conlow Mary L. Miss, domestic 251 Main st.
+Conn Harry, laborer, bds 66 Iron st, Mill.
+Conn Henry S. laborer, r h 66 Iron st, Mill. 4.
Connel Patrick, laborer, o h Upper Pros. 6-6.
Connelly John W. mill hand, bds 209 Iron st, Mv.
CONNELLY PATRICK, general store,45 Connelly ave, Mv. o h do. 9-5.
Connelly Susan, widow Jas. o h 209 Iron st, Mv. 4-4.
Conner Fred, mill hand, bds 75 Poplar st.
Conner Henry, laborer, r h 216 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 2.
Conner James, laborer, o h 58 Quarry st, Pros. 8-8.
+conner J.A. st commissioner, r h 284 Maple ave, Wv. 4.
+Conner Wm. M. driver, r h 183 Stony Creek st. 5.
*Conners Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 46 Ridge ave, Mv.
Conners Anna, widow John, o h 46 Ridge ave, Mv. 8-10.
Connery Edward, policeman, o h 63 Coal st, Con. 13-8.
Connery Patrick J. straightener, bds 63 Coal st, Con.
+Conrad Albert A. machinist, bds 26 Maple ave, Wv.
+Conrad Chas. B. yardmaster B.&O.bds 26 Maple ave, Wv.
Conrad Frank, works at rod mill, r h 106 Vine st. 7-7.
Conrad George E. physician, 7 Morris st, o h do. 8-8.
+Conrad Harry J. engineer, bds 26 Maple ave, Wv.
+Conrad J.B. machinist, rooms 87 Franklin st.
+Conrad John A. clerk, bds 26 Maple ave, Wv.
+Conrad Michael, fireman, r h 26 Maple ave, Wv. 9.
+Conrad Wm. M. engineer, bds 26 Maple ave, Wv.
Conroy John, drill press man, bds 14 Ridge ave, Mv.
+Conroy Bridget Miss. domestic 122 Walnut st.
+Conroy Mary Miss. domestic 122 Walnut st.
Conser Wm H. machinist, o h 50 Morris st. 6-5.
Constable Bert. fdry hand, home H. Constable's, Mox.
Constable Charles, mill hand, r h Main st, Frank. 5-5.
Constable David, mill hand, r h Elk st, Morr. 3-3.
Constable David, laborer, r h 58 McCaulley ave, Mv. 5-5.
Constable Elmer E. mill hand, r h 628 Wood st. 2-3.
Constable George, track hand, o h Ohio st, Mox. 7-7.
Constable George E. mill hand, r h 268 Iron st, Mv. 2-2.
Constable Harry, no occupation, o h Ohio st, Mox. 7-7.
+Constable Jabez, laborer, r h 431 Baumer st. 2.
+Constable Moah, machinist, r h 48 1/2 Iron st, Mill. 3.
Constable Philip, laborer, r h River st, Morr. 5-5.
*Constable Philip E. clerk, r h 259 Broad st. 4.
Constable Wm. mill hand, bds 58 McCaulley ave, Mv.
Conway Anthony, laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6.
Conway Jeremiah, heater, o h 14 Ridge ave, Mv. 6-6.
Conway Lawrence, laborer, o h 78 Ridge ave, Mv. 7-7.
Conway Michael, saloon, Fairfield ave, Morr, o h do. 5-5.
Coodle Joanna, widow, r h Main st Frank. 2-2.
+Cook Bertha, domestic, r 44 Somerset st.
Cook Charles, trav salesman, r h 258 Stony Creek st. 4-4.
Cook Chas.W. (col'd), tanner, o h 118 Slierman st. 8-8.
Cook Daniel (col'd), cook Club House, bds do.
Cook Harriet Miss (col'd), washwoman, r h 139 Grant st. 1-1.
Cook John, manager billiard hall Merchants' Hotel, bds do.
Cook Samuel (col'd) tanner, bds 118 Sherman st.
Cook Wm. clerk, bds 260 Stony Creek st.
COOK WM. F. justice of the peace and real estate agt, Bedford pike, Hornerstown, o h do. 11-9.
Coolbaugh Henry S. plasterer, o h 630 Wood st. 4-4.
Coolbaugh George B. brakeman, r h Portage st, Frank. 4-4.
Cooley Matthew, machinist, r h 342 Main st. 3-3.
Coon Wm. fireman, r h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4.
+Cooney Maggie and Jennis, domestic Central Hotel, E. Con.
Cooper Anson B. overseer of C.I.Co. farms, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 6-6.
Cooper Elizabeth, widow, r h Rosedale. 5-5.
+Cooper George E. moulder, o h 116 Chestnut st. 5.
Cooper Harry G. brakeman, bds Cyrus Wakefield's, Morr.
+Cooper John, laborer at foundry, r h 30 King st. 7.
COOPER JOSHUA M. physician, 137 Walnut st, o h do. 3-2.
+Cooper May Miss, school teacher, home 30 King st.
*Cooper Other (col'd), laborer, r h 22 Kurtz' alley, Con. 4.
Cooper Samuel B. blacksmith, bds Elizabeth Cooper's.
Cooper Scott, conductor, r h 490 Chapin st, Con. 5-5.
Cooper Wm. brakeman, r h rear 36 Somerset st. 5-5.
+Cooper Wm. B. carpenter, bds 69 Water st.
Cooper Wm. H. (col'd), laborer, 551 Center st. 2.
Cooperman Fred, machinist, r h Elm ave, Morr. 3-3.
+Cover Anna M. widow, o h 37 South st. 3.
+Coover Elsie Miss, home 37 South st.
+Coover Jessie E. Miss, telegraph operator, home 37 South st.
*Cope Ahlum, foreman car shop, o h 69 Portage st, Con. 3.
Cope W. Warren, patternmaker, o h 48 Peter st, Con. 4-4.
Copeland Charles W. blacksmith, bds 41 Singer st, Con.
Copeland David, wagonmaker, o h 41 Singer st, Con. 6-6.
Copeland Mathias, wagonmaker, bds 41 Singer st, Con.
Copelin Wm. wood turner, o h 670 Bedford st. 3-3.
Corcoran Ann, widow Philip, o h 121 Railroad st, Camb. 4-4.
Corcoran Edward, laborer, bds 121 Railroad st, Camb.
Corcoran Michael, machinist, r h 391 Coal st, Con 6-6.
Corenot Michael, laborer, r h 124 Railroad st, Camb. 9-9.
Corkenae John, laborer, r h 208 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
Corl Aaron, laborer, r h Walnut Grove. 7-7.
Corl Solomon, carpenter, o h Chandler st, Morr. 8-8.
Cornelison Charles L. carpenter, r h 116 Centre st, Pros. 3-3.
Cornell Wm. H. driver Swanl's, r h Folsom st, Morr. 5.
Conner George, mill hand, o h 207 Main st, Cdale. 4-4.
Corr Jane, widow, o h Brownstown. 5-5.
Corr Patrick, laborer, bds Jane Corr, Brownstown.
Coshun Wm. tool inspector, r h 19 Coal st, Con. 3-3.
Coshun Wm. E. steel blower, r h 136 Church ave, Con. 8-8.
Costill George, works in wire mill, r h 207 Morris st. 4-4.
+COSTLOW DAVID, saloon, 388 Railroad st, Con. r h do. 13.
+Costlow David A. wrks Gautier, r h 448 Railroad st, Con. 4.
+Costlow Frank F. laborer, bds 418 Railroad st, Con.
+Costlow James, laborer, o h 45 Maple ave,Wv. 6.
Costlow John, laborer, o h Collage Hill, Con. 6-6.
+Costlow Joseph W. mill hand, bds 102 Vine st.
Couch Robert M. teamster, r h 721 Ash st. 3-3.
Coulter David P. clerk home D. W. Coulter's.
Coulter D. W. gen'l store, Main st, Frank. o h do. 3-3.
Coulter Harrison L. supt barb wire mill, r h 64 Morris st. 2-2.
Coulter Wm. clerk, o h Spruce st, Frank. 4-4.
Courter Amos, flue corker, r h Second st, E. Con. 3-3.
Courter David, engineer, o h Second st, E. Con. 6-6.
+Courtney Wm. H. laborer, r h rear 185 Portage st, Con. 3.
Cousins Anderson, wagonmaker, r h rear 196 Morris st. 4-4.
Cousins James J. wire pointer, r h 230 Sherman st. 4-4.
Cousins Joshua, mill hand, home rear 196 Morris st.
Coutz Albert J. mill hand, o h near Bedford pike. 4-4.
Cover Benjamin A. home 142 Somerset st.
Cover Benjamin F. carpenter, o h 142 Somerset st. 6-6.
COVER BROTHERS (Wm. C. and C. B.), livery stable, 322 Main street.
COVER CHARLES B. (Cover Bros.), home 320 Main st.
Cover Daniel, pattern maker, o h 341 Locust st. 3-3.
Cover Sadie E. Miss, home 142 Somerset st.
Cover Wm. no occupation, o h 320 Main st. 5-5.
COVER WM. C. (Cover Bros.), o h 89 Adam st. 3-3.
Cowan Fronie, widow, o h Brownstown. 3-3.
Cowen John, mill hand, o h Brownstown. 8-8.
COX JANE MRS. insurance agent, 349 Railroad st, Con. o h 351 do. 7.
Coxe Fred W. trav salesman, bds Club house.
Coy Isaac, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 6-4.
+Coy Philip S. laborer, bds Isaac Coy's, E. Con.
Coyle Charles H. drayman, r h 659 Pine st. 5-5.
Coyle Daniel, miner, r h 763 Horner st. 2-2.
Coyle Frank, miner, r h Upper Prospect. 8-8.
Coyle John, laborer, bds 30 Ebensburg road, Millville.
Coyle Patrick, laborer, bds 30 Ebensburg road, Millville.
Coyle Peter M. heater, r h 563 Horner st. 5-5.
Coyle Rose, widow, r h 30 Ebensburg road, Millville. 3-3.
Cozonniski Theodore, mill hand, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4.
*Craig Christ, laborer, r h 314 1/2 Walnut st, Camb. 6-3.
+Craig Frank P. huckster, bds John J. Shaffer's, E. Con.
Craig John, roll hand, r h 98 Third st, Mill. 4-4.
*Craig Thomas A. machinist, r h 139 Market st. 2.
Cramer Wm. carpenter, r h Virginia ave, Morr. 2-2.
Cramer Wm. W. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morrellville. 3-3.
+Crane Martha Mrs. widow, r h 139 School alley. 3.
+Crawford Wm. A. clerk C.I.Co. r h 63 Sherman st. 5.
Crawford Wm. E. watchmaker, r h 602 Horner st 3-3.
+Crawley James F. (col'd), wks at tannery, r h 44 Morris st. 6.
Craver Louis A. late prop Fountain house, above Grubb. 11-11.
*Creed David, grocer, 200 Washington st, o h do. 6-1.
+Crigger Edward, mill hand, bds 148 Main st.
Crisman Elias, car builder, o h Garfield st, Morr. 3-3.
+Crissman Russell, mill hand, bds 251 Pearl st.
Crissey John R. carpenter, r h r 135 Sherman st. 4-4.
+Cristawes Louisa, widow, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 1.
Cristison Andrew, laborer, r h 214 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3.
Crofford Charles W. mill hand, home 124 Morris st.
CROFFORD DANIEL, clerk C.I. Co. r h 121 Morris st. 6-6.
+Croft George, R.R. repairman, o h 72 Sherman st. 3.
Croft Margaret, widow Sebastian, bds 100 Haynes st, Con.
Crofton Edward, fireman, bds 242 Iron st, Mv.
Crofton John F. brakeman, bds 242 Iron st, Mv.
Crofton Maggie Miss, tailoress, bds 242 Iron st, Mv.
Croil Richard, works at woolen facty, r h 11 Coal st, Con 2-2.
*Cronin Daniel C. mill hand, r h 66 Vine st. 7.
Cronin David, boss at cinder dumps o h 140 Ihmsen ave, Peos. 3-3.
Cronin David, boss C.I.Co. oh Middle Pros. 2-2.
+Cronin Maggie Miss. dressmaking, 129 1/2 Market st.
+Crouse Andrew, mill hand, r h First st, E. Con. 4.
+Crose Charles, works woolen fact'y, bds 202 Beech st, Wv.
+Crouse Edward G. clerk W.M. & Co. r h 138 Lincoln st. 3.
Crouse Jacob, carpenter, o h 745 Oak st. 7-7.
+Crouse John, laborer, o h Portage st, Frank. 6.
Crouse John H. overseer in woolen factory, Wv. o h 202 Beech st do. 7-7.
Crouse John R. laborer, r h 502 Chapin st, Con. 4-4.
+Crouse Joseph A. saloon, 133 Franklin st, r h do. 3.
Crowley Cornelius, shoemaker, 155 Iron st, Mv. r h do. 4-4.
Crowley Daniel, laborer, r h 251 1/2 Iron st, Minersville. 9-9.
+Crowley Jeremiah, wire bundler, bds 277 Broad st.
Crowley John, pattern maker, r h 103 Centre st, Pros. 3-3.
Crowley Timothy, boiler maker, r h 126 Branch st, Camb. 4-4.
Crown Joseph, laborer, bds 276 Huber st, Con.
Crown Thomas, laborer, r h 276 Huber st, Con. 3-3.
Croyle Archy M. driver at pottery, o h 157 Morris st. 4-4.
Croyle John, teamster, r h 150 Main st, Grubbtown. 6-6.
Croyle Joseph, no occupation, o h 35 Main st, Grubb. 2-2.
Croyle Joseph A. woolen mill hand, bds 149 Main st, Grubb.
Croyle Samuel, laborer C.I.Co. r h r 131 Main st, Grubb. 4-4.
+Croyle Wm.L. boss carder, r h 231 Maple ave, Wv. 4.
Crum Henry, tel. lineman, r h Main st, Frank. 2-2.
+Crum Melville (col'd), laborer, bds Ed. Hedgman's.
Culbertson David I. supt Johnstown Lumber Co. r h 161 Grant st. 5-5.
Culbert Harry, steel worker, r h 433 Ebensb'g road, Mill. 6-6.
Culbert James, laborer, r h 91 Hinckston ave, Mv. 4-4.
Culin Abram, wagon maker, o h 215 Main st, Grubb. 7-7.
Culin Mary, domestic 151 Main st, Grubb.
Cullen Annie Miss (Sheridan & Cullen, home Pittsburgh.
*Cullen Annie Miss, domestic 120 Locust st.
*Cullen James, laborer, r h 303 Front st, Camb. 4.
+Cullen John, laborer, bds 303 Front st, Camb.
Culliton Ann, widow, r h 313 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 3-3.
Culliton Francis, pit hand, r h 110 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
Culliton Peter, steel worker, r h 801 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
Cummings George W. teamster, r h 718 Ash st. 2-2.
+Cummings John, laborer, r h Bridge st, Coopersdale. 2.
Cummings Peter, laborer, r h 322 Railroad st, Camb. 2-2.
Cummings Sallie Mrs. widow, r h 188 Somerset st. 3-3.
+Cummings Sue G. widow James, r h 173 Clinton st, Con. 2.
Cunningham Albert, mill hand, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 8-8.
Cunning ham John, laborer, bds 192 Iron st, Minersville.
Cunningham John H. clerk C.I.Co. o h 32 Napoleon st. 5-4.
Cunningham Robert H. switchman, r h Locust st, E. Con. 5-5.
Cunz Francis B. Prof. teacher pf German in public schools, r h 44 Napoleon st. 7-2.
Cuppet George A. Mill hand, o h 656 Bedford st. 6-6.
Curley James, steel worker, r h 321 Broad st, Camb. 4.
Curley Michael, no occupation, o h 323 Broad st, Camb. 4.
Curthew John W. miner, bds 113 Centre st, Pros.
Curthew Lewis, laborer, bds 44 Ebensburg road, Mill.
Curthew Thomas, miner, bds 113 Centre st, Pros.
Curthew Wm. no occupation, o h 113 Centre st, Pros. 6-6.
Curtis Wm. J. steel worker, o h 94 Centre st, Pros. 3-3.
*Cush Ann, widow Thomas, o h 112 Railroad st, Camb. 6-2.
*Cush Daniel, roll hand, bds 112 Railroad st, Camb.
+Cush John, roll hand, 112 Railroad st, Camb.
*Cush Joseph, brakeman, bds 112 Railroad st, Camb.
Cush Patrick, roll hand, r h 116 Railroad st, Camb. 3.
Cush Thomas, engineer, r h 118 1/2 Railroad st, Camb. 2.
Cusic Bros. (H.S. & G.S.) planing mill, Elm ave, Morr.
Cusic George S. (Cusic Bros.) bds Wilson House, Morr.
Cusic Homer S. (Cusic Bros.), r h 571 Horner st. 4-4.
Cusic Wilson, plasterer, o h Elm ave, Morr. 4-4.
Custer Aaron, laborer, r h 358 Grautier st, Con. 3-3.
+Custer Abram, carpenter, o h Bridge st, Frank. 4.
+Custer Albert M. Clerk W.M.&Co. home 129 1/2 Lincoln st.
Custer Albert S. laborer, bds 52 Ebensburg road, Mill.
+Custer Daniel, engineer, o h First st, E. Con. 5.
Custer David S. carpenter, o h 54 Ebensburg road, Mill. 4-4.
Custer Emanuel, no occupation, o h Bedford pike. 4-4.
Custer Emanuel, laborer, r h 233 Sherman st. 4-4.
Custer Emanuel, W. laborer, o h 50 Ebensburg road, Mill. 3-3.
+Custer Ephraim, farmer, o h Portage st, Frank. 3.
Custer Ezra, laborer, bds Albert G. Congleton's, Franklin.
Custer Frederick S. heater, o h Wood st, S. S., twp. 7-7.
Custer Henry L. blacksmith, bds Wm. D. Miller's, Horners'n.
Custer Hiram, teamster, o h Rosedale. 6-6.
Custer Jacob G. carpenter, r h 672 Horner st. 4-4.
Custer Jacob P. foreman, C.I.C. r h 129 1/2 Lincoln st. 9-8.
+Custer Jennie, widow, o h First st, E. Con. 9.
Custer John, laborer, r h 241 Iron st, Minersville. 2-2.
Custer Josiah H. laborer, bds 723 Oak st.
Custer Martin, general store, Main st, Frank. o h do. 5-5.
+Custer Obadiah, foreman wire mill, o h 24 White alley, Wv. 3.
Custer Richard R. blacksmith, bds 52 Ebensburg road, Mill.
Custer Samuel J. drill man, r h 52 Ebensburg road, Mill. 6-6.
*Custer Wm. H. laborer, r h 23 Turner alley, Mill 3.
Cuthbert W. R. machinist, r h 519 Portage st, Cam. 10-10
Cuthbert Harry H. roll turner, bds Wm. r. Cuthbert's, Con.

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